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Sunday, April 29, 2012

.Snacking : Mochi and Cookies.

If you know me in real life, I frequently eat snacks in between dinner and lunch. It keeps me alive (and relax of course) during the hectic schedule. So if you're skipping snack for some diet reason,screw it, get some healthy snack and keep snacking! :P Here's some snack I got for this week.
Got a box of mochi from a colleague recent trip to Semarang. I usually had the red box Gemini mochi, but this time he got the mixed mochi in a box, it was filled with pandan, red bean, mung bean, and durian. I only tried the mung bean, it was smooth but how can I always compared it with Mochi Mochi? Damn u mochi mochi you screwed my favorite mochi taste T^T
A friend of mine bought a pack of Kokosan, it's a Duku variety, but tasted sour. Super sour to be exact. I only ate 1 since it was too sour for me.
This week I ate A LOT of Hello Panda, Pocky and other cute biscuit. Especially love this small pack, only 1K! My favorite was the Hello Panda milk flavor and Pocky banana flavor hehe..
Also found a new replacement for Starbucks Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, it tasted alike but with less-cinnamon (which sad). But only half priced from Starbucks (2 pcs for 12K) woot! :D

Okay that's the highlights of my snacking list, what's yours? :D

.Ippeke Komachi.

It's my first time visiting this place, because Mr Chubby wasn't too fond of Japanese food :P But that day I was in so much craving for some sushi, so I dragged him there hehe..
The place was quite big, they just had renovation so everything's seem new for me. We were seated at the sushi bar area so we only need to take our dish from the flowing bar in front of us. One of the chef was kinda cute, he's like Edison Chen a bit :p Service was kinda rushing, the waitress didn't inform us the plate price list order, until we found out when the bill comes. Here it is. 
Red - 10.8K++
Blue - 13.9K++
Green - 16.9K++
Dark Green - forget, 20K++ something 
 The condiments was placed between each 2 persons, and I love the pickled ginger! I rarely found nice pickled ginger, usually if it's not bland then it's too sour. This one has the right sourness, perfect for a palate cleanser.
Started with Aburi Salmon and Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish Sushi). The half baked salmon was sweet and the mayo didn't overpowering the fish. The Chuka Kurage was lovely :)
Blow torching the salmon yum..
 Next, California Roll. Another my long-time favorite hehe..It's fresh and decent.
It's Mr Chubby's favorite, Inari. Well, anything sweet and containing tofu, he liked!
Also my long-time favorite, Chuka Wakame. Fresh!
We also took Unagi Roll from the bar. It tasted so-so lah.
 I also took the Salmon Sashimi, and it was sweet and fresh! A bit thinner than I hoped but with the price tag you can't ask much.
Mr Chubby as a big eater, has to order something more fulfilling, like this Oyakodon, 40K. It was delicious! I love the chicken and egg combination :D
I also ordered an Katsuboshi Onigiri, 9K. It was a bit bland.
For dessert I had the Matcha Anmitsu, 18K. I was hoping for some mochi in it, but it's only filled with fruits and jellies, and then topped with Matcha ice cream and a dollop of red bean paste on the side. I think the matcha wasn't very subtle which kinda suit Mr Chubby's tastebud. I love the jelly and the red bean more than the ice cream.
Btw, Ocha was free! :D 

I think they served good japanese food with cheap price, I should be back especially when I heard their Takoyaki also good :D

Ippeke Komachi
Mall Kelapa Gading III Lantai GF Blok G Unit 38A
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M Kelapa Gading Permai
Kelapa Gading

.Lunch : Eatery.

Lunch last friday was at Eatery, it's the new food court at Kuningan City. They have several stall open, from Indonesian food to Japanese food. 
Miss F ordered this..hmm chicken rice? Forgot the name, it's from Pepper Lunch Express. 
 Miss I ordered Chasiu Ramen from Sanpachi. It's the most popular stall at the food court, maybe because they served pork :P
I went to Hot Rock stall, and tempted by this value meal. Tender Beef Rice with Korean Sauce (we can choose between BBQ, Korean, or Padang) and 1 side dish (Tofu Rock and 1 thing I couldn't remember) and 1 drink (Tea or Water), for 45K. The Tofu Rock was good, it's smooth and lightly coated with crumbs, yum!

