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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I dont find any correlation between finding nemo and fries. Dont know why they put it as this dish name.

Tasted fine, a lil bit overcooked, which i loved. Btw, the butter sauce chicken is HUGE!

.Platinum, Pluit Village.
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.Snacking : Gulali.

Mmm sweets.

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.Sand's Restaurant.

My friends are in the mood for dimsum lately, so we went to Sand's Restaurant for an all-you-can-eat dimsum. We were arrived early but the place already packed with lots of people. We waited for our name being called and placed on our seats, thank God our table were not so far from the kitchen hoho....

I already heard about the late service and I was gladly to know that the dimsum was not made by order but it would be filled to a cart, and we just take all we want from the cart. I think almost all of the carts that swing over our table, left with empty cabinet haha..As soon as we seated, we start with some peanuts..

And since the cart not ready yet, we start the feast with porridge and soup and noodle..

I did not take many pictures since i was too busy munching and speaking, actually most of all i did was munching :p

I think i ate 3 plates of the beef alone... I love it..

This one is Steamed Chicken Skin in Thai Sauce. It really good as an appetizer, so does the Sweet-Sour Seaweed, which unfortunately i forgot to take the picture heheh..

Chicken Feet..hmmm I didnt eat this..

Cheung Fan, the sauce was not really good. Tasted average.

I just realized that most of the pictures are all from the dessert time. I guess that means i start to slower the munching due to the stuffed stomach hehe..so enjoy..

Nice crispy Tan Tart although the custard a lil bit bland for my taste.

The Chicken Pie was sweet and tasty!

The Mantau might be tiny, but who cares since it was all-you-can-eat? Tasted really good! Just dip it in condensed milk and you are in heaven!

The Pandan Pau.. Nice and fluffy with Srikaya filling yumm..

Some fruit jellies..i did not try this, forgot why...

and end the feast with Melon Sago..refreshing..

Some of the dish maybe average but most of all i was amazed by how good it was, and for 40k, I think it is a really good bargain!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

.Snacking : Wafers.

Watching master chef in the middle of the night is really waking up my appetite hiks.

Got this from my sister. I dont the product name, all i can say is it tasted really good. Creamy with the green tea filling, it really brings back my mood...yumm...
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Monday, June 27, 2011

.Ajisen Ramen.

Tempted for the midnight sale, last friday i went to Taman Anggrek. I did not know what to eat, so i thought a bowl of Gyudon would be a safe choice. I have been visiting Yoshinoya lately, and i tried to stick to the bugdet due to the sale, so i chose Ajisen Ramen.

Their beef gyudon was smaller than i had before, or was it only my feeling?

We also order ramen..

The Pork Ramen if i'm not mistaken.

The Dry Teriyakin Ramen..

The Duck Ramen...

I am not a fan of ramen, so they all tasted so-so for me. We also ordered sushi for sharing.

Although this place isn't authentic enough, it's kinda good if you want to grab a quick bite on Japanese food.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

.Ice Cream.

Can you believe this man..

sold this only for 2K?

Quick snack during a humid day, perfect for a pick-me-up!
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I love 22 :)

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.Snacking : Morinaga Choc Chip Cookies.

My nephew bought this from Taiwan. I though this one gonna tasted average, unfortunately it was not. It was amazing actually. It was light and airy, and melt quickly in your mouth. Can i say divine? I think i used this word a lot lately hohoh.
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Friday, June 24, 2011


All contents in the pictures above are not more than 25k each. Happy :)

And finished it with a glass of coconut...

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Besides the azuki-filling walnut bread, i also bought few items from this bakery.

The sausage was average, but the mayo sauce was really good, and they put lots of onion in it, so love it!

This is a bread. Although it looks thin like a biscuit. The bread had much layers of goodness in it. When I bought it, it was still warm and superb! I forgot to put it in microwave to bring back the crispiness, nonetheless i can still finish it without any hesitation. Nyam!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

.One Day.




Happy day!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

.Choco Molten Cake.

Havent found the tastiness from this cake. I felt weird eating chocolate sauce out from a warm cake.

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.Snacking : Pan-Ya.

Found this little bakery on Fresh Market PIK. I had heard of them, never tried one.

Had their walnut bread for lunch with a white coffee from Owl Coffee. Strong coffee, keeps my energy during 2 classes back-to-back on gym today.

The filling? Azuki aka red bean. Great!
Btw, i found myself in this pic eating a healthy lunch than my friends did. See the pizza box? Hoho *sombong mode ON*
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.Warung Ubud vs Naughty Nuri's.

I like meat, I do. But i get some urge to say 'yuck' each time i see a big plate of steak, especially if it using the hot-plate. I don't know why but i enjoy my meat in sliced pieces. I love patty in my burger. I love bacon bits in my salad. I love minced beef in my pasta. But still each time i sit in western restaurant, i skip the steak and ribs section.

So, one day I found a thing named grilled pork ribs, and let me say i added an exception for this on my dislike meat-y thing list! So i googled for few good ribs in Jakarta and it came out that this two kinda happening for their ribs and reasonable price.

.Warung Ubud, 75K with fries / rice.

.Naughty Nuri's, 80K.

For the ribs, i think Ubud better than Nuri, but Nuri has better chili. For the price, I found Warung Ubud is wayyy much better in price, although the ribs is smalller but it includes with fries. But for the fries, Nuri is the winner. For the service, i prefer the Ubud. Nuri's waitress has been making my eyes rolled out for some reason, he thinks ice tea and es teh are different. Not that i mocking him for his lack of English skill (i'm the one who should be mocked for this skill haha!) but please, come on? Well anyway the other waitresses seem kind of having ling lung problem in taking orders and product knowledge. Well anyway i prefer the Ubud overall.

Plus, they had this wonderful sausage for 34K only! Nyam nyam.

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.Mee Factory.

One of my favourite destination for lunch. There is only one reason to come.

.Chicken Wing Terasi.

Let me describe, a bunch of chicken wing soaked in their special sauce, deep-fried till golden, then it came out straight from the kitchen, still pimpin' hot, and served with their special chili. You can REALLY tasted terasi in the chicken, so the dish name could not be wrong. And for all this, it only costs you approx. 12K. Irresistible huh?

Well maybe another reason. I love their nasi goreng sapi tomat. If you like mushy-but-not-oily type of fried rice, this is the right choice. It has lots of beef in it, and you definitely can tasted the sourness of tomato. Their nasi goreng yang chou is worth to try too!

.Mee Factory, City Plaza.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

.Snacking : Stroop Wafel.

Got this amazing wafel from my sister. The only bad thing is why did she only gave me 5 pieces....hiks.
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.Snacking : Kueh? .

I dont know the name of the cake. But i do love them. Nyam.
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.Ranch Market.

Been eating a lot in this place since i moved back to hq. Their pasta is kinda good, but their welcoming service is the reason i keep coming.

The funny thing i realized is when you ordering near their last order time, they gonna serve you a REALLY HUGE portion. Maybe they dont want to keep the stock in fridge or something?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

.Pho 24.

I wanted a bowl of comfort today, after few weeks of fried food.

Although i still ordered one fried stuff hehe.

Btw i found the Emporium Pluit branch served wayyy much bigger portion than the Grand Indonesia branch. Maybe it's just my feeling.
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