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Sunday, September 25, 2011


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.Home Made Bakery.

Home Made new product :) Egg-something (forgot the name T^T), 12K. When I taste the sampler, it was good so I bought a box. Too bad in the morning, it's already gone bad. I don't know why, it was sort of chiffon cake, maybe I should put it in the fridge? Waste 12K for nothing hiks.

.Manon Chocolatier and Patisserie.

Tempted by Anak Jajan's review about this store just when I around the corner, I went there immediately :P The place was big, and filled with beautiful cookies, chocolate and cake. I was in heaven I guess :P
The pastry section was half-empty when I arrived. I only bought Apricot Danish, 9.5K. It was not as good as expected. They put lots of liquid (jelly or something) on the pastry so it looked too 'wet' for me. It's kinda reminding me of Ciputra Bakery cake, they also love to put that on their cake too. Harvest's version of fruit danish was much better than this. Maybe I should try the drier croissant, like butter croissant.
The macarons section was big. They have full rack of different flavor and I was tempted to order them all, just for my curiosity. But I managed to get only five of them, each 6K.
I got Key Lime, Rose, Coconut, Blueberry and Cream Cheese, and Pistachio.

Key Lime - it was fresh and airy, and the lime gave a tangy hint on the end. It was easy to eat, not like any macaron I had before.

Coconut - the coconut flavor was subtle, you can taste it on the cream. And I think they put some real coconut in it, the texture was different than the others.

Rose - sweet but nothing rose-y for me.

Blueberry and Cream Cheese - it was great, the cream cheese might not show off, but the blueberry wrapped the macaron really well. Beside the color combination was the prettiest one :)

Pistachio - the best of all :) thank God I ate this the last. It was crunchy, not overly sweet (like Delifrance's pistachio version) and really good.

Gosh I should bought more. I think I'm gonna go for tiramisu or vanilla-lemon flavor :P

Cupcake! I almost got 1 for myself until I realized I should not eat this....The icing was dangerous haha!
Another batch of beautiful cupcakes.....
Arrays of beautiful cakes....I did not get any. Not a really fan of cake :)
But I kinda tempted by this. I forgot to take closer picture of that HUGE macaron cake. I wander how it tasted :p
Cake on the fridge...
The green tea and blueberry tempted me!
They also put trays of cookies on a big table. God knows I was weak on this point. Got myself an Almond cookies. And a Financier. I almost add Madeleine on the list, but they only had chocolate-covered version.
The Financier tasted fine, more like a pound cake with a hint of cinnamon. I haven't tried the cookies yet :P
The cookies display.

They also sell pralines. I did not pick any of them, next visit I hope.
They also sold coffee, but I did not find anything that reminds me of cafe interior. Maybe on the 2nd floor?

Overall, I think it's good to find another french bakery on Jakarta. The price was not as high as I expected and the branding was good too (I love the brochure! <-- sucker for anything blink blink on a paper), I should be back! :P
Btw, another picture of macarons won't hurt :P

.Singapore Hainam Rice.

Thank God there's Hainam Rice in this world :P

Friday, September 23, 2011

.Mom's : O'ke.

Another Baganese dish. It's called O'ke. Basically it's a steamed cake made from O (= hokkian for Yam), and served with few toppings. Usually are fried ebi, peanut, fried garlic, shallots, etc. And smeared with few spoon of spicy-sweet sauce. It's more like a salad for me, with carbs (read : the cake) replacing the protein (read : the meat) in the salad. But wayyy better than any salad :p Sorry for being subjective hohoh..
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.Almond Cookies.

Just a quick post. Got this from a work colleagues.

Almond. Butter. Cookies. Sweet. Crunchy. What not to love? :)
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.Khong Guan.

Found their store at Sabang area. Too bad it's a holiday season so not all of the product was available.

Come check what I got!

Butter Waffle, it tasted more like a baby biscuit. Buttery and sweet but I wish it was thinner.

And Raisin Soft Cookies! Gosh I've been looking for this cookies for long, and finally! It was light and airy, and smeared with some cream and raisin! Yummy :)

I also found many commonly snacks in market, but with uncommon flavor. Like Nissin Wafers with Banana or Melon flavor. Interesting :)
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.Sagu Rangi.

