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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Everyone has his own personal issues. Even myself. My own personal issues are not that hard as others had, for example i can't sleep well if my sheets were distracted [and unfortunately, it happened a lot, since my sister is always using her gasing - circled and spinning - pose for sleep].

But aside from all that not-important aka meaningless issues, sometimes i had a serious one. At least i thought it's a serious thing. But i dont have any skill to say it out loud without sounded silly.
You know, sometimes i met people who have ability to talk about unimportant things with a really good way, so that things looked like soooo important for your life. I wish i am one of them.

Anyway it's just another random talks.

Another rant, my period is coming right now, and it starts make me nervous. and lonely. blah stupid hormones!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


There's too much things to do.

There's too much things to learn.

There's too much things to think.

...and none of them is understandable yet....
.June 27th, 2009.

.Ba-So, Pluit Village.

Grilled Squid Ball [23K], tasted like otak-otak, dipped into chili sauce, served with salad with some mayo. so-so lah....

.27 June 2009.

Okay, this post is totally random.
Lately, this one has been my favourite breakfast on weekend. My sister likes her toast filled first by Nutella or Skippy and then toasted it. But me, I prefer the plain one. Toast with a tick of Anchor Butter, and served with Knott's Blueberry Jam. The salty Anchor Butter for the best taste. Yeah, this one is definitely a guilty pleasure for my BP.

One of my favourite month in a year is the one when Bakcang started appear in fresh market [it doesnt always the same month, coz i'm using Gregorian and Chinese events like this one using Lunar]. Well, unlike the Bakcang which is full of meat [and sin, of course :| ], another variety that i like is Kicang. Kicang is the sweet type of Bakcang, still made from sticky rice, and sometimes filled by red bean. It can be served in 2 ways, hot and cold. And it usually came with 2 compliments, Srikaya or Sugar. My favourite is Kicang with no filling, served hot [really hot , still fresh from the steaming device :p], and of course, with cold Srikaya, preferable Srikaya Medan, the fresh one especially :) Ah a true bliss :)
My sister made me a chocolate pudding few last weeks. And served with frozen strawberry. Not bad :)
Another thing that I like. Rujak :)

Well, that's it for now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

.Current Thoughts.

My throat is killing me.

My nose is kinda bleeding right now, aside from meler a whole day.

My body is sick.

-__- Sometimes i wish i am in a constantly-healthy-condition. And dont say i dont put any effort to make it happen, i do sports, i do eat healthy food, i do clean my mind from bad thoughts, i just... sick a lot? :|

Another rant, lately i've been swimming a lot. A. lot. means 3-4 times for a week. Well for a lazy bad-ass person like i am, i would say it's kinda amazing :P and also i granted my self for a little treat, i bought a speedo glasses! :P and a new swimsuit of course.

Talking about my current brought items, Jakarta has been totally tempting myself a lot for this month. During Jakarta's birthday, most of the store are giving discount. A really big one. GOSH! I almost kalap seeing that red sign everywhere in mall : SALE.

Well, at least since my gym schedule is my number #1 top priority right now,so i dont shop a lot. hmmm not as much as i used to be in this kinda of time, i think :P haha!

Anyway, my new job is only 1 month ahead. I never been packed for leaving, and left an empty space for someone's next, so it's kinda awkward to do this kinda of thing. sometimes i felt, did i choose the right thing? sometimes i felt, well it's the right thing to do. being randomly up-and-down about one thing, is not the best thing in this world.

Ah what am i gonna say, the words have spoken, and i had my choice. Let's get it done.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Saat ini, mungkin saat paling crucial dalam hidup saya sejauh ini. Untuk pertama kalinya, saya memilih resign dari pekerjaan. Nga mudah tentunya, banyak hal yang membuat saya bertanya, berpikir dan mencari pengertian dari semuanya itu.

Dan nga semuanya mendapat jawaban.

