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Sunday, September 23, 2012

.Rasane Seafood.

Few weeks ago me and my old friends were craving for some crabs, so we went to Rasane seafood. I lost the bill so I'm sorry for the not-so-detailed price and dish name...
Mr C ordered the Crab Soup, I think it's around 20K. It's super fishy and weird, We didn't even finish it.
 I think this Crab with Saos Padang cost us about 150K. It was quite good, a bit on the sweet side though, so if you're intolerant with spicy, it wasn't too killing to try this one ;)
The Ayam-Ayam fish was very good, it's grilled to perfection. I especially love the sour and spicy chili sauce on the side. I think this one cost us around 40K
 The Squid in Honey sauce was nothing to rave about. It's too sour for a honey-named sauce. Priced around 50K I think..
 Kangkung Belacan was okay, around 20K or 30K-ish.
 I never had a bad Kailan dish ever. Ever. This one was super bad that I can't even finish it, it's super bitter and smelled weird, and cost us around 20K or 30K..whew..
 The soft-shell crab was also nothing's to remember about beside it's priced on 60K for a very small portion.
And finally, after waiting for quite a while, our Kepiting Asap Juhi came. We ordered the jumbo size crab so this one is big, the feet even almost as big as my friend's face! I think this one is around 300K-ish. It tasted good for me, the juhi (squid jerky) was quite strong and the crab itself was fresh.

Overall, for all that dishes + 2 coconut + 4 tea, it cost us 4 more than 1 million rupiahs! And is it worth it? I don't think so, sorry I'm gonna go with street vendors for seafood. hehe :P

Rasane Puri Indah
Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan No.168 N
Jakarta Barat
Ph. (021) 5835-2222


Santhy said...

I really love your blog, blogging about food.. :) :D makananya berkisar gading yg di review jg enak-enak :D :D I love eat :D

Happy Blogging :D

Santhy said...
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SeorangPrempuan said...

thank you santhy ude mampir yah.. ;) anak gading yah? :P

Santhy said...

ia aku anak gading :D :D
cici tgl di gdg jg yah ? :D tp aku byk jg yg belom dicobain nih sekitar gading.. abs kadang suka mahal :'( :'( enakan sushi tei / ippeke ? :D

SeorangPrempuan said...

@Santhy : nga tinggal di gading sih..kebetulan sering main ke sana hueheuhue :P
kalok soal sushi berhubung gue makannya itu2 aja (seputar wakame and ubur2) jd sama aja semuanya wkwkw mungkin gue prefer ippeke soalnya lebih murah :P tapi kalok fav gue masih Umaku, ada di tebet, alsut, etc murah and seger! :D