Eatery Food Court
Kuningan City, 3rd Fl 
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8, Jakarta

.Mom's : Pig's Feet Noodle.

I always love my mom's Pig Feet noodle...plus she made Sekba today! yay!

Btw, I like the new blogspot...it's simple and less runtime especially if you're posting many images :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012


After the big lunch, we went to Lotte Mart for some shopping and finally found this stall.
I love their logo! Very europe-an although they were from Taiwan. The menu was slightly fewer than Chatime, but their topping was very much different with Chatime. I only remembered they had Big Bubble, Rose Bubble, Small Bubble, Lychee Jelly, Mango Pudding, Egg Pudding, Aloe Vera, Red Bean, etc. They also provided customizable option for ice amount (less-ordinary-more)and the sugar amount (less-ordinary-more)

I was curious about their specialty drink, Calais Signature Rock a Salt. The waitress said it was basically tea with cream infused with salt, CMIIW. After browsing about them, I also know they love to put special message on the cup. Although it wasn't a busy day, too bad I didn't get any message on my cup hiks
I wasn't so adventurous that day, so I ordered my usual Roasted Milk Tea with Big Bubble (Regular 19.5K). To my surprise, it was very similar with Chatime. The bubble wasn't too good, since it's very chewy in the middle and soft outside. Although I ordered the less sugar version, it was still super sweet for me. Maybe next time I asked for super less sugar hehe..

My friend ordered their Yoghurt Oolong Tea with Yogurt Bubba (Regular 21K), the tea was very good and the bubba, it wasn't on their menu yet, but I should order it next time! It was similar with the bubble I had at the Alex's with texture like tobiko that burst out in your mouth, but instead of the ordinary syrup, Calais version had yogurt in it. It was a serious topping my friend.

I am craving for that bubba right now...hmmm..

Calais Bubble Tea & Coffee
Kuningan City
LG Floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18

.Jala-Jala : Revisited.

Last friday, as our office was nearby, we went to their newly opened branch at Kuningan City :) I already tried some of their Chinese dishes, and it was loveable. They had 15% discount for their grand opening this week, wooo score :PWe started with dimsum to share, sharing is the key right? :) Chicken Bau,12.8K was immediately ordered by M since the glossy bun was too hard to resist. The bun was good and the filling was right, nyam!I ordered the Fried Radish Cake,12.8K and Seaweed Siomay, 15.5K. Super love the radish cake! It's so hard to find a good one lately, my preferences was the crispy outside but not too mushy and moist on the center, and Jala-Jala version had my dream right :) Their chili sauce was also good to dip your cake, yumm..

Btw, I should take all the pictures before their cut it , sorry -__-"This Cheong Fan with Fried Ca Kwe,12K wasn't in the menu. I was browsing through the Cheong Fan section and searching for this, thank God the manager said it was not available in the menu but they can provide it, nothing beats special menu ;) Sadly this dish has taken me down, the sauce was a bit bland and the ca kwe was very chewy... Big portion though :PM chose the Fried Chicken Katsu Rice, 23.5K. I didn't try it but he said it was so-so.Me and miss F went with the same dish, Baked Rice with Cheese and Beef, 29.5K. It was not too big but easily stuffed me. The cheese was very good, I love the burnt side of course :) The rice itself wasn't bland, it's very fragrant with ginger smell hmm.....you don't need any beef at all actually :P

We were super stuffed and couldn't order any dessert :( I think their dimsum dishes was very cheap, I should be back later..
Went back the next week after hehe.. here's some of the items we ordered..

Chicken Siomay was okay..

Fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce wasn't too amusing for me....the sauce was bland.

