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Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, last week we held our closing ceremony on Syailendra. I never had a chance to try their buffet since you know, the price wasn't cheap. Thank God there's this event hehe..We were visit this place at Friday night so the price could be more expensive, I only remembered the price was about 300K++ /pax.
The place was big, with many stations from Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Western, and Italian. They also have separated Pork station so if you can't eat pork you can check the sign. It's friday night so it's lobster time! :D
I'm not a big fan of lobster, so I only ate 1 piece from Mr Chubby's plate. They only lightly grilled the lobster so you can taste the real flesh. I think I got a not-so-fresh piece (it smelled fishy) :(
My first plate, consisted of bacon, green mussel, salmon gravlax, kimchi and california roll. All of them was very fresh and good! Love the cured salmon very much! Kimchi had a very strong flavor, nyam!
My second plate, consisted of repeated item from first plate. California roll, maguro(tuna) , salmon gravlax, bacon, ham, green mussel, pepperoni pizza, seafood salad, and jellyfish. I would say all of them was very fresh, I especially loved the cured ham and salmon. Only one thing was a bit miss on this plate, the jelly fish was very bland and wet.
My third plate, I went to Indian station. I got saffron rice, beef curry, prawn curry, spicy lentil, naan, canaipapadum, and spicy sour squid (this one from the Chinese station hehe). Love the Indian station so much, they put so much condiments, from the mint sauce, yoghurt, onion, and other sauces I can't identify but tasted good, gosh I'm drooling for the papadum right now....The rice was also very good, usually I don't put any carbs in my plate since it easily fulfilling my stomach, I don't regret it. When it paired with the prawn curry...It was one of the best curry I ever had! 
 My fourth late, consisted of peking duck, pasta, fennel salad, bacon, salmon gravlax, papadum (since it was too good) and some salad I don't remember hehe... The duck was moist, it was paired with hoisin and pineapple sauce. Pasta was a bit bland.
My fifth plate, I think I had reached my limit here haha.. Green mussel, and fresh salmon! They were sweet, yumm..
We also had dimsum shared on our table..I didn't remember taste this :P
Miss F's plate, Carbonara pasta :D
We had 4 choices of drink at that night, roseberry punch, ice tea, kiwi, and some fruit punch I don't remember.
Time for dessert! Their dessert bar was quite amazing, separated between sections; ice cream (new zealand or baskin robbins, I forgot), chocolate fondue (and condiments of course), cake, biscuits, fruits, jelly, ais campur, diabetic section, and candy. My first plate consisted of egg roll (not good -__-"), lemon meringue (love the meringue, hate the lemon filling, too sweet), cheese cake (very similar with harvest cheese cake!), raspberry panna cotta (too sweet for me), and of course since I was still a child inside, a strawberry satay covered in chocolate :P
 Another plate as a result of playing with fondue...marshmallow yumm
And of course an ice cream cone is a must! :D
Mr Chubby happily finished his ais campur..
And I finished it up with a plate of sorbet and longan! :P

I can't say I was walking home but more of rolling...with a very full belly of course :P

JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E No. 1-2 Kuningan Timur Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta
Phone (021) 5798 8888


let imagination plays you.

.XO Suki.

Another quick post from dinner last week, another dimsum time at XO Suki.

Here's some of the picture, sorry I lost the bill so I can't recall some of the price or the dish name.
I always love their Bakpau Bakar, filled with chasiu..it's sweet and savory at the same time.
Fried Mantau was one of my favorite dimsum, but as you can see from the picture it's super oily and makes me scared to eat them T^T
Xiao Long Bau and Chiken Siomay was as good as I remembered, thank God.
Now as I was craving so much for Fried Radish Cake, their Fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce wasn't too amusing, a bit bland.
Fried Taro Dumplings, Mr Chubby ate this all. 
Egg Tart was quickly arrived on our table, nice...
I was super keen to try their Coconut Pudding since a friend of me said it was super delicious. I found it good, but not as glorious as Ce Wei's version (still drooling about their pudding). I think they didn't put any coconut milk in it?

