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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

.24 December 2008.

Well, tomorrow i am leaving. Bali i'm comingggg ! :D

Anyway, last weekend when i woke up, i realized my mom has cooked Onde - Onde. Okay, actually i dont know what it is, my friends call it Cendil, my mom call it Onde - Onde. Well anyway the thing is, if I see this is already in my home, means that Chinese New Year is coming :)

Another random pic that i took was this one. This is Lumpia, the wet type. Lumpia has 2 types, the dry one and the wet one [am i right using 'wet'? What i mean is Lumpia Basah].
Anyway, last night my boss gave me this as Christmas present, a box of chocolate from Hotel Mulia , yay! :D
So, this is my latest post before leaving, so Merry Christmas everyone, and have a blessed New Year!

XOXOXO, ciao.

.Ken Ken Bigul, Kelapa Gading.

So, last weekend after hanging out with few friends from Deviantart, me and mr L went to Ken Ken Bigul located at Kelapa Gading. The place was spacious, I personally like the place.

We ordered Nasi Babi Guling Super (22K) and Cakue Babi (3,5K). I cant finish my meal, I only can swallow for 2-3 times, it was totally spicy. I like spicy meals but my stomach cant tolarate this one :( The Cakue was great too, it wasnt too oily and they added pork in it.

Maybe after I adapted with the spicy taste, I'll visit this one again!

.On A Day Like This.

...when everything's absurd.

Thanks to Bradley James and Amanda :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

.Honeymoon Dessert, Pluit Village.

After our dinner in Little Penang, I think i need something's cold to serve my sore throat, so we went to Honeymoon Dessert. This was my second visit, my first visit kinda dissapointed me. At that time, i tried their mango puding [It tasted totally like cucumber, maybe that because it wasnt musim mangga], Watermelon something i dont remember, whatever coming out at that time, was a bowl of watermelon juice and ball-sliced watermelon. That's it? and it's cost about...50K or more. I dont think it's worthy enough.

But last night, being tempted by 30% they gave for their opening in Pluit Village [till 17 Jan!], I gave them a shot. This time, we ordered Grass Jelly and Mango [22,5K] and Durian Ice [30,5K]. The Grass Jelly was totally a kick ass! Yummy and tasty as well. The Mango was really sweet but I dont think it fresh, ada coklat2 gituh bekas dipotong ude lama terus d tarok kulkas, kaya buah apel lama gitchu loh..

The Durian Ice was nice, I remember my best ever tasted durian juice was in La Piazza. Honeymoon Dessert's durian ice was below the La Piazza's. Still it was nice to have a real durian juice with sliced cold durian in it.

Actually, I'm craving for their Durian Pancake, maybe later I'll visit this restaurant again!

.Little Penang, Pluit Village.

So, little penang has opened new branch at Pluit Village. I dont much into Penang Cuisine, but my sister insist me to try this Little Penang. We ordered Beef Sapo Rice[32K], Combo Sweet and Sour Fish [18K], Tuna Canai Bread [20K] and 2 Teh O Peng [11.8 K].

The Beef Sapo Rice was kinda dissapointed me. I think it tasted like nasi goreng tek tek near my house. Since I got sore throat for this past 2 days, I switch with my sister's combo meal. The combo was a great deal, it's only 18K and you got a plate of rice with some stirred chickpea with ebi, a bowl of chicken broth [it added with few small cherry tomatoes and green onion], a plate of sweet and sour fish, and a plate of deep fried potato slices. The Potato slices was great [how can you not be great with potato?], and the rest was so-so lah.

One thing that i really liked was the Canai Bread. The tuna filling was generous, and it was tasted super duper lovely. You have to try it, I definetely will be back for this Canai again!

And after few weeks, I went to this restaurant again :)
This time we ordered Set Penang A [98K], it's ok lah, worth with the price :)

.20 December 2008.

Last night, i went to Mega Mall again for shopping few clothes for my next trip. But what happen was, I ended buy 2 movie tickets for me and my sister, and dragged her to accompany me along few new restaurants in Pluit Village [hey, Mega Mall is not longer Mega Mall. They changed their image and named into Pluit Village!]

