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Sunday, June 24, 2012

.Phuket - Day 1.

Hola! Just got back from my short trip to Phuket 2 weeks ago :D Sorry for the absent :)
We were flying using Air Asia plane for approx. 2,5 hours. Super hungry because of the cold airplane, I ordered Tuna Tortilla and hot Milo. Hmm comfort food :P

We were arrived around 10 PM, some of us were hungry so we asked our guide for some tom yum. He suggested this place named Bypass Seafood, which obviously a tourist restaurant. Here's some of the food.
 Spicy Tom Yum, not so spicy for me.
 Mild Tom Yum, bland.
 It looks like Ades right?
 Some fried stuff I can't recognize.

I think this restaurant was very pricey, plus it kinda mild in my opinion. I think for 2 Tom Yum, 2 fried platter, few drinks and rice, it's about 600B. We ate in a rush because we want to see the Thai Girl Show (1200B), my oh my. The show changed my life, I would never see banana in the same way again...Google it for furthere information okay ;)

After that, We went back to the hotel (btw, we stayed at Nipa Resort) and headed to Seven Eleven for some cold drinks. And found this stall.
One of the thing I loved about Phuket was this. An ice bucket and water, for free! Woohoo! The bottle was Chrysanthemum and Lo Han Guo drink (around 25 B) I bought from Seven Eleven :P
 Also bought some Beer Pretz for 10 B! Woo! that's 3K in rupiah, how can their snack is so cheap?
 Thai Coconut Roll, very goooodd and fragrant!
 Chocolate Collon (I know the name was weird) was existed in Indonesia long time ago...
 They also have different Lays flavor, I found Spicy Crab, Peking Duck, Lobster, etc. My favorite was the Peking Duck, the hoisin's really subtle!
 Garlic Pork for 80B! Wooottt! Very nice and fragrant!
 I ordered Thai Style BBQ Pork which came with a super sour sauce, and it's (again) only for 80B!
 Omelette with Pork, forgot the price. I remember we also ordered Fried Rice which was very good for only 50B! Dang! I love Thailand! :P
Went back to hotel afterwards...Btw found this car around hotel, it said the resting place for drunk people. Haha!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

.Snacking : 20120603.

Just a quick update on my snacking list lately :D
Got a pack of this delicious pork chips...makes my head kinda spinning but totally worth it! :P
Another pack of Peanut M & M's at office..yay for chocolate! :D
Closing the lunch break with some milk tea from Calais and durian..yumm..
A light snack, toasted bread with milk :P
Triple M Spicy Seaweed lately became my favorite snack ... :D
Ordered few packs of Cassava chips named Lumba-Lumba from Surabaya. It's sweet and salty :D
Tried this giant pudding yesterday...the mango flavor was artificial -__-
Hmm pretzel and milk tea for Saturday afternoon...
Breakfast :D
btw, look at this cute Oreo truck , me want it! :D
Indomie for lunch...
Tried this Milk Chocolate Pudding from Rainbow Pudding at Ambassador, quite milky ;)
I love Street Vendor's Burger! It's very margarine-y and a dollop of "special" sauce, that what makes it special...;P
And..I got a box of mochi from HK yesterday. Too bad my mom put it in the fridge, it's gotten weird :(

What's your fav snack for this week? :D