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Friday, August 31, 2012


Another post from my holiday, so how's your holiday? :)
And of course, you have to keep eating fresh fruits and vegetables! :D
Got a bowl of pickled rose apple for the afternoon...
I even managed to eat fresh picked sawo :)

And I managed to eat baganese dish everyday hehe...
 Wan Tan Mie (Wonton Noodle) is my favorite!
 And snacking Chai Pau in between meal...
And cool the day with cold drink is one of the heaven I think :)

.Ikkudo Ichi : Revisited.

So, last week I just visited the famous Ikkudo Ichi for the second time. I know, I know we can't compare with the other ramen, but I can't diferentiate them since they have quite a similar taste.
This time Mr Chubby ordered the Curry Ramen. It tasted good for me, although it's a bit messy. 3 of us ordered the same curry ramen, but each of us got different looking bowl in front of us. Presentation is one of their weak points I think. 

My friend who's a curry ramen lover said that he prefer the other one, since Ikkudo's version was more like curry with noodles, so the ramen nametag is somewhat nothing for the dish.
We also ordered their Pork Gyoza, which I think is as good as the other one's version. It's juicy and the pork just melt in your mouth :)
This one is my Buta (Pork) Ramen. No, I haven't touch the noodle yet. As you can see, it's a bit gross to see your food plated like this. Consistency is also what they need to work it out. The broth was fewer than my previous visit, and it's totally a messy bowl. We ordered 3 bowl of this, and I ask mine for more noodle firmness and more flavor strength. When it came, the server said ALL of them has more noodle firmness, and she didn't know about the flavor strength. Come on, what's the point of customization when all you get is generalization? I don't want to be a bitch but please don't try to give customer any promises you can't fulfill.

To be honest, with all that crazy queue and unwelcome service , I don't think I ever come back, at least until the queue gone fewer. Sorry Ikkudo.

Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No.2-3 Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. (021) 96628677
Opening hours: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm.

Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 168M
Puri Indah
Ph. (021) 58302121


happy :)

.Mr Tea Inc.

A friend of mine (let's just call him Mr Tea) recently just opened this place at PIK, and he invited me to come. The brand is a franchise from Taiwan, and they are focusing on Bubble Tea and Fruity Tea.

 I love the 3D glass on the banner! :D
The interior is quite different from the other bubble tea stall on the mall, where usually just a quick buy-and-go bench and chairs. I especially love the lamp with all that wires wrapped around it :) But I came here for the drinks...so here we go.

The menu was a bit hard to read with too many combination, but basically there are Milk Tea (Ordinary, Extra Milk, Less Milk), Fruity Tea (Peach, Lychee, Mulberry, etc), and the Special Tea (Peanut, Magic, etc). They also provided customization on your ice and sugar level. They only provide 50% and 100% sugar level, but if you're not a non-sugary-drinks lover (like me), the 50% is still acceptable, it wasn't too sweet, at least for me hehe..The toppings were various, from the bubble to the classic red bean. I found a new topping here, maple jelly :D
I ordered their signature Pearl Milk Tea and Peach Green Tea. I forgot the price, I think it's around 20-22K. The milk tea was okay for me, but the green tea was my favorite! :D What really differs them from the other brand might be their fruity tea. It wasn't to syrup-y and it has chopped fresh fruits inside it, and quite a generous amount I must say :) All of their fruity tea have real fruits in it (except for Lychee, Mr Tea also didn't know why). The fruit tea has the right balance between the green tea and the fruit, plus it has foamy texture on top of it, hehe..
Mr Tea ordered this for us, Kumquat Fruit Tea with Coconut Jelly and Peanut Milk Tea. Love the kumquat (a bit syrup-y though), but Peanut Milk Tea has my attention. It has peanut in it, yes you didn't read it wrong. Real chopped peanut. It tasted rich, and a bit weird because of the texture, but if you're a fan of peanut, you should try this one :)

The next week after this visit, I went again with Mr Chubby. I ordered the peach green tea again, and Mr Chubby ordered the Mulberry Green Tea with Maple Jelly. The Mulberry green tea was very nice, sour and it has (very much) fresh mulberry in it! The maple jelly also good, the sweetness compliment the sourness of the berry :)

Overall I think it was a good alternative than my usual Chatime, especially for their fruity tea! They also had buy 1 get 1 promotion only on the Grand Opening (1 Sept 2012) so don't forget to come! :D

Mr Tea Inc
Rukan Cordoba Blok D No. 15
PIK, Jakarta 14470
Ph. (021) 99747626

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

.Pizza e Birra.

So happy Eid Mubarak everyone! :D How's your holiday? Mine went quite well, I managed to visit some family and friends, and got a lot of rest of course ;) Few weeks ago, I went to Pizza e Birra with some of my childhood friends, I just realized I've known them for more than 20 years!
And what's better to cold a hot day than a glass of beer ;)
.... and finger foods! Got ourself a party bucket (20 pcs) of El Diablo, 79K. It was one of the best chicken wing in town! It's fried until deep-brown (which I loved), and poured with hot sauce..yumm..finger lickin' good!
I ordered the Love Supreme, (Large, 79K) for my love of garlic ;)
Texas BBQ Story (Large, 79K) was everyone's favorite, especially the sour cream which very smooth and nice pairing with the bbq chicken :)
It was a dilemma between the pesto penne with chicken or this sausage dish. But I went for the later since I never ordered this. Sausage Hangover, 79K was okay for me. If only it's pork sausage maybe it's easier to win my heart haha ;D
The Greek Style Calzone 59K was one of my favorite. It's filled with spinach and ricotta cheese and accompanied with a refreshing chimichurri sauce. I especially love the sauce :D
Dessert was a bit late to arrived, I chose the Sweet Little Princess (Large, 55K) and love it. the pizza dough was different, it's firmer than the usual. The pizza went very well with the smooth vanilla ice cream, me want more ;P
So that's it for today folks! Happy Holiday! :D

Pizza e Birra
Central Park, Tribeca Park G Fl unit Pav 03
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28

.Hummingbird Eatery.

