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Sunday, October 30, 2011

.Pempek Merdeka.

.Es Sari Kelapa, 5K.
.Kapal Selam 11.5 K + Keriting 6K.
.Kapal Selam 11.5K + Kulit 4.5K.

Had a lunch at Pempek Merdeka , Jembatan 2 today :) It was a bit pricey and really doesn't justify my aunt's pempek (believe me it was REALLY good), but it's quite enough for fixing your pempek craving :)

.Mom's : Oatmeal Prawn.

Home cook at its best.
Mom's new recipe : Oatmeal Prawn. Sweet and Crunchy!
And this maybe be looked tasteless for you, but mom's Sour and Spicy Fish Soup would not disappoint you!
And all these only for breakfast...hmmm Blissful Sunday :)


So, voucher time again :P This time we're attacking Amigos, located right beside my office building, Bellagio Boutique Mall. The voucher deal was an all-you-can-eat from international buffet and a glass of ice tea (refillable) for 40K. The restaurant has a bit dark ambient although they use many bright colors on the interior, so sorry for picture quality :)
We were starting with salad bar, which kinda simple, few vegetables and one sauce, Thousand Island. Love the sauce :D
Next, the Taco bar. They only provided 2 types of meat , Chicken and Beef. I chose the Beef first over the Chicken. The Beef was okay, a bit bland but the salsa give it a nice refreshing touch. I was hoping the tortilla was more like naan bread, but their tortilla here was more like nachos. I never had a taco before, is it the right one? Don't know but I surely don't mind eating the tortilla itself.
And I did. hehe...The Chicken Taco was better than the Beef one.
The buffet was a bit of disappointing. I was hoping for more variety on the dishes, but they only provided 3 types of meat (Corn Salsa Chicken, Beef Goulash, and one spicy Chicken I could not remember) and one tray for steamed vegetable and one tray for Chicken Quesadilla. Need a bit more effort on Beef Goulash, since it was really chewy and hard to swallow -__-' The Chicken Quesadilla was tasted more cheesy than chicken.
The dessert bar only provided fresh fruits. To be honest the small buffet really doesn't WOW-ing me. Maybe I should try their a la carte menu next time...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

.XO Suki.

Just a quick post from last night visit.


This time I scored the egg tart, usually I forgot these takes 30 minutes ordering in advance, woohooo!
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.Snacking : Monde Butter Cookies.

a cup of coffee and butter biscuits...ahhh bliss.
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.Snacking : Noble.

Had a box of these mini goodness from a friend. Cute and sweet...yumm..
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.Lunch : Hotdog and Fries.

Not a healthy lunch I know, but it's weekend right? :p

Mr Chubby was wanting a hotdog as soon as he saw this booth. It's been quite a while since I had a hotdog, so it's okay for me :) Eating one of this, and I've been droling all day long about putting a cucumber and tomato into a bread and spread it with some mayo. I should buy some ham and bread tomorrow!

And I have been droling about this...a bucket of fries. Hmmm for 20K, it's a good bargain.

I always had an affair with fries, you know that?
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Gosh it's really hard to resist a bowl of Indomie Jumbo in the middle of the night....

And if it wasn't enough...I added more. Toasted bread with cheese. I chose to keep it lightly so I switched the jam with sugar (light?). What a way to fill your stomach after gym..... >.<
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Monday, October 24, 2011

.Lunch : Soto Mie Theresia.

Having read some recommendations from media, I went there with my team for lunch. The place was clean although self service was how we got our food. But despite the good reviews, I found it tasted almost bland. Maybe this is a healthier choice if you are craving for soto mie, plus it won't hurt your pocket :)
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

.Snacking : Ongol - Ongol.

Hmmm one of my favorite kueh :D

.Hakata Ikkousha : Revisited.

Visiting Hakata has been an addiction lately :P
I could not pass ordering Special Pork Ramen, 38K each visit...
And their egg omelette with mayo..
And of course, Pork Gyoza. It was too good.... >.<

.Raja Kuring.

