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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

.I Wish.

I wish i have an ability to write all my feelings in a good way. Writing is one the hardest thing to do. It needs research, analysis and all that contemplative thing, which i know it's not one of my expertise.

even it takes about 5 minutes to write down the paragraph above.
so, be patient with my lack of writing skill okay? :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


one or another food that i love.
i love suki very much, especially my mom's :)
my mom's kentang pete, love it so much although i hate the effect [aka the fragrance you had after that -__-' ]
got this lovely zuppa soup from my sister's friend, fresh from Prima Rasa :)
Bolognaise Australian Pie. the filling is so generous and tasted really good, me and him love to buy this when we're at the cinema :)
soto mie, one of the most ordered food for me :P
i've been eating lots of lontong these days.
and i found my fav! this one was from a stall at Dusit, Mangga Dua. And i found my fav Liang Teh too at that place! I hate Liang Teh for years, i dont know why, maybe because it tasted weird and too sweet for my teeth. But this one, tasted enough sweet for me, and they put some jelly in it, love it till the last sip :)
the Liang Teh stall also sells some traditional snack, one that i like is Risoles. Filled with smoked beef and egg, with only about 3k for each, i think it's worth a lot.
they also sell Choux Pastry, tasted fine.
i miss the seafood stall near my home...i like their Kerang Saus Padang. And they served it with 4 types of chili, how can you resist?
about seafood, in the last few weeks ago, my work mates have been meeting at Sushi Naga, Puri. I think their sushi is good, it's fresh, it has many varieties from the traditional types to the fusion sushi. some was weird [i think i already ate sort of sushi goreng?] , but some was a kick ass. Like this one. Dragon Roll, tasted really good, and of course they were cheaper than Sushi Tei, so i think i'm gonna hit it in another time :)
anyway, i've been stopping my daily basis : drinking coffee. so, congratz me! :)
i got sore throat for this last 3 days :( all i want to eat is just a plate of warm rice with an omellete :(


I love work , I love my office, I love my team. here's the thing i shared with them.
one of my fav days in office was when i got my ice cream on my break :)the team loves coffee bean so much, but i love my bucks :P especially when it had a scent of cinnamon.
our first meal @ Belitung, fried prawn. yummm
the grilled fish.
and garangan. totally a kick ass.
i remembered i ate 3 plates of rice on that time. hahaha!
dinner time! it's a fishy week :)
and one of the famous belitung's dish, mee belitong.
i dont like it, too sweet for my taste -__-'
anyway, last week one of the team member, brought this.
my favourite cammomile tea. he knows i love drink this tea, almost everyday i make it. but with the instant one. so one day he brings the dried one, the real one :) plus, with the pot! hahah... so that day i got my tea ceremony and a box of home-made egg rolls with my saudara seperguruan! haha!


one or another things in 2010.
in one of the food stalls near my office.
i love soy milk.
seen this peaceful cat sleeping on the road.

.04 April 2010.

when you're being crashed by anyone, you need someone.
and I really need someone right now.

But i got no one.
so life's hard at this point, eh?