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Sunday, July 31, 2011

.Rumah Durian Harum vs Kafe Raja Durian.

So, another hedonism to start the weekend hehehe..This time, the team was eager for some Durian. So that Friday, we headed to Rumah Durian Harum at Jl. Panjang.

By the time i saw the window, i already knew that most of the Durian were sold out. *sad* :(

They also had some snack counters.

ice cream box..

Started the feast with siomay first.

18K for 6 pieces of siomay? Damn expensive. It's lack of fish flavor, and some of them already gone bad hence being steamed all day long.

After eating the bad siomay, we headed to the counter to chose Durian. They were run out of Malaysian Durian hiks. And only 3 Medan Durian left. The ordinary Durian Monthong was also left a few only. But Durian Monthong Salju was ready stock at that time.

I have never tried this kind of Durian. It surrounded by thin ice. And surely frozen.

The owner help us by choosing the Durian. But when we said no to the first Durian, he was looked really angry. It's our right to say no each time buying a Durian. Not a good thing to do in front of a customer.

The first to come was Durian Monthong. It was sweet and big as it should be. Above all kind of Durian, my favourite was always the Medan one. So for this one i said so-so.

The Durian Monthong Salju was came in a plastic box. It was very cold, and because of that, the sweetness of the flesh tasted less. I did not know what's difference between this and the ordinary one beside the frozen fact. At this point we were eager to eat more Durian Monthong, but it was sold out. The only left were Durian Monthong Salju and few boxes of Durian Medan.

So we opted for one more Durian Monthong Salju and one box of Durian Medan. The box demolished super quickly hehe.

And being not satisfied, we took another walk to this place. Cafe Raja Durian.

The place might be small, but the friendly service was really relieving. We ended ordered more Durian Medan.

The Durian was good, nice place, nice price, definitely worth more than one visit!
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.Gold Fish.

Cute logo, isn't itttt?

Hehehe another lame excuse to try something, a cute logo. Well, it's not only that. Maybe the cute product also takes part in that.

Look at all the gold fishes been made!

For 10K, you can get 3 gold fishes / pancakes, with 4 choices of filling : chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and soy bean. No red bean :(

I chose chocolate, blueberry and soy bean. Tasted okay. But my only comment was the batter, I wish it was thicker, at least as thick as kue cubit perhaps?

.Gold Fish, Mall Ambassador.
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.Kebab Turki.

It's one day at Mall Ambassador and I did not know what to eat. So, I picked one of my comfort food. Burger.

I chose the Double Burger, 15K. Looked like burger abang-abang right?

...and it tasted like it! Yum! I miss burger abang-abang sometimes, although this burger price was more than that.

Worth a visit if you are missing the old burger abang-abang, but stay away with their kebab. The lamb smelled so bad for me. Yikes.
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.Ayam Taliwang Rinjani.

I've heard few good reviews about this place. So last week, I went there with the ladies from office. The menu served was not much, you could choose chicken or fish as main. And pelecing kangkung or terong as side vegetable. There's also few meal packages available.

We were all opted for chicken package. And we could choose the level of spicyness for our dish. I chose spicy, and the others chose medium.

Stupid me. I forgot this was ayam taliwang. Argh. I could not stand the spicyness. This was the spiciest dish i ever had. I even cried when i ate. And i tried to wash it down with the kangkung balacan.

It didnt looked that spicy right? I AM WRONG. It was even spicier than the chicken. By this time i was totally melted into tears and sweats.

Had the lime juice to wash it down. Didn't work. I should ate about 3 crackers with soy sauce, and a bottle of water to calm my tongue.

My tongue could not taste anything after that. The only thing that tasted good was the chili sauce that came separated in a small plate. The thicker one, the sweet one, was the best.

I really should ordered the medium one. Hiks.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

.Stick House.

Beautiful arrays of goodness right?

They just opened their outlet at Emporium Pluit Mall. So, tempted by a friend, we chose to spend our dessert time with a stick of gelato, 25K. You can go for extra chocolate topping (milk, white, dark or choc with crispy crackers) , 3K.

Or extra pistachio for adding the crunchiness, 3K.

Definitely a pricey dessert for a lunch at food court. I chose for a Pistachio flavor with extra milk chocolate sauce and pistachio chops, 32K. And she opted for a avocado Flavor with extra dark chocolate sauce, 28K.

The question is, was it worth with the price? I don't think so. The pistachio flavor was subtle, but avocado tasted better. The chocolate sauce was okay, so does the pistachio chops. But i could not stand why did it melt so quickly? I just walked from the counter to Yong Tau Fu at food court, and it already messed up. I know gelato melts more quickly than regular ice cream, but seriously this fast?

Definitely won't coming back, I prefer my old cream and fudge factory...
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

.The Harvest and Better Home Cakes.

It's always good to have a colleague's birthday around...it means FREE food hohoho. This week 2 of my work mates are having birthday.

The first one ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake and Raspberry Sache-torte from The Harvest.

The cheese cake as expected was the winner. Creamy and delightful for an afternoon snack. Didn't mean the Sache-Torte was not impressing, but the raspberry jam was more like store-bought bottled jam.

