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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


God is good :D

btw, this week snack :P

mama pau's pork bun , nyam :D

some snacks i got from my friend :D
anyway, i've been eating strawberries a lot this week! :D
for breakfast..
for snack..

this week I also eat some japanese food wanna-be restaurant.
lunch set from a restaurant at Pasfest, kinda cheap, tasted so-so.
but what i ate a lot this week is..............takoyaki. I dont know, i used to hate them but lately i'm in love with them :P
Takoyaki from Sushi Naga, meruya. weiiirrrddd -__-
but the best one is still from Takoichi. NYAMMMM!!
btw ,I miss Soto Kudus also.. :P haha this post surely posted when I'm hungry! wkwkw :P

Monday, October 11, 2010

.Breakfast To Dinner.

bread has been my favourite option for breakfast lately :)
my favourite bread from Bread Talk [beside meet-the-cheese, of course] :)

mom's pork and prawn siomay :)
another dinner, salmon steak from Joni Steak's. I think it's worth with the price.

and snacking in between.
cute heh? :P

Friday, October 08, 2010

.I Need A Break.

I need a break. from all this work stuffs.
I hate seeing the city.

I miss having some lazy time by the beach.
I miss freezing in the dawn just to watch some sunrise.
I miss trying other people's food and culture.
I miss travelling :(

Thursday, September 23, 2010


you know, it hurts when someone whom you really open your heart with, is building a wall against you.

it really does.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


again.my present for his car :) look, his smile is really cuteeee :)
got the famous serabi Notosuman from Solo :)
and durian pancake from Medan. 1 word : DIVINE. gosh!
I've been craving for soup, nabe, udon, anything warm in a bowl :) this is my mom's famous tee kha mie. the secret is in the chili sauce! :P

Anyway, because of the cold weather, I've been munching a lot of snacks lately in the night [err..another lame excuse? :P]
i lovvveee raisinss :P
cinnamon roll, heat it in the oven, wait for the ding sound, and tadaaaa!!
blended avocado with mocha syrup yum yum :)

will be post another random later :P

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Canon lens kit 18-55mm f3.5 - 5.6 no IS with low price :)

contact me for further information :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

.One Perfect Sunday.

One of the best thing to enjoy your sunday is having a good time with new (good) friends, and a good food of course. Like what i had few weeks ago, I had a photoshoot at the morning, quick lunch at noon, finished our photoshoot and then headed to West Jakarta for catching up with a friend of mine :)
The fact that we already had lunch in the last few hours wont stop us ordering sushi on this rare event, since Sushi Naga is really far away from our home [and the fact that I'm really bad in geography, who knows i'm gonna find this place again?]. The best one is still Aburi Mentai roll and Salmon roll , and it's really worth with the price :)

Having a lazy afternoon with good chit chats and then we drove back to our home, me and miss F suddenly wanting some girl talks. And good drinks of course ;)
So we stopped by this place. De Parlour Cafe. Too bad they dont serve any liquor :( So we changed our plan, instead of having drinks, we had (late) dinner. Miss F ordered spaghetti [forgot the name], tasted fine. I ordered nachos with cheese, kinda shocked when it's arrived. The portion was kinda big, and I just had 3 meals for that day :P Nonetheless I could finished it , even I ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream and blueberry, yummy :)

Overall, I believe what some have said, it's not the food that tasted good, but it's with whom you had the food, that's why it's good. And thank God, I'm surrounded by all that good people that made my meals tasted damn good :)

Saturday, July 03, 2010


thank you for stepping into my life,
I love you.

yeah, I said it :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

.Bromo, 2010.