Puji Tuhan, berapa hr ini dalam banyak kesempatan, sepertinya banyak hal yang memberikan pandangan baru soal dunia serta etos kerja. Saya belajar banyak. Banyak sekali. Dalam seminggu ini cukup berat rasanya, dari rasa bersalah, sampai rasa marah dan kesal semua sepertinya ada di dalam kepala.

Tuhan, kuatkan saya melewati semua ini.

Friday, June 12, 2009

.Hachi Hachi, Taman Anggrek.

Okay, revisited again and again :P

I only could take 3 shoots on this visit, the food was came in fast queue, and of course with our enthusiasm [aka glutonny mode ON], i didnt have any opportunity to shoot a lot. well anyway, i tried their tobiko [8K] and believe me, with that price, it was a really really great deal. the tobiko was really generous! The Grilled Honey Salmon was okay, although i didnt really taste any honey sauce. And Rainbow Roll, as always, in my must-order list!

Sorry for the photo quality, mind my phone cam :P
The week after that, we went to Hachi Hachi again. This time i went with one purpose, i need to try their fusion sushi. We ordered Deep Fried Salmon Skin [19K, not in the menu if i'm not mistaken], Volcano Roll [27K], Salmon Tower Maki [35K], Sushi Pizza [30K], Unakyu Roll [30K], Dragon Roll [34K], Tuna Sandwich Roll [25K], and others that i didnt remember.

The Volcano Roll - deep fried sushi tower [i dont remember the filling, maybe some cucumber and crab stick], and some chili sauce on the top, was quite in generous portion. it tasted ok, a lil bit too sticky, and i'm not really into deep fried food.

Sushi Pizza - i thought the bun was a bread, nope, they're using rice. Deep fried, and filled with meat, vegetables, etc. Hm...i dont know what to say, i try to eat this with the most elegant way. Bah, it ended with me screwing the sushi -__-

Btw, I found myself was craving more for their Tuna Sandwich Roll, dont know why, maybe because it tasted like cheese burger, but with salmon filling instead of beef. But the best of that night was Salmon Tower Maki, the filling were crab stick and seaweed, and a bit of sliced oranges, tobiko, and salmon on the top of it. I never thought that Salmon and orange would be a perfect combination!

Anyway, i think sushi is one of things-you-dont-wanna-eat-on-your-first-date list. It goes the same way with burger, spaghetti, etc. Sushi [for me] has to be eaten a whole package, in one grab, in one sip, after it served. I think i'm not attractive when i'm eating sushi, not that i am THAT attractive when i'm not eating it anyway :P

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

.One Thing.

....leads to another thing.

It's like you're dreaming your best dream ever, but you know you'll wake up soon.
It's like you're swimming, but you know you're swimming in a small plastic bag.
It's like you're starting to draw your imagination, but you know you dont have any chalk anymore.

i hate this feeling.

Monday, June 01, 2009

.Another To-Do-List.

1. BELAJAR. especially IT things, i've been stacking some books in my room, without knowing any chance to read any of them :(
2. NABUNG. no doubt on this.
3. MASAK. okay this one is kinda difficult now, but i believe one day i can read this post again and laughing on my lack of cooking skill in my past. Amien on that!
4. GYM. harus lebih semangat!
5. SABAR. my patience has been running out these days, well maybe i dont scream like in hell each time there's problem, but i know that even for a little problem or a little unconvinient thing in my daily life, it can turn my temper go as fast like a F1 car. Although i'm not spilling it out at all. Point #5 could be the most hardest thing to do. I dont express my real emotion much, but since last new year , i put "express your emotion more" in my new year resolution, and i think i run a little to far with that.

ahhh too much things in my head right now. Actually i think the most important thing right now is i should really remember that everything's in God's hand.

okay now it's time to go home, and sleep -__-

.A Little Quote For Him.

a little walk can reminds me of your smile,

a little run can reminds me of your story,

a little rest can reminds me of your thought,

but i dont mind do the marathon, if it's you on the finish line.
*a little note for someone whom i'll fall in love with.