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Saturday, December 26, 2009

.26 December 2009.

Merry Christmas everyone, for you who celebrates it or not. May all this joyful euphorias in the air do not blind us from the real meaning of Christmas itself :)

Anyway, I've been placed at new location for this last 3 days, it's still around Kuningan as usual. New place = new food.
Soto Kudus. My workmates dragged me here on one of the rainy days. Having a bowl of soto on cold weather was a real bliss.
The second day, he dragged me to this place. Ayam Bakar something , i forgot the name. The portion was big, tasted good, and cheap of course :P I couldnt stand myself for not having the second plate, huhu. And their bakwan jagung was good too :)

Anyway, lately the weather is really cold, watch out guys, do not get any cold! :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

.12 December 2009.

So, I'm 24 now.

I have a great job. [and team, of course]
I got a partner to share my life.
I have goals to reach.
It's still a long way to run............ :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

.06 December 2009.

I think i kinda fall.
into something i dont know.

Still dont know where to go yet,
but I'm already packed.

This is the time when you dont know the answer.
but you know you gotta try it for once in a lifetime.

To fall.
into deep.

yet still know how to swim through the surface.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

.Domba Africa, Tanah Abang.

One trendy food at Jakarta : Domba Africa.

So, the team and me went to visit this one, I forgot where's the exact location, I only remembered it was at Tanah Abang. Forgive my stupidity in geography -__-"

Well anyway the seller was really an african [ I dont get his picture :P ] They only served grilledlamb, with 2 choices, servedwith rice or grilled banana. The second option sounds really weird, so I gave it a try. Well, let's say..... Of all the dishes I ate that time, The most interesting thing for me was the banana. It tasted really really really good. The banana was ripped at the right time, grilled with charcoal and served with some rojak sauce. The sauce was really good too! I was drolling at this time .... T^T I've never been a fan of satay, or any other stack of meat. so let's say I have no comment for this one :) Anyway about the price, well yeah it's kinda expensive if you compared it with satay or else. For a portion of the meat, it costs 35K and for each portion of the banana, I think about 10 or 14K.

Huks I want go back here again for the banana T^T


I dont know about other people but one thing I learn,

I think it's better loving without being loved,
rather than being loved but you dont have any love to share.
At all.

.Jakarta, November 29th, 2009.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

.28 November 2009.

Been abandoned this blog again for a month :( I had too many things in my head right now, so I'll make it quick. As always, although it's been a hectic month, I always been blessed by all the friends and colleagues. Got lotttsss of things as present :) especially chocolate! Even in this past 2 days, I already got Famous Amos cookies, soft cake, and brownies. I also got 2 packs of soft chocolate cake, sausages, etc from Germany. And I had to count few packs of Guylian chocolate on my fridge -__-" And i cant remember the other things in my fridge, some of them already gone anyway :P [of course we know where did it go right?]

And for the next week, my sister already noted that she would bought me a pack of Juhi from Bee Cheng Hiang [tasty!] and few fancy glasses from Ikea :) Anyway about glasses, my little sister bought a set of fancy glasses for me! yay! They know how I love glasses! :)

Ah me so blessed by all this people right? :)

Anyway it's been raining a lot lately, so I ate a lot of warm soup lately. Like this one.
Prawn soup from the seafood soup stall near my office :)
Beef Rib's Soup at Perintis, Mega Kuningan :)
Last month, me and mr O went to have a long lunch at Cafe Gulali, City Plaza. I kinda like the place atmosphere, it's cozy and they have lots of tea varieties to try! Me already tried 5 of them, one that really impressing was Lavender. I've been a Lavender lover since I was a little, but for this one, I would say I'm not into it at all -__-" Maybe I should stick with the ordinary Jasmine or Chamomile :)

Anyway, last month I got an office thing at Simatupang area, which was really far from my home area. I felt like it's an adventure :P On the lunch that day, I decided to give this one a try, Bakmi Hijau. The green color came from Spinach, well the odd thing was not the color. But the mushy things on the top. At first I thought it was cheedar cheese, but I was wrong. I still didnt know what it was, it tasted nothing I guessed. So I kept on ate and ate [it did not taste good, just so-so] until I realized, the mushy thing was chicken chops! or should I said, blended chicken meat? Yeakh totally turned my mood OFF. It felt like you're eating ampas for your lunch.
Seriously, it's really not interesting and amusing for putting some blended tasteless chicken on the top of noodle!