Had a quick (also an exhausting one) trip last week with workmates. We didn't sleep for 2 days [you cant count tidur-tidur ayam on car as a nap right?], we didn't eat well too [I remembered i ate instant noodles for 3 times in 2 days, whew], nonetheless I had such a good time with them :) Anyway it's been my first trip after we published our relationship, so it's really good to have someone beside you while not having any fear that anyone could caught you. but sometimes, i miss the backstreet thing ;P
here's us :P sorry for interupting with personal things hihi.

on the first day, we went to find Bromo sunrise. too bad, we are not lucky enough :( so, we're heading to the cauldron of Bromo.
one of the horse rider. starts walking to the cauldron. my horse owner [ I only ride horse when we got back from cauldron]
one of the horse, this one is really cute :) feses :p
we walked this far. whew, i congratz my self! :P

The second day, we visit House of Sampoerna, i like its interior.
the food was good too, and kinda cheap than the fancy cafe at Jakarta :) overall, it's a nice trip. Looking forwards to the next trip :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

.For A Friend.

i know you are happy with your new some-what friends.
i know you always want to go anywhere whenever it's possible.
i know you love to laugh till it's drop for no reason.

but please,
i hate that i have to make a reservation for meeting you, for God's sake we are at the same place.
i hate that each time we are hanging around, you're too busy giggling with your new toy.
i hate that you don't even talk much with me, like you used to do.

we are good friends, or we were?
i always thought that i have rights to meet you, to share our feeling towards each other, to remind each of us for our mistaken, i guess i lost it all for no reason.

people changed, but i always thought you dont.
but you do.

i miss the old you.
i really do.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

.I Wish.

I wish i have an ability to write all my feelings in a good way. Writing is one the hardest thing to do. It needs research, analysis and all that contemplative thing, which i know it's not one of my expertise.

even it takes about 5 minutes to write down the paragraph above.
so, be patient with my lack of writing skill okay? :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


one or another food that i love.
i love suki very much, especially my mom's :)
my mom's kentang pete, love it so much although i hate the effect [aka the fragrance you had after that -__-' ]
got this lovely zuppa soup from my sister's friend, fresh from Prima Rasa :)
Bolognaise Australian Pie. the filling is so generous and tasted really good, me and him love to buy this when we're at the cinema :)
soto mie, one of the most ordered food for me :P
i've been eating lots of lontong these days.
and i found my fav! this one was from a stall at Dusit, Mangga Dua. And i found my fav Liang Teh too at that place! I hate Liang Teh for years, i dont know why, maybe because it tasted weird and too sweet for my teeth. But this one, tasted enough sweet for me, and they put some jelly in it, love it till the last sip :)
the Liang Teh stall also sells some traditional snack, one that i like is Risoles. Filled with smoked beef and egg, with only about 3k for each, i think it's worth a lot.
they also sell Choux Pastry, tasted fine.
i miss the seafood stall near my home...i like their Kerang Saus Padang. And they served it with 4 types of chili, how can you resist?
about seafood, in the last few weeks ago, my work mates have been meeting at Sushi Naga, Puri. I think their sushi is good, it's fresh, it has many varieties from the traditional types to the fusion sushi. some was weird [i think i already ate sort of sushi goreng?] , but some was a kick ass. Like this one. Dragon Roll, tasted really good, and of course they were cheaper than Sushi Tei, so i think i'm gonna hit it in another time :)
anyway, i've been stopping my daily basis : drinking coffee. so, congratz me! :)
i got sore throat for this last 3 days :( all i want to eat is just a plate of warm rice with an omellete :(


I love work , I love my office, I love my team. here's the thing i shared with them.
one of my fav days in office was when i got my ice cream on my break :)the team loves coffee bean so much, but i love my bucks :P especially when it had a scent of cinnamon.
our first meal @ Belitung, fried prawn. yummm
the grilled fish.
and garangan. totally a kick ass.
i remembered i ate 3 plates of rice on that time. hahaha!
dinner time! it's a fishy week :)
and one of the famous belitung's dish, mee belitong.
i dont like it, too sweet for my taste -__-'
anyway, last week one of the team member, brought this.
my favourite cammomile tea. he knows i love drink this tea, almost everyday i make it. but with the instant one. so one day he brings the dried one, the real one :) plus, with the pot! hahah... so that day i got my tea ceremony and a box of home-made egg rolls with my saudara seperguruan! haha!