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Sunday, September 23, 2012

.Rasane Seafood.

Few weeks ago me and my old friends were craving for some crabs, so we went to Rasane seafood. I lost the bill so I'm sorry for the not-so-detailed price and dish name...
Mr C ordered the Crab Soup, I think it's around 20K. It's super fishy and weird, We didn't even finish it.
 I think this Crab with Saos Padang cost us about 150K. It was quite good, a bit on the sweet side though, so if you're intolerant with spicy, it wasn't too killing to try this one ;)
The Ayam-Ayam fish was very good, it's grilled to perfection. I especially love the sour and spicy chili sauce on the side. I think this one cost us around 40K
 The Squid in Honey sauce was nothing to rave about. It's too sour for a honey-named sauce. Priced around 50K I think..
 Kangkung Belacan was okay, around 20K or 30K-ish.
 I never had a bad Kailan dish ever. Ever. This one was super bad that I can't even finish it, it's super bitter and smelled weird, and cost us around 20K or 30K..whew..
 The soft-shell crab was also nothing's to remember about beside it's priced on 60K for a very small portion.
And finally, after waiting for quite a while, our Kepiting Asap Juhi came. We ordered the jumbo size crab so this one is big, the feet even almost as big as my friend's face! I think this one is around 300K-ish. It tasted good for me, the juhi (squid jerky) was quite strong and the crab itself was fresh.

Overall, for all that dishes + 2 coconut + 4 tea, it cost us 4 more than 1 million rupiahs! And is it worth it? I don't think so, sorry I'm gonna go with street vendors for seafood. hehe :P

Rasane Puri Indah
Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan No.168 N
Jakarta Barat
Ph. (021) 5835-2222

.May Star.

Just one of the visits when I was in dimsum-craving week, May Star. I've already heard about their good reputation so I was keen to try this restaurant, thank God my eldest sister was having a birthday and treat us there, yay ;P

It was Sunday morning, and even though the mall hasn't opened yet, there's already a queue for this restaurant. Whew..luckily we got table in no time :) We were given 3 appetizers (which charged us, of course). One of the reason I hate Chinese restaurant hehe!
Pickled Vegetable, 10K
 Some dried fish with sesame seed, 10K
Black Ear Fungus with Ground Peanut, 10K
Jasmine Tea, 9.8K
So anyway, since May Star is famous for its roasted duck, I ordered the HK Noodle with Roasted Duck, 56.8K. A bit pricey but the portion and taste made up for it. The noodle was very good, it's chewy and the broth was yum! I love the roasted duck for it's moistness and sweetness. The family also love it and we polished it off quickly ;)
My Sister of course has to order her favorite Fong Zhau in Black Pepper Sauce, 18.8K. I love the sauce, it sweet and sticky ;)
 Siomay,20.8K also a favorite among us.
 I ordered the Chiong Fan 3 rasa, 20.8K. It's filled with duck, scallop and prawn. Tasted okay, the sauce too salty for me.
Xiau Long Bau,20.8K was filled with pork and the broth was quite nice, if only it's more....
My usual order, Radish Cake, 18.8K might be not as appealing as the other plate, but I think it's quite fragrant and I love how they keep some of the radish texture to the dish so it's not all mushy-mushy when you chew it :)
 Fried Mantau,16.8K was pretty to look at :)
 My mom love the Sui Kiaw in Spicy Vinegar Sauce, 18.8K. The portion was big but since I'm not a fan of vinegar so I passed this one out.
 Ha Kau,22.8K and Scallop Dumpling with Tobiko, 20.8K. I can't differentiate this two when it touch my tongue haha! I think all the steamed seafood tasted the same for me -__-
 Cha Siew Pau, 18.8K was my sister's order. I passed this one out because I'm saving space for this one :
 My favorite Tan Tart,18.8K. May Star's version was ordinary but everything custard-y had the magic spell over me ;)
Brother ordered this Seafood Spring Roll in Oyster Sauce, 19.8K. I didn't try one but he seemed to enjoy it.
 I don't remember how this Chicken Dumpling, 18.8K tasted, I think the skin tasted a bit like cimol hehhe..
 Cheong Fan with Ca Kwe, 19.8K was very crispy :)
Minced Pork Spring Rolls,19.8K was lovely, but I prefer the homemade version of it hehe..