It's been busy and hectic week. My sister just had her wedding last week, thank God it all gone good :D Btw, she had her reception at Raja Kuring, Kota. I never tried their cook before though they had many good reviews from others. And people review's hardly go wrong :P Here's some dish worth mentioning :D
Appetizer platter was amusing! I especially loved the seaweed and beef...nyam... :D
Fruit Salad, well actually they tasted okay but I loved the combination plus the sauce was not too rich ..
I can eat 3 bowls of rice with this rice. Seriously addictive seasoning. I couldn't find out what's the little things on top of the fish. Ebi? Pork? Haha!
So'un with Vegetable and Pork. The fried bits of pork was the star of the dish.
Crispy Tofu. I love how they put the frying stuff in lighter side, like pork bits or this one. Lightly battered tofu, with crusted nori on top, and silky innards, it's really hard to let it go. If only I was not that stuffed ......... hiks.
The vegetable with mushroom was another delightful. Smooth mushroom come to me :D

Happy Wedding to my sister , may God bless your new family :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

.Lunch : RM Cililiman.

One of my favorite place for lunch, located at alley behind Pertamina Kuningan. Each of the plate in the picture costs not more than 25K. Perfect for sharing!
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.XO Suki.

Just a quick post from my visit to their new branch at Tomang.

We were given a small plate of fried cassava, behold, it's very addictive.

And of course, what's suki without garlic? Gimme garlic and I am in my happy place :)

Some steamed dumpling with vegetable, tobiko and prawn.

Of course, siomay is a must order.

The salted egg yolk pau. I was hoping for some savory orange liquid oozing from the pau, instead I got this.

Custard yellow liquid not oozing, drolling from the center of the pau. And no, it's not a savory snack. Tasted weird, almost bland.

We were in the mood for tofu as always :) too bad this branch do not provide pork :p

The team was saying their Thailand cassave was splendid. So we ordered it. It was sickly sweet and the vla was bland. I don't know, not my kind of dessert.

Maybe I should stick with Pluit branch rather than this place :p
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.Lunch : Manado.

I really should not eating again on my building canteen. This small plate costs me 27K ckckkckck.... -__-
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I always found their stall was almost empty, even during the peak hour. So one day after dinner, I went there to buy some desserts, but ended with one cake instead. German Cheese Cake, 20K++. That cake was sickly sweet and tasted so much like condensed milk. And the cake itself was not fluffy and moist, kinda dry imho. And the service was the worst service of all.

I should not be judging from one little cake, might be try them in another occasion, but definitely I wouldn't have a dine-in!
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.Lunch : Nasi Tim.

Got this goodness for lunch for only 15K, made by my friend's mom. I really wish I could cook this well :p
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.Mr Park.

One of the crowdest counter at GI Food Lovers is Mr Park. I think it's because their reasonable price plus their dishes tasted not too weird for Indonesian.

I still think it's not the best korean food, but it's a good place for getting your korean food craving. Especially for 70K++ menu, you can share this big plate with 2 other people :)
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

.Alex's Pizza and Pasta.

I was wondering around Epicentrum Walk for a dinner before headed to the theatre. I was almost tempted by the restaurant next door, but judging from the interior, I think Alex took more serious in Italian cuisine. Plus they had 25 percent discount for all items, hehehe..
The interior was actually ordinary, not too formal, nor too casual. The main dish menu was quite frontal, only consisted of salad, pizza and pasta.
Since I was alone for dinner, I chose to order lightly. I had Penne con Pollo Arrabiata, 35K. It's different than my previous experience with Arrabiata, which using smoked beef and garlic. Alex's version was using chicken and garlic and tomato sauce. The pasta was great, cooked perfectly. The chicken was moist and lovely. But the sauce...yum.. It really burst out with ginger and garlic flavors. I don't think the tomato did any help in this dish, I would love to dismiss the tomato :p

Another personal preferences was the chicken skin in this dish. I know chicken's breast sometimes too dry and need some fat to keep it moist, maybe that's why they put chicken skin in it? I felt healthy when I first ate this dish and went guilty after finishing that big chunk of chicken skin :(
I had Peach Tea, 15K for drink. I thought this would be ordinary, turns out it's the best peach tea I ever had! Not only they put peach bits in it, it also had some mint syrup and some bubble object which I could not identify.

The texture was similar to ikura or tobiko, the skin was thin and it popped out in your mouth and burst out into some liquid that surely ticklish your taste bud. It's really an interesting and fun way to drink! I asked was the bubble was house-made, and the waitress said they ordered it from their vendor. I was keen to ask their vendor, but I guess that would be impolite right?

Definitely would be back for that fun tea!
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.Snacking : Martabak Mie.

Okay, another unhealthy snack. Martabak mie is so sinful yet tempting :(

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