Well anyway I think that's for now, I havent manage time to shoot the rest of chocolates, later I think :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

.Things For This Month.

This month is really exciting for me. Meeting lots of new people, new places, and new things to do. And of course, new menus to eat :P

I ate a lot of sweets this month, too bad, I did not took all of their pictures [blame my glutonny mode :P] Few sweets things that I'd remembered :
Custard Pudding from Maqui's, Senayan City. Saw this stall unexpectedly after lunch, and I did not want to join the froyo session [the team like it so much], so I decided to give it a try. A little bit tasteless, and the texture was almost like kembang tahu. I think I'm gonna go again for their chocolate mousse. Hmmm yum yum I guess :)
One of the most visited bakery for me is Lemon Cakery, located at Emporium Pluit. I forgot the cookies name, but if you are a chocolate lover, I think you should try it. It kinda reminds me of TimTam a bit though :P
Durian Ice Cream. well, it tasted fine. But I remembered this one, because I had it when I really had a bad day. And I am really blessed by a friend who accompany me that night[thanks G!].
I, well actually we, me and mr G had this one on that night too. Blueberry Ice Cream and Pancakes. The Pancake's texture was good, but still cant beat my sister's [Hah!] but what I really impressed was the jam and the fruit. Most of the restaurants that served desserts nowadays, for example, Blueberry Ice Cream, it usually came as a fancy bowl with a scoop of Ice Cream + Blueberry Jam, and they priced it about IDR 30K or more. Heh? And this one was about IDR 30k too, but at least they are using the real blueberry! Ha! Btw although the ice cream tasted like Wall's but the jam was really good*droll*

And also, few menus that I'd remembered :
Fish Soup, available at a stall near my office. Tasted yummy for Lau A Ma! :)
Another thing that I ate before the Durian Ice Cream and Blueberry Pancake [pictures above]. Tasted monochrome, well it has to tasted like that. Beside the 'krecek' thing, everything tasted ok.

Nasi Pandan [yeah i ate a lot of rice lately...] at Cafe Gulali, City Plaza. Love the rice so much! :)
mr O told me he was having an urgent wanting feeling [baca : ngidam] for baked rice. So that day on lunch, I found myself digging in for this, Baked Cheese Rice from Pizza Bar. Tasted...hmmm salty :P I rarely eat cheese actually, but that week was a cheesy-week for me!
Another cheesy food on that week. Baked Potato with Cheese from Raffles. I love their sandwich, but that day I want to try something different, and I ordered one from the least-thing-I-ordered list, Baked Potato. and Cheese! whew. Well anyway I prefer Wendy's Baked Potato.

Well, I still have a long list to share, later on okay :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.Warung Tekko, PIK.

So, after the last attempt, last weekend me and my sisters and cousin went to Tekko! Haha! Me already want to try this one, this place has already lots of fans, and I'm just curious! The place was really crowded by the time we arrived [8.30 at night and it still crowd? whew!], after waited for sometime, we got spaces at indoor area.

I think this place were lack of waitresses [by quality and quantity], our order need about 30 minutes to be arrived. Infact, about the slow-serving-time, there were few persons were complained, even I saw a girl were saying that out loud, angry about how the drinks were not arrived even after her meal was finished. The manager [I think he's manager or somewhat-supervisor] were firing the waitress in front of all the customers. The girl said about 'cari ribut di luar' or something like that with loud voices, and the boy [I think he's the girl's boyfriend] were saying about 'hati2 aja kalo pulang'...errr I think they're watching too much drama or what?

I know these days the restaurant service sometimes really annoying but I think if you want your voices / complains / advices to be heard, you should had a good attitude to show it. Showing it by loud voice in front of other customers, is not one of the good ways.

Well anyway actually I was kinda full [well after the pancake + hotdog + nasi hainam + starbucks -__-] , so we only ordered Iga Penyet 25K, Gurame 36K, and Empal 15K. Hmmmm I loved the chopped fried garlic they put on the chili..the chili itself was good [too bad she had moncor2 after this :(] , it's really hot, be careful guys when ordering the chili grade. The meat was tender,tasted fine. Still I didnt know why were everyone visiting this place over and over again.

