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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

.Gateway Of India, Kuta.

So, that night I have a right to pick a restaurant for dinner. But after few days seeing my sister eating fried rice all over again, I think I need to give her another option, so she chooses an Indian restaurant near our hotel. I don’t have lots of experience with Indian food, so I ordered few dishes that I thought she would like. I ordered Papdi Chat [An Indian appetizer, contains of..err..I don’t know, I don’t touch it again after the first sip :| ] 27K, Garlic Naan [sort of Indian Bread, filled with garlic] 18K, Masala Dosa [Steamed potato and grilled meat wrapped by sort of prita bread] 32K, Mutton Handi Biryani [aka Mutton Risotto] 55K, and Nimbu Pani [Lime + some-Indian-things-I-don’t-know-for-sure] 18K.

Overall, I don’t know which one is more authentic, but I think the Indian food in Jakarta was better. The garlic naan was way too oily for me. Papdi Chat..er..no comment for this one. The Masala Dosa was great, although I don’t know what the heck is in the sauce. The Biryani was ok, actually my sister thought It was fried rice again she had for dinner -__- Gosh why does she so addicted with fried rice :|

.Warung Makan Teges, Gianyar.

Warung Makan Teges
Jln. Cok. Rai Pudak, Peliatan, Gianyar

Nothing to comment.

.Nelayan, Tanjung Benoa.

I went to Tanjung Benoa on the second day. Now I know that water sport is fun :P I already tried Jet Ski, Flying Fish, and Diving. Well, I didn’t do the diving actually, I am too afraid to do it. When I saw the deep water, and the instructor had take my hand to go on deeper, I was totally shocked. I don’t know that the sea can be so scaring. So, I canceled my Diving course, and went for Banana Boat. Maybe later if I am stronger, I’ll do the diving thing again -__-

After the water sport, we went to Nelayan for lunch. Now that was a fine restaurant. Talking about the food, it’s ok lah. But talking about the ambience, the place was great, spacious and you can see lots of great art works placed in the wall, the cupboard or else. And I had sort of homy feeling in this restaurant. And for a plus, the manager is cute hihihihi..

.Ratu Restaurant, Kuta.

Ratu Restaurant
Legian Street 56 Kuta, Poppies Line II No. 2X
Ph. (0361) 765661

I ordered my tour guide for not planning anything for my dinner, I want to have something’s new and not planned for my dinner at Bali. Too bad, the first day was really exhausted for me, and I had few drinks at Poppies Cafe [which btw that place is really cool! And expensive of course :( ] so I think I’ll choose the nearest restaurant from my hotel. I want to eat Japanese food that time, but we entered the wrong restaurant :D [the Japanese resto is on the second floor of the building]. So, there we were, a restaurant called Ratu Restaurant. Although we were at Bali, my sister kept on ordering fried rice , and she did it too for her breakfast, lunch, and dinner until the last day, I don’t know what happened with her brain hahaha.

Well, we ordered Fried Rice [she don’t know it costs 20K, blame her for this one :P], Beef Stroganoff 35K and Crab Meat Cocktail 15,5K. They all are tasted fine, except for the cocktail, my gosh it still had lots [ I said lots, not few] of crab shell in it -__- when you eat this, it will sounded like ‘crrakkk crakkkk’, luckily my teeth still fine after this dish :P

.Warung Babi Guling Jaya Asih, Kuta.

Warung Babi Guling Jaya Asih
Jl. Gatot Subroto, No. 626 Denpasar
Ph. (0361) 262081 / 8546262
Hp 081 338 55 6262

Jl. Raya Kuta 99 Kuta
Ph. (0361) 756894

The first thing I'm craving for when I was at Bali was Lawar. Unfortunately, till the last day of my trip, I didnt have any opportunities to try the red lawar, the one which contained with blood in it. -__-

So, the first authentic [Is this authentic yet? Don’t know.] lawar I tried at Bali was the one from Warung Jaya Asih, a simple restaurant near Ngurah Rai Airport. Well I had to say, I am new to Balinese food, but I don’t think this one is good enough. It tasted so so. Thank God it only costs me 20K for their Nasi Campur [Rice + Pork Broth + Babi Guling + Lawar].

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

.Happy New Year.

Well, it's too late to say happy new year, since it's Jan 14th right now.
I have no time for myself since Christmas. I feel so exhausted a lot lately. My job is really stressed me out these days. And i got lots lots of stuff to be done.

Gosh i can believe i survived from all that stuff.
Anyway, I got plenty of thing i would like to post. maybe later. Meanwhile, here's some things i shoot on new year's eve.

Here is the view from Floor 31th of my sister's apartement.

And here's the sky of Jakarta on the first day of 2009.
Another tower from my sister's window.
Well, last but not least, have a wonderful 2009! :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

.Bali 2008.

So, happy new year everyone.
I just went back from my holiday. Here's some snapshot that i like.

Well, and few more shots in colour.

Well, hopefully in 2009, we will do it better than the last year ! :)