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Sunday, December 30, 2012

.Bandung, 2012.

It was a calm day. Waking up and watching the beautiful dawn, it's one of the best feeling in the world.
It's one of the trip when we don't arrange anything. We were leaving in the morning and the traffic was friendly to us. We arrived at the breakfast time.
First stop, Mie Naripan. It's the first time I tried this noodle, I think I like their noodle texture, firm and chewy enough for me, and the sauce was spicy. Didn't think the pork made any difference though. But still it's a good breakfast :)
Next stop, De'Ranch since we're bringing our little niece :)

We did sample some of the fresh milk (tasty!), horse riding (not for me), and of course we mingling with the horse. The sky was bright and it's quite windy day. Such a mild weather :)
The next stop, Rumah Stroberi. Too bad they were out of strawberry to be picked (hiks...*sob*) I always love that kind of activity :( we had lunch there anyway.

A package for 4 for 120-ish K. Quite a good bargain :) You got 4 pieces of Chicken, 4 pieces of fried tofu, 4 pieces of fried tempe as well as Ikan Peda (fermented salted fish), fresh vegetables and chili.

We also ordered few Zuppa Soup. Such a wrong pick on Sundanese restaurant haha!

We also visited Jadul Village, such a lovely resort!

The rest of the evening was calm, we managed to eat at Zenbu, PVJ. Nothing too special...
sushi, look how thin and cold they are :(

beef mozaru, quite good but small portion though
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, so-so.
On the next day, we went to Selasar Sunaryo, but first, let's have some breakfast a Braga! :) Sumber Hidangan was closed that day (hiks *sob*), so we went with Kopitiam Oey.
Mr Chubby had a spicy(?) gudeg there..quite tasty!

Indonesian famous breakfast..fried rice lol
their Mie Kepiting also quite good :)
I went for something's sweet, French Toast. yummm
Mr M ordered this one and finished this in one gulp, hiks save some for meeee
Milo Dinosaur, cause who can resist this? That's our niece eye-ing it on the background..hehe
I also ordered Singkong Sambel Roa, which wasn't too good. The chili wasn't as spicy than it looked and kinda smelled funky..
Last stop, Selasar Sunaryo! I've been wanting to visit this gallery for quite a long time. At that time, there's 3 exhibitions going on; Tatapan (Tak Terlihat) by Muhammad Akbar; Lima Cerita dari Rumah, by Akiq A.W; and Mencari Saya dalam Sejarah Seni Rupa Saya by Aminudin TH Siregar dan R.E. Hartanto.
Both of them was good, I enjoyed the show. Especially the "Tatapan" one. It describing how others see us and how we react to their judgement. Whether we always trying to be the perfect one, or show the others the true us.

As for the Lima Cerita dari Rumah, it's a photography exhibition. It's about 5 abandoned home, and the stories behind each of them.

And the last exhibition Mencari Saya dalam Sejarah Seni Rupa Saya was also a good exhibition, there's some installation, sketch, painting, and also photograph.
It's such a lovely trip...I can't wait to go back! :)


Few weeks ago, Me and Mr Chubby visited Blok M Square for some errands. I remembered one of my friend love to eat at Little Tokyo. It was filled with so many japanese restaurants / izakaya. After some googling, I read about Ajihara. As one of the oldest japanese restaurant at Jakarta, I was intrigued to try it. My friend said, most of all restaurants there were good, so no need to rush. So I thought I'm gonna end with any restaurant that took our attention.
Until I saw the signage. It's located on a very small building, only 2 floors, I think it's half of normal ruko size we usually found. The building condition itself was kinda scary, I'm scared it gonna collapsed haha :P But upon entering that place, I feel liked it's not Jakarta anymore. The big cupboard with many old comics, the tatami, the wall, the bar, the tv (Japanese channel of course), the patrons (we are the only Indonesians), and eventhough the old building's smell was there, I feel relaxed. It feels like we're being transformed to Japan already :P
The menu was very hard to read, all of them were in japanese name and no picture. Thank God there's a small menu that showed us popular items and has pictures in it. After placed our order, we were given hot towels and a bowl of vegetables and meat. Okay, I think it was the BEST vegetable I ever had. It's sweet and still crunchy, and super tasty! If my mom can cook vegetables like this, I'm gonna be a vegetarian since childhood (I think).
We started with some Sashimi, 88K. It was fresh and my favorite of course, Tuna (I think it's akami but it's okay for me :P). Too bad they don't have hotate (scallops) that day, and I completely forgot to order some saba (mackarel).
Mr Chubby ordered Miso Ramen, 60K. It was super huge! It's salty and tasty, if you're a miso lover you should try it! 
I ordered their Curry Ramen, 50K. It came with a bowl of miso soup and salad. It was the best curry I ever had! Damn it was so good that I polished it all in minutes! 
As if we're not satisfied enough, I ordered a Ika Shoyu Yaki, 42K just because I had grilled squid the night before and it was so good :P It took a while for this one to arrived, but it was all worth it. I found it's quite different than the usual grilled squid I had, it was drenched in shoyu and served with 2 different mayo. The light orange one was spicy, and I totally loved it. I went to food coma after this squid, I can still remembered the taste on my tongue...yumm yumm...

Finished with a full belly and I thanked myself for not ordering any beers (it easily fill you up) although the asahi beers tempted me :P 

Btw, start from 22 Dec 2012, they will move to the Kemang area. I'm quite sad inside, because it quite sad to see this historical building will be left (and demolished I think, judging from the condition), but I'm also happy because I won't scared the ceiling will collapsed when I visit, which will be happen very soon I think! ;)

Jl. Melawai IX No. 3A
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru
Ph. (021) 7201340

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 14
Kemang - Jakarta Selatan 121120
Ph. (021) 92079930

.JCF 2012.