Next, Lekko on my list! :P

.Melting Pot, PIK.

Few weekends ago, me and the girls were having girls night out, not as usual :P We wanted to try Lekko / Tekko, unfortunately that places already filled with people, so we chose the other restaurant near them. Me was in Indonesian food lover mode ON [and still on that mode after few weeks later!] so she insisted all the girls to try Melting Pot.
We were kinda in a rush at that time, our karaoke room already booked :P So we ordered anything that would be served fast [or what we thought it would], well it didnt -__- at least the service was good.

So anyway they have lots of packages to offer, we order few packages, most of them cost about 25K, and consisted of Sayur Asam, Tempe, Tahu, Meat [Chicken, Duck, etc] and rice. I didnt remember much the taste, but the duck was good. And she ended her dinner with a coconut-orange, had good chit chats with old fellaz, and ready for the next round, karaoke :)

Well, that's it from my lovely weekend story.

.23 September 2009.

This week, i ate a lot. really a lot.
Before trying Domino[which turned out to be average] and totally tempted by my friend's photo on fb, me and mr G went to K's Bakery. Unfortunately, most of the meaty-things were sold out :( I didnt remember what I took on my tray, I only remembered all of them were sweet. The sponge cake was good. If I had a chance, I'll go there again! :P

And my sister made me a pancake.
Actually, me and my sister didnt have any experience in making pancake, so after few trials, at last we had a real pancake :
Mixed with raisins, and then topped with honey. Well the honey itself was really good, my sister said it's fresh from Sumbawa, gosh it smelled totally divine! *droll* I had my pancake with a cup of coffee as breakfast, it's really a good starter for that day!

For lunch, my sister made me [I think she had a goal for today : making me more fat :( ] hotdog.
I never thought that scrambled eggs will be a perfect combination with honey, you should tried it!

Anyway, I bought a bottle of Snapple the day before.
Having an afternoon with myself and accompanied by cold drinks is really a good way to relax.

PS. Sorry for the photo quality, me too lazy to use my real cam! :P
PSS. from now on, I think I'll put the watermark on my photos, already seeing my photos used by others! :(

Friday, September 18, 2009

.18 September 2009.

During this period, I learned lot of things though. That what you see is maybe not what you get. Sometimes I'm being laper mata a lot, I'm rushing things as fast as I can, I dont pay attention on what I want, and what I'm capable of. I think I'm kinda messed up my life. I lost the most important aspect in my life [beside God of course], my work life.

I had to pick one by one the little pieces left, felt the humiliation from others[for being a jobless person, no offence for all the jobless people out there!], started things on again, and left everything just go with the flow. I can only said to my Father "God let all You wants happen they way it should be. Even if it's the hardest one. During that time, please let me be a more faithful person."

And it happened the way it should be. I got the job that I want since college! And now it's 1 week toward my new job. Well not a really new one, I've already joining that office for 4 days last week due to training thing, still it feels awkward...and of course, exciting.

Ah maybe I'm just being dramatize right? Well anyway what I want to said is, I'm still dont know what I want, I dont have a dream job, I dont have a goal to chase, but guess what? I dont care.

We all have sucked up in our life, and if you're still need time to pick yourself up, take your time. Remember, that our God never fails us.

That's my word for today.

.Lau's Kopitiam, Emporium Pluit,

During my last week at old office, I had a lunch with a friend at Lau's Kopitiam. I already want to try this place since they opened, but they always looked full all the time :( So, that day fortunately we got our seat!

I dont remembered much what I ordered exactly, but I remembered their Kweetiao Goreng Seafood and Kweetiao Siram was good. We also ordered their Toast, but me personally prefer Yakun's rather than this. About the drinks, I only tried their Lychee Ice Tea, Kopi Susu, and Kopi-O. Hmm I cant comment much about the coffee, me not a coffee drinker. But the ice tea was also good, if they do not put sugar that much :( too sweet for my taste :)

Will be back later on for their Kweetiao ! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.Cream and Fudge Factory, FX.

After the dinner, we went to find something's sweet as a dessert. One of our friend was in love with frozen yoghurt, so she had her yoghurt already at PP, but the rest of us did not want to bully ourself by eating yoghurt [the zero-calorie claim? blah! yeah the yoghurt is zero calorie, but the topping? I dont think so!] , we chose ice cream for ended that night. It's 10 at night already, and most of ice cream counter at Pasific Place was closed [it's weekend, and you closed your counter only at 10? whew] Well anyway, so we drove to FX later.