So, instead of doing some shopping things, i did watch Quarantine. I didnt expect much from this movie. But what happen was, this movie much more than my expectation. I did enjoy this movie alot. They shoot the scene using TV Camera [well the good one, not the handy-lousy-cam like in Cloverfield], and they using the documentary style type of shooting. I think if you can not handle this type well, it will make all the viewers had a headache, since the camera will spinning all around the scene. Well, in Quarantine the headache didnt happen :) The story itself was written in the movie poster. The poster didnt amuse me much, that's why i didnt expect much from this movie :P

Anyway, it's a nice movie if you want something thrilling for weekend :P

Friday, December 19, 2008

.Chinese Food Mood.

Jadi, ceritanya kemaren itu gue dalam chinese food mood, and malam2 dikala laper akhirnya meluncurlah gue, miss C and ade gue ke sebuah restoran penang/chinese food di Teluk Gong. Bahkan gue nga apal ampe detik ini nama restonya, tp kenangannya nga akan gue lupakan.

Sebenernya gue pernah makan d sini, tp take away, waktu itu pesen nasi hainam, and rasanya cukup enak dengan harga yang cukup terjangkau ,15K tp dapet nasi + ayam yang cukup banyak untuk ukuran harga segitu.

Kali ini, berhubung hari itu hujan gue pengen makan yang anget2, dan kita pesen bubur [lagi! untuk entah keberapa kalinya dalam beberapa minggu ini]. Di menu sih di gambarkan semangkuk bubur and sepiring gede ayam kukus + lidah babi + ampela, kata waitress nya[waitress? tunggu itu rumah makan biasa deh jadi bukan waitress] itu namanya bubur szechuan lengkap. dan di menu itu ada bubur szechuan isi, bubur szechuan doank, dan gue tanyakan lah bubur szehuan apa aja, kata dia sama aja ama bubur szechuan lengkap, cm ayam doank. Nah dalam bayangan gue adalah seporsi bubur ama sepiring ayam doank, so itulah pesenan gua.

Selagi nunggu, roti tissue pesenan gue [7K] dtg, not bad kok, biasanya yang gue makan di hot station dilumuri susu kental manis rasa coklat, yang di sini agak polos, asin2 dikit, lebih enak dari yang di hot station kok.

Kelar ngemilin roti tissue..5 menit...10 menit..perasaan bubur gue kok kagak dateng2, ternyata pelayanya lupa -__- Akhirnya pesenan gue keluar, and gue cm bisa speechless. Yang dateng adalah semangkok bubur [yang bertekstur oatmeal, yeakh] dengan 4-5 potong ayam kecil banget [+/- 1 cm] dan beberapa potong acar. Kampret. And harga yang dikenain adalah 20K -__- tau gini mending gue pesen bubur szechuan lengkap pake ayam + babi 25K doank. Ini sih cm bubur polos d kasi ayam ama acar -__- rasanya aja biasaaa banget.

Secara gue laper dan setelah gue menerima kenyataan kalok pesenan gue salah, gue pesen Pee Cam Kwee [ayam garam kukus] yang small yang berharga 25K. Ketika dateng, sekali lagi gue speechless. Yang datang adalah ayam kukus yang tipissss banget and kecil pisan. Euh. Ude gituh di bawahnya tuh ayam d tarok timun 4 potong lagi biar kesannya tebal.

Gue pribadi adalah penganut aliran yang percaya kalau kualitas berbanding lurus dengan harga, tapi hal itu nga berlaku untuk Pee Cam Kwee ini. My mom adalah seorang koki yang luar biasa, dan bersyukurlah gue Pee Cam Kwee ini adalah salah satu menu andalan dia. Dan Pee Cam Kwee yang ada di depan gue saat itu, kalok kasarnya, nga ada tai2nya ama buatan emak gua. Berminyak, asin luar biasa [bukan asin gurih], and nga pake bawang putih :(

Gosh, dan untuk makan malam yang nga indah itu, gue harus mengeluarkan 61 rb...errr..makan di Teluk Gong dengan harga segitu? tau gini mending gue makan KFC di Teluk Gong raya -__-

.19 December 2008.