Okay, it's a super late post, this event even took place 2 months ago, and here's me, totally forgetting almost everything happen in the event..so bear with me okay? ;)

I was lucky enough to win the grand opening invitation, but unlucky enough that by the time we arrived, we're already famished :( The invitation worth 2 tickets for entering the festival and a goodie bag consisting of several items (ritters chocolate, cafe bozz coffee, milk etc) yay! I don't quite remembered what happen in that night so sorry for not-so-detailed post, enjoy the pictures!
I've been to poste before, it's close to my office and the food was okay for me. I remembered this stand  offering free pannacotta sample, it's not too sweet and the gulali was delightful, although the texture was more like custard rather than pannacotta.
Had this watermelon something drink from the same stall. Not so much for 35K price I paid since most of it were ice.
We also had some wine tasting , totally forgot about the wine -__-
 D'journals stand with cool coffee!

the ticket also included with free samples from D'journal :) You can choose between coffee or chocolate :)
I wonder why I don't get myself a bottle of this that night..
We also sampled Zahra Turkish Ice Cream. I remembered I've seen this kind of ice cream at Singapore, but I never tried it. It's quite different with normal ice cream, since they also used gelatin in it. The result is normal ice cream but with sticky texture. The man selling it was very good at tricking us, he would put the ice cream on the cone, but he would take it out again. And don't forget flirting is one of marketing tactics right? ;)
To be honest, it wasn't my kind of ice cream. But the playful man make it up for me ;)

Now that was a huge meat! This one is from Amuz, they also gave free sampler which I forgot what -__-

We were super famished afterwards, so we ended the night with some curly fries and Mr Park set! yay!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

.Kepiting Cak Gundul.

So, how's your weekend everyone? :) Mine went very well! Had a BIG dinner at Cak Gundul last night :P 

It was my first visit ever on this stall, to my surprise, the menu wasn't so big, so it easy to choose your order. They focused in serving crabs in variant size (there's about 6 or 7 size). All of the crab in the pictures was Super Jumbo size (Male, 1 ons = 19K), it's #2 from the list. The biggest one was King Crab, I forgot how much it cost, and it was SUPER HUGE. whew...! Beside the crab, there's also fish (only 2 types), squid, prawn, and cockle (only 1 type).
Behold, this is only 1 crab. There's only several options for the cooking method and sauce, I only remembered Curry, Sweet and Sour, Butter and Steamed with Herbs. The sauce was reminded of the tomato sauce in Sardines' can. It's too sweet for me, maybe because I usually had spicier sauce for seafood, or no sauce at all. None the less, the crab itself was delicious, it's plump, juicy and it's beautiful.

We also ordered Grilled Gurame. This one about 0.52 kilos, and cost ust 49.5K. It was sweet and fresh :)
Btw, love to see they give free-flow Ice Tea, and Sayur Asam (Indonesian Tamarind Sauce) :)
And finally, the star has arrived on the table! Super Jumbo crab with Curry Sauce. It needs minimum 2 crabs if you want to order it, wonder why. It was delicious, a tad too sweet, but it surely delicious. Look at that crab legs! 

Overall, it cost us for 3 crabs (2.7 kilos = 513K) , one fish, 2 cockles, 1 vegetable, 5 rice and few drinks, 644K. I think it's a good deal judging by the amount of food we ate :P If you happen to love crab, I think it's a good alternative!

Kepiting Cak Gundul
Jl. Raya Boulevard QJ 1 No. 31
Kelapa Gading Jakut
Ph. (021) 4535570

.Snacking : 20121202.

Another act of randomness...enjoy! :)
 Recently I've been attracted to Tous Le Jours. This new bakery set my bar high because of their pastry quality. I especially love their croissant and this, raisin brioche...It's studded with many raisins (inside), and buttery. It easily became my favorite snack!
 Tan tart I bought from a stall at Mangga Dua, so -so lah..
My sister bought me a box of  Juhi! yay!!
Anyway, my friend gave me a box of this Kinder from Korea. It was very good, I wish it was available in Indonesia..

Roti from some stall at Pluit Junction's Food Court. I love pastry with condensed milk!
I've been hooked with Ubi Madu lately. It's my favorite choice for carbo + sweet snack in the afternoon :)
Speaking of sweet snacks, last month was Moon Cake festival! Did u eat moon cake? I didn't ate too much this year because last year experience was keeping me reminded for additional 2 kilos I gained...
Another snack from my sister, Banana Chips with Honey. yum!
Few weeks ago, I redeem some voucher from Shitako. Ended with 3 box of Takoyaki for me and Mr Chubby. Whew... sadly the takoyaki wasn't live up my expectation, it was too doughy and lack of sauce.. :(
Btw, have you got your mango doze for this year mango season? :D I managed to eat mango almost everyday... and ended with a sore throat hehe..
It's one of memorable orange juice I ever had. It's 100% juice and no sugar added. It's sweet and refreshing especially on one hot day like that day. Okay I'm blabbering now, but do u have any memorable thing for a simple drink/dish like this? do share! :)
 Another current favorite, Famous Amos cookies with Strawberry milk tea ;)
Anyway, my friend just opened this online cookies store. It focused on sugar cookies with many shapes and cute creatures, perfect for children's birthday or wedding souvenir :) She even made 9gag meme cookies hehe.. visit this link for further information!