Being promoted by me, we chose Cream and Fudge Factory. 2 days before, me already tasted their Peach Melba and Strawberry Fantasy. yum yum! The Peach Melba tasted quite good, although I could not stand the caramel, too sweet for my teeth! But the Strawberry Fantasy was really a good choice.

We ordered Cookies and Cream, Raspberry something [I dont remembered the name], and Chocolate / Coffee something [Gosh their ice cream's name is really hard to remember]. My Raspberry something tasted good with lots of lady fingers, caramel, raspberry and strawberry ice cream :) The others was good too! And the best thing was they gave 20% discount if you're using Flazz card hoho!

One other thing, aside Cream andFudge Factory, there's always a Coffee World counter. If you had a chance, try their Apple Ice Tea! :)

Anyway here's the picture of us :
Hahahahaha we're such a big eater!

.The Spaghetti House, Pasific Place.

Last weekend, me and the girls decided to have a meeting at Pasific Place. We planned to have dinner at The Spaghetti House, turned out it was the wrong choice -__-

We ordered Beef Spaghetti HK Style 39.2 K, Bacon Sausage Spaghetti 39.2K, Neapolitan Spaghetti 39.6K, Lasagna 39.2K, Spicy Potato Au Gratin 21.5K, and Super Deluxe Pizza 34.5K for share. I would say...I was not impressed by the spaghetti. I even could not finished my HK Style Spaghetti, tasted really weird. The sauce was tasteless, but I think the most dissapointing was the spaghetti itself, the texture was too hard to chew, and also kinda smell weird. The Lasagna was also dissapointing, the sauce was too watery for my taste [even Secret Recipe's Lasagna better than this one!]

But the good thing is the Potato Gratin was good, even the Deluxe Pizza was excellent! Okay maybe we'll be back for another menu -__-

.Pepenero, Kuningan.

So, after visiting Brew & Co, I had an interview. After that, since I was at Kuningan [which is a rare event], me and miss I decided to visit Pepenero. We've been wanting to visit this one since God knows when, too bad our hectic schedule is not friendly with our plan. Anyway mind the photos, my phone cam was not working well :(

It's Friday afternoon already, and the restaurant was almost full by the time we arrived. We got a seat on the outside of the restaurant [still in the building though], because the restaurant already booked :( The waitress came and gave us a menu [they do not put any photo on the menu :( I didnt know what to order huhuhuhu.. ] and a compliment consisted of 2 thin breads topped with chopped tomatoes salad [mixed with olive oil, vinegar, etc.]

We ordered Sushi del Chianti 59K, Capricciosa Pizza 49K , Lingu Granch 51K, Island Cooler 36K and Italian Soda 36K. After we ordered, the waitress asked us which one of the main course we would like to come first, and gave us a basket of breads, a big basket actually. Maybe because the restaurant quite full at that time, our drinks came late, it came during our main course -__- Gosh me already thirsty!

Our appetizer Sushi del Chianti actually is a big plate of salad consisted of boiled spinach [the spinach is really different from the ordinary one, it's greener and thicker], carrot, tomato and other vegatables, and few stack of raw meat mixed with olive oil and vinegar. I think this was sort of fear factor show for me, me do not like raw meat -__- nonetheless, the salad and meat tasted great, fresh and tasty! Anyway I think if you want to try this restaurant, you should consider about the portion. They were HUGE, not big. even for a big eater like me, I could not finish it -___-

The next menu was Cappricciosa , it's a pizza topped with ham slices, olive , etc. I didnt remember the topping clearly, I only ate 1 slice -__- The next one was Lingu Granch or Crab Meat sort-of-Spaghetti. It came with another big plate [our table was already full at that time, so did our stomach huhu] lingu mixed with crab and tomato sauce, and served with a big crab. I know how they said the food will be tasted really good if we're hungry, but even if me already full at that time, that pasta was totally a kick ass!

Anyway, I would say it's a nice and cozy place to sit, have some chit chats with good friends, enjoying the weekend, and of course the good food. Totally will be back [with more friends! haha!]

PS. guess what? they did not charge us any service tax, whaw!