I used to love their suki and dimsum but this last visit made me wondering maybe I just had a bad day, since the service and the food wasn't live up to my memory :(

X.O Suki & Dim Sum
Emporium pluit mall lt. 2 
Jl Pluit Selatan Raya Jakarta Utara 14440
Phone (021) 666 76616

Sunday, May 06, 2012

.Ce Wei.

Had a dimsum mania last week, I went to eat dimsum 4 times in a week -__-"

I rarely eat dimsum since it costs more than usual expense hehe.. One of my favorite place to eat dimsum was Ce Wei, since they served quite good dimsum with normal price. Plus they had happy hour, each dimsum only 10.8K! :D
Started with Cheong Fan with Prawn, it's smooth and silky. Too bad my favorite Cheong Fan with Ca Kwe already sold out >.<
There are two types of dimsum eater for me, the steamed one and the fried one. I am the steamed dimsum eater, unlike Miss F who very fond of fried dimsum, so she happily munching down all the fried dimsum :P Like this one, Fried Prawn Dumplings with mayo. She loved it so much! :P
And also, the Prawn Spring Roll. I only ate 1 piece, it was good! :D
Siomay was also good as I remembered..yum :D
Hakau was a bit messy but tasted fresh..
And this, what I aimed for. Steamed Radish Cake with XO Sauce. Okay I can't find anything sauce-y in that cup, I don't even what it is, it's like a mixture of chai po, ebi, dried fish, etc but all I can say : It tasted fantastic! Definetely the best radish cake I ever had!
But wait until this came out from the kitchen, the fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce. Now that is the best radish cake I ever had! It's crisp on the outside but not overly mushy inside. I can eat 3 plate of this, seriously so good! I droll when I wrote this :D~
Finished it up with Fried Durian Dumplings and Egg Tarts. Those durian dumplings also fantastic!
I think I'm gonna called it meal, but wait...this is what Miss F aimed for, Coconut Pudding, 37K. I know Coconut Pudding is one of the luxurious dessert item, but I never tried that since I know pudding was good, coconut was good, but what's the special about it? I am wrong. Coconut Pudding was very different than what I thought, especially this one. It's not overly sweet with very rich taste ( I think they used coconut milk), I can't describe it. I went to food coma. Some said Maystar version was the best coconut pudding in town, maybe I should try it one day...
Finished it up with Pu Er Tea, 8K.

Service was poor, the place wasn't too crowd but all of the waitresses weren't very attentive, some of our orders even never arrived on our table. If only their dimsum wasn't that good.... T^T

Ce Wei BBQ Restaurant 
Pluit Village, G Fl Unit 60 - 61 & 77
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 6667-0317

.Han Gang : Revisited.

Holla! Last week on my day off, after an exhausting gym session, I felt extremely hungry. And I persuaded Mr Chubby to visit this place hehe...At first I want to try the Incognito, but after browsed their menu, I was more interested with Han Gang. The magic spell of Korean upon me.......
Started with some banchan...
Jab Chae, 85K is a must order of course! This time they cooked it right!
I was craving for Gochujang, so I went with Ojingeo Bokeum, 90K. It's basically a stir-fried meat (I choose seafood this time) and vegetables with Gochujang sauce. It tasted spicy and slightly sweet, it's really good if you mixed in with rice :) It came in a normal plate, I think Han Gang's version was as good as my favorite Sarangche, the difference is Sarangche put it in a hot plate. I think it's genious since this dish easily went sticky and cold.
Mr Chubby was curious to try the Maeun Tteokpoki, 38K, since he saw it on Running Man. It's also like the Bokeum, but instead of the meat, it's using the rice cake, oh and also noodle. I think I ordered wrong dish since it was a same dish with different ingredients. Both of them tasted the same of course :P
Mr Chubby's Korean Ocha Tea, 15K.
Ice Peach Tea, 25K.

White Hunter , Incognito & Han Gang
Emporium Pluit Mall
Ground Floor
Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya Blok S-6, Jakarta Utara