After the savory items, now it's dessert time! :D
I ordered the famous Coconut Pudding, 49.8K. Crazy price and it's not so worth it, it tasted to sugary for me :(
 Sister ordered Mango Pudding with Sago, 21.8K, okay la...
My favorite dessert would be this Avocado Cream with Sago and Chocolate Ice Cream, 25.8K. It's smooth and a perfect way to end the yum cha :)

May Star
Emporium Pluit Mall Lt.4
No. 4-23, 4-25A, 4-25B, 4-26
Jakarta Utara
Ph. (021) 6667-6280

Friday, September 21, 2012

.Snacking : 20120901.

Just a quick update on my snacking list...Actually most of what I eat were given from friends or family..I am blessed by all this good people ;)
Another stroopwafel my sister brought from Holland.............. 
 And this loveable biscuit..the chocolate was very nice and smooth!
Mom's friend bought me this taro cracker from Taiwan. It was filled with taro paste and few leaves of coriander. Yep you read it right. coriander, weird right? But they went quite well together though hehe..
Another snack from her, Honey Pastry Pie. SUPER DUPER FREAKING DELICIOUS! Darn I wish it was sold here, it's a square pastry and topped with honey, the top layer was very very goooddd..

Thai Coconut Roll I got from my recent trip to Thailand..very fragrant..yum!
Also bought myself a pack of glorious pork chips ;)
I love the newest oatmeal cookie from Quacker Oats, especially this one :D
Few weeks ago we had a small marshmallow party at office ;) DIY!
mochi is one of my weakness...
Palmier from Holland Bakery..I never know they baked this pastry. Good as expected.
Cute eh? This one is a souvenir from my cousin's wed.
Which btw, a very cool wedding party with Snow White theme. Look at that giant apple prop!
And great dessert courtesy of Hotel Mulia ;)
And I've been eating a lot of takoyaki lately...this one is from Tokio Kitchen, Central Park. It wasn't too good but the place made up for it.
A friend of mine recently being addicted with froyo again..speak of the devil, I managed to visit my old friends lately, we even had a sleep over, oh how I miss them...
And what's better to do on a sleep over than filling your stomach with carb fiesta ;) Our host prepared one of the glorious pork sausage I ever had, paired with chips, fruits, and booze of course, it's one of memorable nights in my life :)

Saturday, September 01, 2012

.Sweet Poetry.

So, this saturday went a bit slow, I just finished my fitting session (for a friend's wedding, not mine) and it was a hot day! I was craving for some sweet and cold dessert and I remembered I read some reviews about this place. Located not so far from the famous Eaton at Muara Karang, the place was quite small but the interior looks clean with red and white combination.
The menu was hard to read for me :( so basically the step is :
1. Choose your base. There's 7 base selections. The only unique thing I see is Q Ball, basically it's like biji salak made from taro / sweet potato. Intriguing!
2. Choose your topping set. There's 6 set selections, I think this is the hardest part since most of them was my favorite item haha!
   Choose your own topping. There's 12 topping selections. Another hard decision for me.

For a lazy customer (like me), you can try to pick one of their 10 Best Sellers. I chose no 1, Q Ball + Ice Cream + Mochi + Pearl, 24K. And extra Sweet Potato, 3K since I alwayssss a fan of sweet potato in any form ;)
 It was super super duper goodddd! :D I don't want to be brag but I think it's one of the best dessert in Jakarta! All of the components were very good, the pearl was good, the q ball was also loveable, and the mochi...yumm very fragrant and good..And don't let me start on the sweet potato :) And paired with Ogura ice cream (you can select between mango, green tea, ogura and vanilla) and taro, it's a perfect combination!
As for Mr Chubby's Tofu Pudding 15K, the ginger was okay, and the addition of peanut was also good, but the tofu wasn't as smooth as what we got on street vendors. We also ordered Oolong Tea 12K which also quite good :)

Definitely will be back for that crazy mochi ! :D

Sweet Poetry
Jl. Pluit Karang Timur Blk o8 No. 72
Jakarta, Indonesia 14450
Ph. (021) 6611213