Monday, September 07, 2009

.Brew & Co, Menara Dea.

That day, while having trouble with Speedy techician [Gosh 4 days just to have my computer connected to Internet? and you said yourself as technician? -later on blabbering this one -__- ], messed up with few persons, and blablabla -too much to be written, I got a call for an interview that afternoon.
Appearently, I got too early for my interview, so I thought I'm gonna sit my lazy ass somewhere and find some nice place to eat, the dragon inside my stomach already crying out loud. And I found this place. Brew & Co, I already heard this name a lot. Never had a chance to try it.

When I entered this place, it has homy ambience. Kinda good place for contemplating. There were 2 areas, outdoor and indoor. I chose the indoor one, it has a cupboard where lots of wine bottle placed. Brew & Co also served wine, huks I want to try one, but it's still noon and I dont want ruin my interview :P They also had hotspot, so it's a right place for having a casual meeting. And dont mind the music, it's not that sleepy-almost-dying song usually I heard at any cafe [not that I dont like that kind of song, I like it anyway! It's just not right for a meeting with client], kinda upbeat song.

I ordered Pollo Alla Parmagian 47K and Ice Tea 19K. Almost ordered their special coffee, too bad I remembered my stomach is not really friendly with coffee, and I need my stomach in a good condition [ if ( me.stomach() == good ) then me.brain() == good ].

The Pollo Alla Parmagian came in a big square plate, consisted of bolognaise sauce, topped with fried chicken filled and lemon sauce, and also spaghetti. I'm kinda confused why they put the bolognaise sauce below the chicken fillet, not at the top of spaghetti. But I think they put it that way so that we can taste the spaghetti first.

And the spaghetti itself was good, mixed with olive oil and garlic [lots of garlic to be exact], boiled perfectly and tasty, of course. The bolognaise sauce was also good too. But I didnt really enjoy my chicken filled, too sour for my taste [and it's not good for my BP anyway -__- ], I could not finish it.

Overall, it's a nice experience to sit right there watching the hours go on, having good meal, and prepared myself for a next step on my work life [aka my interview :P]. Anyway I got the job afterwards, so congratz me hehehe...

.Red Pepper, Plaza Indonesia.

Sometimes I hate eating Indonesian food in a restaurant / mall / named-other-fancy-places, they are overpriced. I dont mind pay more for Indonesian food, if they are served in fine dining way. But for Food Court, which is most of all self-service, me kinda nga rela :(

Well anyway at least this time, what I paid worth with the place. It's a food court located at Plaza Indonesia, called Red Pepper. Not only Indonesian food, this place also served Chinese and Korean cuisine. The price was quite expensive, but the ambience was great, the interior was cozy and relaxing, although not too spacious.

That time, we ordered Sate Ayam [forgot how much it costs] and Soto Mie 22K. The Sate Ayam was okay, but the Lontong was tasty :) The Soto Mie was tasted almost like Bakso -___- and the risoles was kinda ruined because it was placed at the bottom of the bowl. Risoles should be placed at the top! :( We also ordered something like es campur, but I forgot the name, it wasnt that good by the way.

.Fish & Co, Taman Anggrek.

Before our visit to Nan Xiang [which was kinda disaster], actually we had our lunch at Fish and Co, still at Taman Anggrek. This was the first time I tried Fish and Co, since I'm limited myself for fried food.

Anyway we're lucky, they had promo for XL users [me using XL! :P] free soup and a drink for each main course. So we only ordered Fish and Chips [forgot the price, I think 50K?] , Baquettes with Cheese 10K, and 1 drink. And we got Mushroom Soup and 1 drink for free! yay! :P

The fish and chips was okay, but the Mushroom Soup was really divine. Definetely divine. Gosh I'm even drolling when I post this blog ;) The Baquette was okay [I wish it's more crispy], but the cheese served, waw totally good. I love it! And guess what, it's only cost me 10K for that Baquette and Cheese... :D

Definetely will be back for their Mushroom Soup and Baquette with Cheese!

.Nan Xiang, Taman Anggrek.

They claimed to be the best steamed bun of the town, so after being promoted by a friend, that Sunday me and miss F tried this restaurant. We thought they would have lots of Dimsum menu, but they only have 6-8 dimsums. We ordered Xiao Long Bau [Chicken and Prawn] 28.5K, Steamed Glutinous Rice and Chicken Siau May 11.5K, Fried Prawn with Mayo 68K, and Stirred Chickpeas with Beef 48K.

