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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

.08 August 2009.

My last day at office. whew it's really coming right. Right now, it's 20 minutes more.

What i felt?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

.XO Suki, Emporium Pluit.


Last night, me and my sister deciced to watch "Up", which btw that movie was great! And after that we had dinner at XO Suki. My sister already went there the day before, and she said this place was nice. And I think since their dimsum is not halal, so what the heck, I'm gonna give it a try.

Well, it turns out that my shot wasnt bad. Even it went really well.

The place itself isnt that big, but they placed the interior cleverly so that it looks spacious. But the service is the best thing from this place, well of course it's a fancy chinese restaurant, where the waitress will fill your glass, smiling, asking do you need anything, etc. But sometimes I hate that kind of service, I mean sometimes the waitress will come every 3 minutes, filling up our water, cleaning table blablabla. I think that's the most hated thing from fancy restaurant. Thank God, that doesnt happen with XO Suki. Their service is great, not too 'friendly' nor too 'far away'.

About the food, their menu has different variety, from the fried one till the sweet dimsum. We ordered Green Apple Iced Tea 20K, Xiao Long Pao 15.8K, Pork Green Dumpling 13.8K, Steamed Prawn + Tofu + Pork 13.8K, Pork Siomay 15.8K, Yellow Pandan Cake 13.8K, Grilled Cha Siu Pau 15.8K, Cha Siu Pau 13.8K and Sweet Prawn Toast 16.8K.

I'd rather the Green Apple Tea on Mr. Pancake [still craving for it!], but the Xiao Long Pau is great, it was over my expectation. Me personally is not a fan of Xiao Long Pau, but this one kinda good. A really good one as a matter of fact. Another thing that I liked is Grilled Cha Siu Pau, it's fluffy, smelled good, and tasted sweet :) The rest was okay for me.

Btw, I'd almost order Gui Ling Kao Jelly, and my sister starts calling me Lau A Ma right away :| well, I had to cancel my order, not because her, I think Me kinda full.

Anyway, will be back here again with my mom soon!

.Dynamic, Emporium Pluit.

So, I've tried some of their products before, so when they're opening new stall at Emporium Pluit, I'm so happy :) They claimed their bread and cake are for diabetic people, so it's not using any sugar. Me personally like their cake and bread, it's not really sweet like the others fancy bakery [ex. Bread Talk, J-co, etc.].

The bad thing is they do not have any bread with meat filling :|

Anyway, beside the chiffon cake, I also like the banana cake! It's really tasty, kinda oily but seriously tasty, especially for a banana lover like me :)

Monday, August 03, 2009


...1 week to my new job.

I felt dizzy.
kinda happy for gabut thing.
kinda bad for leaving thing.
kinda empty for everything.

well, time to move on right :)

.03 August 2009.

Lately, eating a [big] bowl of edamame on weekend has been my habit. And sometimes, my sin :( Sometimes [ most of times to be exact ], I combined it with a pack of pringles / lays / any chips you want, with a small plate of chili sauce and mayo :( and of course, accompanied with a glass of syrup [ at least a little change, from soda as usual :P ]. Nonetheless, watching TV with family and accompanied with all this stuffs are the best things to do on weekend :)

Anyway, I think most of my friends are not in the best condition, most of them got flu, cough, etc. I think the best way to cure flu are only 2 thing : sleep well and vitamin C.

No need to mention how I loved fruits. Have a nice week guys! :)