Do you still remember this snack? It's hard to find the seller in Jakarta, but few weeks ago I found one of them on Sabang Street! Woohoo! Here's some of his pictures.

....preparing the rangi made from sagu.

.....and topped with gloriously brown sugar.....

......and voila! This snack is sickly sweet so prepare your sweet tooth! Yum yum!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

.Smoking Joe's : Revisited.

Voucher time again, woohoo! :) Even better this time, we got 100K value voucher for only half price yayyy!

We ordered Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings, 49K for appetizer. The BBQ sauce was really good. It's weird how it tasted better than the last visit. Finish it right away, although you don't need anymore sauce though.

Since we were still kinda full from lunch, we ordered Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, 63K to share. The meat was kinda dissapointing, it's not as juicy as I expected. The fries was good btw.

We also ordered a side of Natural Fries, 20K. This was the hero of the dinner. The fries was really good, crispy and crunchy. I usually had issues with herbs, but not this time. The herbs really mixed well with the potato :)

After all the finger licking good dish, I was craving for something sweet. So we ordered Creme Brulee, 35K.

Brulee was one of the thing that too good to be true. How can you not like it? It's sweet, it has texture, and it's yummy :) The creme itself was slightly too sweet for me, but it's still good.

Overall, I should be back for that fries!
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.Moon Cake.

Have you got your moon cake yet?

I have been eating moon cake a lot last week...hiks I should aware for my belly :(
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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last Saturday, me and my division having a small gathering at Sarangche, Serpong. As it was really far from my home, I have only being here one time. That one time impressed me so much that I chose to held the gathering there.Upon arrival, we were seated in private area and served with cold Korean tea. I love the homy feeling from this restaurant since the first visit.We were given various of Banchan. I did not take many pictures hence too busy competing for glorious meal :P The Salad was really good and refreshing.
My friend's favorite, the Vegetable Pancake. Actually, there's 2 types of them, the big one like in the picture and the mini one (tasted more savory) but I forgot to take the picture hehe...
This one was my favorite, I did not know what kind of sauce on top of the Cockle. I never kind ate this kind of Cockle neither. The Cockle has hair on the shell. Cute!
I forgot to taste the salted fish..magically disappeared.

The Mochi with Black Glutinous Rice filling was everyone's favorite, but too bad they were out of them in no time :(
And what's Banchan without Kimchi?

And guess what, all of them for free! One of the reason why I love Korean cuisine :) I miss the steamed egg and grilled mackerel.........

And thank God, someone ordered this! Grilled Mackerel, it's a bit fishy but the flesh was firm and sweet :)

Btw, did I mention the cutlery was also really cute?

I always adore their spoon and chopsticks!

Back to the food, we ordered The Spicy Squid in hotplate.
It was really spicy, but it was so tasty that you couldn't even stop eating. Went to food coma after mixing the sauce with rice!
The Jabchae basically was stirred noodle with vegetable. But it's not ordinary noodle, the texture more like so'un, but it's more chewy and thicker, and tasted like jellyfish. It had me at first bite :)
The Bulgogi tasted good also..
And of course, we had to ordered grilled stuff, pork especially. We ordered lots of pork.
Preparing the meat.
Ready to eat!
Another picture of meat won't hurt right?
You could choose to dip your chopsticks in this oil. Or maybe you just dip the meat in it, like I did shamelessly.
Or pour some spicy sauce on top of it...
Or if you're into wrapping thing, placed a leave on your plate. Put the meat and few garlic, and spicy sauce, wrap it, and munch it in one bite! DELICIOUS!
Oh well, we also ordered Spicy Octopus. I am not Octopus fans, I have to pass it this time.

We also had Spicy Pork and Black Pepper Beef. As you can see from the picture, the competition was heated at that time :P Btw the Black Pepper beef looked plain, but it taste will kick your taste bud!

If I count the Banchan plate versus the previous visit, they served fewer this time. But I think it's because we came as a group of 16. I think 5-6 people would be the ideal number. I previously came with a group of 5, and we even have to say stop for the Banchan flow. Our table was stuffed with the Banchan, and even not one of our main order have arrived yet. About the price, do come in a group, because the portion was big and meant to be shared among others. And always asked for first floor. The second floor was private area, and the wooden wall was high so it's kinda hard for asking anything.

Btw, another picture of glorious meat! :D