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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Saya merasa bersalah setelah makan triple cheese burger.

serta super size french fries.

Di hari pertama saya memutuskan diet.

Monday, February 16, 2009

.Chinese New Year.

What i miss about when it's near the chinese new year, of course, is the food itself. My mom always cook Suki for our dinner on new year's eve :) This year she cooked 2 types of broth, the ordinary one [chicken broth] and Tom yam :) nyam nyam.
And of course, the king of the day is, prawn!!! :)
Nyam nyam i'm hungry now, so what i only want to post about is food food food and food :P

.Sushi Groove, TA.

Another sushi time during my japanese food mood :P We ordered Yakiniku Roll 25K, Unagi Bibimbap 49K, Edamame 8K, and Avatar Roll 43K. Well, the sushi itself was average, but the Unagi Bibimbap was worth to try, believe it :) I'm still craving for it -__-

.Kim Hock Kee, Emporium Pluit.

Next to Soho's stall, it's Kim Hock Kee. They sell mochi with variety filling,such as lemon, peanut, etc.
Not bad although i prefer the mochi my mom usually bought when she visited Semarang :)

.Soho, Emporium Pluit.

They opening their stall last month at Emporium Pluit, cute isnt it? :)

.Kiyadon, TA.

Average food, nice ambience, quite pricey compared with the food. -__-


So, it's already Valentine now. I am not a valentine person, so i dont give any chocolate for someone , but i got some hahaha!

Ups, i remember, i did bought a cupcake for my mom :)
I got a box of heart-shaped-chocolate-pieces :)
My other sister gave me a piece of cheese cake [tasted like heaven :)]
Anyway here's the rose my sister got from her bf :)
**sorry because of the policy, i remove this photo**
Well, happy valentine everyone!

.There's A Stranger Between My Legs.

another random.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Some said, life of a woman started from 30. Does mine too?


Do you want to be a big fish in small pond or a small fish in big pond? Now that's a choice.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

.07 February 2009.

Well, i have to say, i cant stand some people who's paying too much intention for stupid-not-important-details of every conversation we had. Gosh, if you have so much energy, why dont you use it for something-real-important, like....working? instead of whining about it, or discussing about it, or telling other people about it.

Come on, get a life. and please, do your job well, i hate useless complaints -__-

Friday, February 06, 2009

.Mame, Pluit Junction.

So, the company where my sister works, has opening a new restaurant, Mame. It's a japanese restaurant located at Pluit Junction. Well, after few times trying this restaurant, i would say... hmm good food [except for the sushi, they arent satisfying, even for a newbie like me], great ambience and interior, and of course a great service :) My favourite menu are : Gyoza, Unagi Bento, and Spicy Seafood Bento, and dont forget to ask for Robata Sauce to accompany your Gyoza! :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

.Flowery Thing.

So, i'm tempted to switch my fragrance right now. I was shocked that The Body Shop didnt produce The moon flower anymore :( I love flowery scent :(

Well anyway after that, i switched into Oceanus, The White Musk, Aqua Lily, etc. Oceanus and The White Musk have been classical choice for me, and i am getting really bored with that smells. And finally i found Ananya.
Well, good thing doesnt always last -__- The Body Shop stop producing Ananya EDT, and they only sell the perfume oil. Crap. And the perfume oil, smells like candle :( So, my last bottle of Ananya EDT has been stored in the back of my drawer, and i could only use it for special occation :(

After that, i switched again to another products from The Body Shop. Well, i have been a fans of Body Shop since i was at juniour high school, so I cant leave it no? After that, The Body Shop presented its last fragrance, Gardenia Rose.
And i love it. But it's a limited edition, and as you know, the limited thing always more expensive than the ordinary one. At that time, with a thought about all that perfume bottles in my room, i think i cant take it, and i'll wait till the ordinary one. Unfortunately, Body Shop dont sell it anymore [again! -__- ]

Gosh, i started to switch with another label. And i found the one that i really love.
Cherry Blossom by L'occitane. But i really cant afford it. Well, i can but i wont, my God 700K for only a fragrance? I think it's not a good choice for using the money i got by working really hard every day -__- I dreamt about this fragrance for 3-4 days, and i keep thinking to buy it or not, but in the end, i say no.