The Xiao Long Bau was really dissapointing :( Thank God we dont ordered the expensive one, it's about 40-60K for each portion. The Glutinous Rice was not tasty neither. It's tasted like bakcang stuffed into wonton. Tasted weird. I think what we had that day wasnt balanced, the Chickpeas was too sour, and the Mayo Prawn was too sweet. The one that I really enjoyed from this visit was their Chinese Tea. Blah!

I guess I wont back again for another visit -__-

.Fire Steak, Citraland.

I've tried this place a long ago, back when I'm still in college. I dont remember their taste, so I think I'm not quite impressed with it. But that day, tempted by the discount [I know I am such a discount lover hahaha!], we give it a try.

They gave free soup / salad for each main course, and each main course got 25% disc. So we ordered Beef Steak 35K and English Steak 35K. I would say...the soup and salad were really dissapointing -__- The steak wasn't that good neither. The meat was juicy, not with 'lemak daging' but with water. Gosh. At least their appearance was tempting *sigh

.About Bread, Cookies, and Fruits.

Last month, I got lots of bread, cookies, fruits, etc. as a present...I am truly blessed by being surrounded by all this good persons! Hohohoho!
Garlic Bread from Food Hall , my sister gave me this :) It's kinda big [ I compared it with fork, see the picture ], the Garlic tasted good, but I think I should heat it in microwave before eat it, and filled it with some meat, it's too plain. Ah I'm such a meat lover anyway hahaha..
This was taken last month at my sister's place, it's Roti Sisir from Holland Bakery [I think they also selled it on Superindo]. I know it's only a simple combination, put some margarine and sugar on top of a thick bread, still the bread itself has already took my appetite *droll*
Having breakfast with this, few frozen strawberries and a cup of tea [I got twinings for that day! -__-] is a really good way to start the day!
Talking about breakfast, then this is the most loveable breakfast beside Roti Sisir. I know, it's totally a sin, but what can i say? I cant resist myself digging more on this, Toast topped with some chopped frozen Anchor salted butter and Knott's Blueberry Jam, and a cup of coffee. Huhuhu forgive me my BP :(
Anyway my mom just went back from Semarang, she bought this as always, Mochi Gemini. Me is not a fan of Sesame, but what the heck for this one I had my compensation :P
Last week, my friend just went back from Sg. She bought me this, Caramel Wafers. kinda good, but feel free to eat it with non-sugar tea. It's already too sweet for my taste :)
I bought this brownies cookies for my sister at Slipi Jaya. Forgot the vendor's name, but it's across the Giant Hypermart. They put lots of cinnamon, I love it! A lil bit too hard for my teeth [I almost scared my teeth was gonna break], but let's say...I'll be back soon for this one :)
And I eat lots of tomatoes last week.
And strawberry, of course.
Anyway my mom bought me this, White Peach. I love Peach, but I dont buy it too often [my wallet will be crying if I bought this too much], and one day my mom saw it at the market and she bought it. Not as expensive as the normal one, but I'm sorry mom I think I prefer the ordinary one... :( this one texture' like apple, but it has less scent than apple. It tasted plain if I could describe it in a word. Definetely would ask my mom for buying me the ordinary one! :P
Another thing that my mom bought [well, she doesnt like to try new food, but she likes bought extraordinary fruits!] is this, Angco. I never eat fresh Angco, it also tasted like apple, Washington D.C apples for sure. Love the taste!

Well, that's it for now. I'll post the next present later! hohohohohoh!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

.Food Court Semanggi.

I love Food Court, you can find [almost] any food you like, and no need to rush on meal time. Among all the Food Courts out there, I think the most visited for me is this one, Food Court Plaza Semanggi.

Talking about the most visited one, then this are 2 of the most food I ordered at that place.
the first one is Nusukan, they served Solo dishes. Although I found myself do not craving for their Sosis Solo [prefer the one from Sate Senayan], I found myself doing that on Timlo [10K]. It's sort of beef soup, and served with sort of soy sauce [but it tasted hot]. Anyway do not forget ask them to heat the soup, well Lau A Ma definetely can not eat cold soup right? :P

The second one is this, Nasi Bakar Pusat. I like their Nasi Bakar [12K], grilled within banana's leaf with mushroom, vegetables and abon, oh how lovely :) their Grilled Chicken [12K] was also good too!