And the second one ordered this.

Roll cake from Better Home Cakes. You can have it delivered anywhere with extra charge and min payment 250K.

Look at this beautiful roll cake! It's tasted much more better than the Meranti from Medan, which I don't like because it's stuffed with too much topping. Less is more.

Thank you and Happy Birthday miss J and mr J! :)
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.Saint Cinnamon.

Saint Cinnamon always be my favourite when it comes to cinnamon, or apple. I love how they don't put too much sugar in their rolls.

But that day I was at the Emporium Mall Food Court, and I had nothing in mind for lunch. I was still kinda stuffed from the big breakfast, so i thought why not getting a muffin or cinnamon roll for lunch? But when I stumbled upon the counter, I fell in love with this.

How can I resist this one, especially when there were a lot of almond chops all over it?

And when they waitress asked me did I want it to be heated? I could not agree more. Damn that was the best brownie I ever had in years! And for only 8.5K i could not ask more.....
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.Ranch Market.

Another dinner time.

Gindara Teriyaki, too salty for me.

Macaroni Schotel, cheesy and moist, yum!
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.Bakso Sapi Singkawang.

Last week, i was at Kali Mati area for visiting my dentist. Since I was alone, I figured out I want to visit this place for so long, but it always packed with lots of people. So there i was, thank God it's nearly their close time, so the place was not full.

One bowl of Bakso Campur cost me 12K. It contains Bakso Halus, Bakso Urat, Bakso Gepeng, and Bakso Tahu. The meat ball was really good, and yes, there's lots of garlic in the broth. The taste was quite similar with Bakso Afung.

Wash it down with a glass of lime juice, 4K.

And went home with their Kerupuk Ikan, 5K. They had lots of kerupuk, nice stuff to eat with your meat ball!

Good price, good food, definitely will be back!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

.7 Saudara.

After having lunch, we went to watch Shelter movie. Quite good and creepy. And we went back home and then we had dinner at my favourite restaurant near my home.

All i know this restaurant was existed since i was a little child. I remembered, my aunt and I loved to have a morning walk, and then headed to this place for a big breakfast. Big eater runs in family, huh?

The chicken was smaller than i remembered, but the taste was still there. So does the spicy sambal. I really love it!

Good food, good movie, good partner, What a good day!
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.Bubur Bun.

Leave of absence is such a luxury for me. So, last friday me and mr Chubby took a day of absence. We chose to spend our day with our favourite date, a lunch, movie then dinner. I know we are such a boring couple hehe!

We had lunch at Bubur Bun, located at Mall Artha Gading Food Court, it was my first attempt. I was in the mood for something chinese and garlic-ky, so i chose Nasi Hainam Ayam Panggang, 21K.

There were many condiments to choose, too many actually. So i put the garlic and oil, soy sauce and the other sauces to one plate, and boy that is one garlic-ky taste that i want!

As for the rice, i was amazed by the quality. It's really fragrant, and tasted very rich. I even put this rice only one step below my favourite Hainam rice from "Kacamata", which is more ginger-y.

Even at the time I ate, I wasn't hungry, and the chicken still tasted damn good. It was succulent, firm and sweet at the same time. The tofu was also good! My only comment was the egg. It's really hard to chew, i even thought this was as hard as golden century egg.

And ended the meal with my favourite teh poci, 4.5K.

Definitely gonna back for their porridge and tom yum , nyam!
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.Oma Recipe : Revisited.

Choose this from the buffet area. They served good classic Chinese dish, like tofu with chaipo, steamed fish with herbs, etc. I chose grilled fish, egg in preserved sauce, and green beans with spicy chicken.

A little pricey, 26K for all of this, but all of them were worth it. Even the condiments were good! The fish was crunchy and light grilled, the egg was good,but the green beans.... That could be the best green beans i ever had! It was crunchy, not oily, and mixed with spicy minced chicken. I am drolling by the time i wrote this.

I'm gonna back for the lomie. Looked so delicous..nyam..
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

.Ganda Rasa.

Roxy has a lot of street vendors that serve lamb, either as satay or soup or fried rice, etc. This place located right across 7 eleven at Roxy, and it was my first visit. Mr A, as an expert in eating organs, opted for cheek, brain, and other stuff i did not want to know. But it's goat's testicles aka torpedo that made me rolled my eyes.

I dont like eating animal's organs. But i'm curious about how they tasted.

One man was doing the soup. The other man prepared my satay.

I chose 5 chicken satays, 8K and 5 lamb satays,15K . And i also ordered one bowl of soup, minus the meat, 5K.

Usually I don't eat rich broth like this, but that day I encouraged myself to try something new. And I didn't regret it. See the yellow thing? Mr A said, it called minyak samin.

The broth tasted very rich, and the hint of herbs and spices didn't overpowering the soup, which was a good thing. I can't stand too much herbs especially pepper in my soup. The soup tasted really buttery, A said that because the minyak samin. As for the torpedo, the texture was good, but it actually tasted...hmm.. plain? Maybe because i only ate a small piece of it. I still preferred my old chunky meat..

And as for the satay, it tasted good, i didn't find any smell from the meat. Nice place!
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