Later on, at last i found the best choice, and it's still from the Body Shop, The Morrocan Rose. AND GOSH I LOVEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTT.

But it's my sister's property -__- I definetely need to buy it for myself! :P

Well, it's just another random post from me :)


I realize i dont know what am i gonna do with my life.
I should set goals.

I need someone to talk with. Time is ticking.

.Hachi Hachi, TA.

I never tried a really authentic japanese food, and i think i am not gonna like the authentic one a lot. But now I am totally in the mood for japanese food, last month i ate sushi for...err 6-7 times? crap i am broke now huhuhu...
One of the restaurant i visited during my japanese food mood, is Hachi hachi. it's located on Taman Anggrek, the place is always crowded, but it's having nice ambience, quite good food, and of course, kinda cheap for my wallet :P

On my first visit, we [me, my sister and ms L] ordered Crunch Roll [34K] , Dragon Roll [34K], Triangle Roll [30K], Chicken Katsu Parmesan [30k], and May-Tai [17K]. My favourite of course, unagi as always, so i love the Dragon Roll so much :) Overall, it's a nice dinner with great people and good food and of course, good price hehehe...

Few days later, on ms C bday, we [me, ms C and her bf] visited this restaurant again :)
This time we ordered Bistro Rice[37K], Chicken Donburi [30K], Unakyu Roll [30K], Crunchy Roll [34K], and Rainbow Roll [37K] :) Well, the Rainbow Roll was super :) love it till the last chew.

One thing that i realized, the waitress always ask to take chili pepper from our table. I dont know why, my sister said they always do things like that :P

.05 February 2009.

Last few weeks ago, I'm having an urgent wanting feeling [baca : ngidam] about lontong medan. And today, it happens again :(


Well, i love pork. This is my favourite dish to accompany my porridge, a piece of steamed pork with egg on the top of it, oh believe me it tasted like heaven :)

.Duren Harum, Jakarta Barat.

After the Ming episode, on the evening of that day, my sister asked us to go for hunting some durians :P we went to Resto Duren Harum, it's located on Jl Panjang No. 29. The place was a lil bit mess, but what the heck, the durian smells made me couldnt think about any mess at all. That place served several types of durian, from malaysian durian, durian monthong, durian medan, etc.

My personal favourite is durian medan. it's creamy and i cant stand the smell, even when i type this blog, i'm drolling a bit hehehe...

Anyway, beside fresh durian, they also sell thailand coconut [each 10K], durian ice cream [didnt tasted any damn good after you tasted the fresh durian of course], lots of traditional snacks [they are expensive! -__- i'd rather go to pancoran and get my self some snacks], and in front of the restaurant, there are few food counters which sell pempek, bakso, etc. And for the price of the durian, you dont have to scream, it's really cheap! :)

I'll visit this restaurant later after my diet succeed -__-

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

.Ming, Setiabudi One.

I decided our first meal for 2009 would be yam cha. Unfortunately when we arrived at Ming, most of chinese people are thought of the same thing too. But I'm glad we had our chairs quickly :) Well, i have to say....i was not really satisfied with my first meal in 2009. I didnt know that Ming is serving halal food. Well, chinese food without pork? you cant call it chinese food -__-

For our meal, we ordered about 15-20 plates of different menu, and it only costs us about 300k :) not that expensive huh? :)

.Aroma's Cafe, Legian.

Actually that day after we went to the Gateway of India, we rent a motor bike. So there were we, 2 little girls who know nothing about any road in Bali, rent a bike; sounds cool huh.

After the unknown-destination-ride, we went to Aroma’s Café , a local café located near our hotel. We already entered this café yesterday, but it was closed. But that night, we’re lucky it hasn’t closed yet. But it’s close to the last order time, so we pick our order quickly. I ordered mango cheese cake and a pot of jasmine tea. My sister ordered cafe latte, I’m glad she didn’t order another portion of fried rice :P

The mango cheese cake quite good, they added some ginger in the crust, but I cant really taste the mango in the cake. The cappuccino was ok. Well, overall I think the ambience of the café is the reason that made people come by.