Miss F ordered Lamien with Ebi Tempura...it's kinda weird combination for me hehe.. Ebi tempura didn't look like tempure but more like Ebi Furai in Hoka Hoka Bento :P

Cheong Fan 2 Seasons was cheong fan filled with shredded vegetable...

Miss S ordered Roasted Chicken Rice, I didn't taste it, the portion quite small imho..

I ordered the Baked Rice with Cheese and Prawn. And it super lovely! The prawn was succulent, sweet and fresh, yum yum! 

Kuningan City
3rd Floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18

Ph (021) 30480507

.Do An : Revisited.

Hello! Finally live on blogging world again :) I've been living in a quite hectic schedule for the last few months, so last week I decided to take 2 days of absence. Woohoo! Time to pampering myself with good massage session, good friends and good food of course :)

But first, Mr Chubby kindly following my craving for vietnamese food, so to Do An we went.This is how the waiter preparing the Vietnamese Drip Coffee....I would love to order this, but remembering it's dinner I think it's not a good time for coffee. So I went with this.Minty Lime Squash, 18.5K. Super sour and I loved the touch of lemon grass! :)For appetizer, we had Goi Bo Coun, 26K. It's a rice paper roll filled with beef, vermicelli, and vegetables, and topped with fried shallots. I love it so much! It's fresh and the beef was very good. The sauce also compliments this dish well, it's a perfect appetizer for me :)Mr Chubby went for Hu Tieu Xao, 29.5K. It's a stir-fried vietnamese rice noodle. It's kinda reminded me of Pad Thai, except there are no crushed peanuts and other condiments. It tasted good though :)I went for Banh Mi, but instead of the usual beef, I ordered the Banh Mi Ga, 35K. It's filled with grilled chicken, vegetables and liver pate. See the pate? Although I rarely eat organs, but I found the pate was tasty, a bit too spicy for me, but indeed a good dish.

We didn't order any pho, but on a cold day like this, I would some pho... later I guess ;)

Do An Vietnamese Experience
Kelapa Gading Mall 3, LG Fl
Phone: (021) 4585-3609
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M, Jakarta

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

.Different World,

Once in a while, I missed you all.
I do miss the time when we chatted about everything.
But it's all gone now.
Too bad,
so long and good bye.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

.Nuzzy's Mousse & Resto.

Last friday me and my sister was wandering around Central Park and I suggested Nuzzy's for dinner. The place has interesting interior with weird case of wine bottles filled with flower..eccentric I would say :)I started with Iced Peach Tea, 18.5K. Funny, they cut the peach into very small bites, it's easier to eat for me :)My sister was in major hungry so she just ordered the first recommended menu by the waitress (and the most expensive menu, of course -__-), Jim's Special Pasta with Dori, 69K. Sorry for the weird angle, I only had one chance to shoot her pasta. It tasted nice for me, Dori needs more improvement though. It's not to fresh and bland for me. I was still craving for a good cheese burger, so I ordered the Cheese Burger, 45K. We can choose the bun between the green (made from Spinach), red (made from Red Beet), or black (made from Squid Ink). I was intrigued, so I tried the black one. It came in a huge plate with a beautiful looking black bun holding the beef patty, and a generous amount of french fries. I love the bun so much, it tasted rich, a bit sweet and paired well with the sauce. The patty was kinda dry for me, but not as dry as White Hunter's version so it's okay for me. The salad was also good, too bad the fries was a bit bland for me :( It's a nice cheese burger though :)We were planning to have dessert on other place (hint : Bubble Tea ;P ),so we only ordered a cup of Rose Lemon Tea , 18.5K to finish the meal. Look how cute is the glass!Btw, their logo also cute hehe...

Overall, although the service wasn't really friendly but I think this place ambience was warming, and the drink (beer was cheap!) wasn't expensive, so I think it's gonna be a good place to hang out next time :)

Nuzzy’s Mousse & Resto
Tribeca Park GF#15
Central Park Mall, Jakarta
RSVP : 021 8383 8201