Hello! Quick post again from my few weeks ago visit to Hummingbird Eatery's new branch at Kuningan City. Sorry for the photo quality, I'm only using my phone cam :P
The place was quite big with cute interior..There's even private area using a bird cage..
 I ordered this Passionate Peach 32.5K during waiting for some of my friends to arrive...It's basically a mixture between soda water, peach syrup and some fresh peach pieces..The glass was big and meant to be shared between 2 persons.
 Miss C ordered this Lychee Juice, 19.5K. And I envy her. It was very good! I wasn't a fan of lychee but the lychee flavor was real this time, it wasn't syrup-y at all.
Rosella Lychee 22.5K and Pinky Berry 32.5K also a good choice..
Some of the menu weren't available yet :( so I opted for Lasagna 39.5K. I don't like their lasagna, it's too dry and the pasta was so mushy, the beef also tasted artificial for me :(
Miss F ordered this Honey Ribs 49.5K. I think it's a good choice since the ribs was good and not chewy at all, the portion also big and the accompanying chili was quite spicy ;) I think this was the best dish among the others.
Miss I ordered the Osso Bucco, 82.5K. I think the portion was also big but it's not so good in term of flavor. The sauce was watery and quite bland.
Mr Chubby ordered this Volcano Tuna, 39.5K and I would say it wasn't so bad but I don't think everyone could handle this because it's quite fishy.
There's some problem between our food order, so they were a bit slow in service term. But I think it's okay since they were just opened. The last one to arrived was my appetizer,Escargot 39.5K. The bread was good, garlic butter was okay but the escargot wasn't melt-in-your-mouth like I got on Madeleine. But for the price tag, I think it's acceptable ;)

Overall, I think the food here were average but I would love to try their pancake and crepes after they're available on menu! :D

Hummingbird Eatery
UG Floor Kuningan City Jakarta
Ph. (021) 30056370

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Another post from my not-so-new visit to Umaku at Alam Sutera. All of their branch was very far away from my home, so when I heard from Mr Chubby that weekend we will going to Serpong, I know exactly what I want for lunch ;
The place was empty when we arrived, it wasn't too spacious but I love their minimalist interior. Love this sushi pictures! :)
As soon as we placed our order, the drinks come with the complimentary edamame.
Mr Chubby was intrigued by Volcano Roll, 35K. 4 pieces of sushi, it's bugger than your usual roll, filled with kani (crab stick) and unagi (eel water), and topped with salmon and cheese. It's really easy to eat, especially for a non sushi lover :)
I, on the other hand was eye-ing this Scallop Grill with Tobiko, 31K. It was a very generous portion indeed! Scallop is one of my favorite seafood, I love it in any form, especially when grilled with cheese ;)
We also ordered a plate of Nigiri Sushi Jyo, 54K. It was a really good bargain :) My favorite were scallop (of course), tuna, and to my surprise, mackerel. I never had fresh mackerel before, since usually it's fishy but this time it was very sweet and I love the firm texture :D
We also ordered Inari sushi, 8K. It was the biggest Inari i ever had! It was quite different than the usual where the rice was plain, in Umaku the rice was mixed with tobiko and vegetables :)
Closed the meal with a bowl of Ogura ice cream, 15K. It wasn't as sweet as the usual red bean on the market, which I loved.
We also given jelly as complimentary after we paying our bill. What a great meal! :D


2 weeks later , we also have to go to Serpong for some errands, so we went again there for lunch :)
Started with Spicy Salmon Roll, 27K. It was really spicy!
I was super hungry that time so I ordered Sake Sazuke, 26K. It's a comfort fish I would say, rice topped with (very generous) cooked salmon and poured with rich broth. Love the broth, hate the salmon, it was too dry for me. It was a very big dish, I struggled to finish this alone -__-
Mr Chubby was also in major hungry so he ordered Katsu Kare Raisu, 37K. Also come in a huge portion, I think the curry was okay :)
 We also ordered a plate of Sashimi Moriawase Jyo, 44K. All of them were fantastic except the salmon, it's a bit tasteless! I don't know why I never had a good piece of salmon in this place :( But anyway the mackerel of course was the winner again and followed by scallop...I was drooling by the time I write this post..I want this hiks.
Since they're just launched their kushiyaki menu,  I ordered the Tebasaki (Chicken Wing), 9K. It was a bit dry but since wing is my favorite part of chicken, it's okay for me ;)
Our waitress suggested this Kawa (Chicken Skin), 3K. It was fantastic, crispy and savory yum yum..
We also ordered Ika Ichiaboshi, 12K. It's squid marinated in sake and then grilled. For me it was a bit tasteless, and I can't taste any booze from it. But it wasn't chewy so I think it's okay :)
Ended the meal with a super creamy matcha ice cream, 20K. Worth every rupiahs!

Umaku Alam Sutera
Ruko ASTC (Alam Sutera Town Center) Blok 10E No 9
Alam Sutera BSD, Tangerang
Umaku Cibubur
Citi Walk Blok CW 1 No.26
Citra Grand Cibubur
Ph: (021) 84303732, 84303733

Umaku Tebet
Jl. Tebet Raya no.141, Jakarta Selatan
Ph. (021) 83709132

Umaku Duren Tiga
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya no.32, Jakarta Selatan
Ph. (021) 79170337