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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I think I can deal with different personal taste of photography.

If you like fashion photography, it's OK for me.

If you like journalism photography, it's OK for me.
If you like fine art photography, it's OK for me.

It's your own taste, and I am OK with that.

What i'm not OK with is when you were forcing me to like your personal taste of photography.

What i'm not OK with is when you were forcing me to comment your photo.

What i'm not OK with is when you were forcing me to say that your photos were great.

And what i'm REALLY not OK with is when you said that my personal taste wasnt that good as yours.
And what i'm REALLY not OK with is when you said that others photos beside your taste were crappy. And what i'm REALLY not OK with is when you said that your photos were the best.

Even I do not say any crap about your taste.

I just there.

Sat in my room, trying to paying some attention for some stupid annoying telephone calls from person i dont like.

I dont even understand how can i be so calm.

Sh*t i hate sociality with all this persons.
Am i being so hypocrite lately?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

.Liong And Feby.

when you have no budget for a photoshoot, you have to deal with all your idealism and start dreaming...

And now, i am scared of what can Photoshop do for you...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

.The Fact.

Semalam, saya menyadari satu hal.

Kulit betis gue ama kulit muka gue, kok alusan kulit betis gue ya?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

.Mr Pancake, Pluit Junction.

.Crunchy Pancake. Fifa Guervo. Cowboy'z. Green Apple Tea with Peppermint.
At last, my first deadline was over...I need time to refresh my mind. So, my next stop was a new restaurant located at Pluit Junction, Mr. Pancake. Since the place is new, and everybody's suddenly want to try it, the restaurant was a lil bit crowded by people. And too bad, maybe the crowd made the service went bad, the waitress was a lil bit stupid. Pardon me, but she's really didnt understand anything in the menu, and for a plus, she didnt want to do anything but standing there and silent. Maybe she's just a newbie eh?
Well, forget about the service, the food itself was so so, and quite pricey compared with the small portion. The Crunchy Pancake [in their menu's description : Crunchy pancake combined with Macadamian nuts and served with cold chocolate ice cream] - 27K, which turns out have nothing's crunchy left because it's combined with melted chocolate ice cream, or maybe they thought the Macadamian nuts gave the crunchy texture in pancake? then call it pancake with crunchy macadamian nuts rather than crunchy pancake please -__-
The Fifa Guervo - 23K , tasted almost the same with La Fonte's instant spaghetti [fyi, La Fonte's price : 6K] But at least they added meat balls, tasted ok lah.
The Cowboy'z - 23K, actually the filling is the same as cheese burger, but they changed the burger bun with pancake. I never thought pancake [which is kinda sweet] is a good combination for meat, so pass on this one.
Actually there's the fourth order, Smoked Beef Sandwich - 24K, too bad since the idiotic waitress and the bad service, i have to take away that order instead of having it at the restaurant -__- i have lost my appetite, so i didnt take any picture of it.
Comparing with the food, I have to mention the beverages, i really like their beverages selection, too bad i only tasted one, it's called Green Apple Tea with Peppermint - 22K . It's the only menu that i think worth the price.
Btw, for the opening, they have promo, cash back 30% [by voucher] for minimum payment 60K, maybe i'll be back only for try another beverages and poffertjes, of course using my voucher...hhohohohhoho
Anyway last night i watched this movie called Max Payne. One thing about a movie which based on book/comic story, i always find lots lots of role which were not playing any important act in the movie. IMHO maybe the reason why most of directors put them in is only for book fans, for they can see the visualization of the role. And again, Max Payne having the same thing.The stage set was amazing, i really like the lighting, props and the ambience given by this movie. The special effect wasnt so bad either, they did it good. Too bad this movie lacks of good script, and to give it a plus, a really really bad cast. I dont know what the heck are Ludacris and Nelly Furtado doing in this movie. Ludacris [which is playing a quite-important role, nice cast huh?] is totally looked like he's singing his hip-hop-and-funky-song rather than talking his dialogues. And Nelly? Well, thanks God she's only on screen for few seconds, seeing her act is like seeing Indonesian soap operas. -__-
For the first half an hour, i'm still sitting and wondering where does the story go? -__- Maybe i'm being too pesimist eh? Overall, i wont watch this movie again, neither buy this dvd. But i'll go buy the game! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008


2 weeks ago, me and my sister headed to Pancoran, Kota. Been so long since our last visit, a lot of things changed. some are dont.
This place always make me miss my childhood. I remember when i was a child, my mom and i would passing the alleys that sold many things, struggling to conquer the crowd [well a lil over-reacting would be ok right? :D ] , trying to keep on sticking together during our shopping day.
And still, it hasn't changed till this time :)

One thing that i always craving of this place is Kuo Tie. I really like the one from Shan Tung restaurant, located across Chandra Building. The price hasnt changed since my last visit [about 2-3 years ago], a portion of 10 pieces for 20k.
After that lovely snacks, we continue our day, passing through all the alleys that sold fermented fruit, biscuit, chips, blablabla [ i only mention the food since it's the only thing that interesting in my eyes heheheh]. I found new snacks called Keripik Kelapa. it was a mixed of Rice Crackers, Sliced Gula Jawa, and Fresh Coconut. At first, i thought the rice crackers was some sort of catterpillar or else :D it turned out that the snacks was good, the crackers gave texture when chewing, the sugar gave sweet taste and coconut was a perfect combination to blend it together.
I also find Sagurangi next to Kripik Kelapa. Too bad it didnt taste good. much much more prefer the one's near my house.
And that evening was closed by a nice dinner at Bakmi Alin [if i'm not mistaken], next to the alley which fulled of Phi-oh and Sekba seller [i do not eat turtle...they are too cute -__- ] ..

I'll be back soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


sometimes, i hate my job.
not really hate actually, but i want a break for a while.

from my never ending deadlines.
from my paidless overtime everyday.
from my stupid clients.
from my overly-sensitive co-workers.

i hate their high-tone laughs.
i hate their nothing-but-frowning complaints.
i hate their never-searched-solution-before-ask questions.

shit. i need vacation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

.15 October 2008.

SFS approved!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! :D
and another great news is, i got the third project, and it's gonna be more challenging wooohoooo!

Ahhhh Hopefully i got my payment soon......... -___-

Another hectic week, I got my 2 deadlines [i have passed 1, yayyy],I got a friend's wedding to attend without knowing what am i gonna wear. I'm thinking about my weight, it's been gaining few pons since last holiday -__-

Well, one good thing is, Eagle eye is on the theater right now. Been 2 weeks since my last visit to theater, and i'm being tempted by all the TV series i just bought few days ago, so maybe i couldnt move my lazy ass to theater for the last week, but tonight is no-TV-series-night :D hopefully i got ticket for tonight :)

Monday, October 13, 2008


my second batch for this project :|

I personally much prefer this in BW tone.
what do you think?

Friday, October 10, 2008


i had a dizzy week, been hectic and stressed out for these past few days...

and i had enough with people complaining about their love life, job life, or what-so-ever-called life.

i need time.

for myself.

..........i am such a pathetic romantic loser in love ..........................

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


...when she can do anything for money.

PS. The publisher do not like it, will be reloaded soon :|