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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

.Things For This Month.

This month is really exciting for me. Meeting lots of new people, new places, and new things to do. And of course, new menus to eat :P

I ate a lot of sweets this month, too bad, I did not took all of their pictures [blame my glutonny mode :P] Few sweets things that I'd remembered :
Custard Pudding from Maqui's, Senayan City. Saw this stall unexpectedly after lunch, and I did not want to join the froyo session [the team like it so much], so I decided to give it a try. A little bit tasteless, and the texture was almost like kembang tahu. I think I'm gonna go again for their chocolate mousse. Hmmm yum yum I guess :)
One of the most visited bakery for me is Lemon Cakery, located at Emporium Pluit. I forgot the cookies name, but if you are a chocolate lover, I think you should try it. It kinda reminds me of TimTam a bit though :P
Durian Ice Cream. well, it tasted fine. But I remembered this one, because I had it when I really had a bad day. And I am really blessed by a friend who accompany me that night[thanks G!].
I, well actually we, me and mr G had this one on that night too. Blueberry Ice Cream and Pancakes. The Pancake's texture was good, but still cant beat my sister's [Hah!] but what I really impressed was the jam and the fruit. Most of the restaurants that served desserts nowadays, for example, Blueberry Ice Cream, it usually came as a fancy bowl with a scoop of Ice Cream + Blueberry Jam, and they priced it about IDR 30K or more. Heh? And this one was about IDR 30k too, but at least they are using the real blueberry! Ha! Btw although the ice cream tasted like Wall's but the jam was really good*droll*

And also, few menus that I'd remembered :
Fish Soup, available at a stall near my office. Tasted yummy for Lau A Ma! :)
Another thing that I ate before the Durian Ice Cream and Blueberry Pancake [pictures above]. Tasted monochrome, well it has to tasted like that. Beside the 'krecek' thing, everything tasted ok.

Nasi Pandan [yeah i ate a lot of rice lately...] at Cafe Gulali, City Plaza. Love the rice so much! :)
mr O told me he was having an urgent wanting feeling [baca : ngidam] for baked rice. So that day on lunch, I found myself digging in for this, Baked Cheese Rice from Pizza Bar. Tasted...hmmm salty :P I rarely eat cheese actually, but that week was a cheesy-week for me!
Another cheesy food on that week. Baked Potato with Cheese from Raffles. I love their sandwich, but that day I want to try something different, and I ordered one from the least-thing-I-ordered list, Baked Potato. and Cheese! whew. Well anyway I prefer Wendy's Baked Potato.

Well, I still have a long list to share, later on okay :)