Anyway, still there are lots of food to try from this Food Court, I havent tried them all ;_;

.06 September 2009.

Well, been so long since the last post right? hmmm okay the news is now I'm officially unemployed.

I was kinda dissapointed with my last office, so I thought I had to find another one that suits me. So there was me, on the last day of that month, talking about my resignation, and since then I became an employed. Kinda sad and happy at the same time, sad for my failure to choose the right job, happy for leaving that place [at last! since the first day I was totally thinking about resigning again -__-]

And now, I can only say I'm in sort of "holiday",I havent had my soul recharged yet, being so busy this 2 weeks [everyday! blah! you can say I'm "pengangguran banyak acara" :| ]

Hopefully I'll get my dream job soon! wish me luck! :)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

.08 August 2009.

My last day at office. whew it's really coming right. Right now, it's 20 minutes more.

What i felt?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

.XO Suki, Emporium Pluit.


Last night, me and my sister deciced to watch "Up", which btw that movie was great! And after that we had dinner at XO Suki. My sister already went there the day before, and she said this place was nice. And I think since their dimsum is not halal, so what the heck, I'm gonna give it a try.

Well, it turns out that my shot wasnt bad. Even it went really well.

The place itself isnt that big, but they placed the interior cleverly so that it looks spacious. But the service is the best thing from this place, well of course it's a fancy chinese restaurant, where the waitress will fill your glass, smiling, asking do you need anything, etc. But sometimes I hate that kind of service, I mean sometimes the waitress will come every 3 minutes, filling up our water, cleaning table blablabla. I think that's the most hated thing from fancy restaurant. Thank God, that doesnt happen with XO Suki. Their service is great, not too 'friendly' nor too 'far away'.

About the food, their menu has different variety, from the fried one till the sweet dimsum. We ordered Green Apple Iced Tea 20K, Xiao Long Pao 15.8K, Pork Green Dumpling 13.8K, Steamed Prawn + Tofu + Pork 13.8K, Pork Siomay 15.8K, Yellow Pandan Cake 13.8K, Grilled Cha Siu Pau 15.8K, Cha Siu Pau 13.8K and Sweet Prawn Toast 16.8K.

I'd rather the Green Apple Tea on Mr. Pancake [still craving for it!], but the Xiao Long Pau is great, it was over my expectation. Me personally is not a fan of Xiao Long Pau, but this one kinda good. A really good one as a matter of fact. Another thing that I liked is Grilled Cha Siu Pau, it's fluffy, smelled good, and tasted sweet :) The rest was okay for me.

Btw, I'd almost order Gui Ling Kao Jelly, and my sister starts calling me Lau A Ma right away :| well, I had to cancel my order, not because her, I think Me kinda full.

Anyway, will be back here again with my mom soon!

.Dynamic, Emporium Pluit.

So, I've tried some of their products before, so when they're opening new stall at Emporium Pluit, I'm so happy :) They claimed their bread and cake are for diabetic people, so it's not using any sugar. Me personally like their cake and bread, it's not really sweet like the others fancy bakery [ex. Bread Talk, J-co, etc.].

The bad thing is they do not have any bread with meat filling :|

Anyway, beside the chiffon cake, I also like the banana cake! It's really tasty, kinda oily but seriously tasty, especially for a banana lover like me :)

Monday, August 03, 2009


...1 week to my new job.

I felt dizzy.
kinda happy for gabut thing.
kinda bad for leaving thing.
kinda empty for everything.

well, time to move on right :)

.03 August 2009.

Lately, eating a [big] bowl of edamame on weekend has been my habit. And sometimes, my sin :( Sometimes [ most of times to be exact ], I combined it with a pack of pringles / lays / any chips you want, with a small plate of chili sauce and mayo :( and of course, accompanied with a glass of syrup [ at least a little change, from soda as usual :P ]. Nonetheless, watching TV with family and accompanied with all this stuffs are the best things to do on weekend :)

Anyway, I think most of my friends are not in the best condition, most of them got flu, cough, etc. I think the best way to cure flu are only 2 thing : sleep well and vitamin C.

No need to mention how I loved fruits. Have a nice week guys! :)