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Sunday, April 04, 2010


I love work , I love my office, I love my team. here's the thing i shared with them.
one of my fav days in office was when i got my ice cream on my break :)the team loves coffee bean so much, but i love my bucks :P especially when it had a scent of cinnamon.
our first meal @ Belitung, fried prawn. yummm
the grilled fish.
and garangan. totally a kick ass.
i remembered i ate 3 plates of rice on that time. hahaha!
dinner time! it's a fishy week :)
and one of the famous belitung's dish, mee belitong.
i dont like it, too sweet for my taste -__-'
anyway, last week one of the team member, brought this.
my favourite cammomile tea. he knows i love drink this tea, almost everyday i make it. but with the instant one. so one day he brings the dried one, the real one :) plus, with the pot! hahah... so that day i got my tea ceremony and a box of home-made egg rolls with my saudara seperguruan! haha!

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