Pagi ini,
saya melihat kucing di depan rumah dengan berselonjor dengan nikmatnya.
Dan saya luar biasa iri sama kucing untuk pertama kalinya.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

.Menu 1, Pluit Junction.

Gosh, i am so sleepy today -__-

Well anyway last week i dragged my sister to menu 1 at Pluit Junction. It was the first time I went outside for dinner after my illness last week.
So, I still have to eat porridge this time. I ordered Szechuan Fish and Vegetable Porridge 30K, Combo 2 Hainan [a BIG bowl of Hainan rice + Ginger Pork + Salad ] 28K, Fried Beef Roll 16,8K and Steamed Cheong Fan + Cakwee 15,8K.

I cant say much about the porridge. My favourite porridge is the one with good rice texture, and lots lots lots of water in it. I dont like the sticky and moist one like from Bun Ong, or else. And so does the menu 1's porridge, it looks like Bun Ong's. I dont know why I dont like this type of poriddge, maybe it kinda reminds me of oatmeal, bikin ilfil gitchu bo makan bubur kok kaya oatmeal -__-

Anyway, aside from the porridge's texture, the porridge itself was so - so. And so did the Fried Beef Roll, when it served on our table, it totally looked like gorengan abang2. The appearance didnt amuse me. Their hainan rice was quite good, but the ginger pork is totally kick ass. I really like the Ginger Pork, although it didnt look delicious at all.

And another kick-ass-ing dish, was their Cheong Fan and Cakwee. So, the dish was simple, Fried Cakwee, wrapped by Steamed Cheong Fan, added some sauce, fried onions and voila. What I really like was the sauce, since i was a little, I never knew that sauce made of what but it tasted damn good -__-

The Cheong Fan was amazing too. Sometimes i noticed there's a strange taste in fresh kweetiao, mie, or anything else made of flour. It tasted or smelled like too tepung, i dont know how to put this strange feeling in english. Pokoknya biasanya rasanya ada rasa tepung gitchu deh kalok makan kweetiao, atawa mie yang baru jadi. And the good thing, it didnt happen with the Menu 1's Cheong Fan. I never knew that cheung fan and cakwee was a good combination :P Oh and another one, the chili sauce. You really have to try it. Believe me :)

I think I'll be back later for their dessert, or their hainan combo, nga rugi 28K ude dapet nasi ama sayur lengkap :P

Anyway, if you want to visit this restaurant, do not sit near the kitchen. Why? cause you can hear all the purchase / restaurant staff's talking and screaming on your back. You never heard how a purchase staff did their job? Do not or you'll be sorry.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.Ring Ring.

Okay, postingan kali ini soal hape lagi. Bukan, bukan tentang Anwar. Tapi tentang keinginan gue membeli sebuah hape.

Gue pengen beli hape, tp nga punya bayangan seperti apa hape yang gue inginkan.
Dan gue sering sekali dalam situasi ini, gue ingin membeli sesuatu, uangnya ude ada, tp gue nga punya bayangan apa yang gue inginkan.

Gue nga pernah ngerti apa isi seseorang yang doyan belanja.
Knapa bisa membayangkan suatu bentuk and fitur2 ideal dr sesuatu itu?

Well, back to topic. soal Hape.
Gue skrg pake samsung jadul yang ude lecet, and cupu gt deh. gue pribadi sih bukan orang yang doyan ganti2 hape, secara hape jarang banget gue urusin, tp berhubung hape yang ini mulai suka ngadat and lemot, kayanya ude saatnya ganti kali ya.

I am thinking about PDA. tapi setelah gue pikir2 lg, hape sekecil hape gue yang model candy bar gt aja, gue ude males bawa. apalagi PDA ya? -__- So, i am thinking about smart phone. Atawa yang less-smart than that hehehe..yang pasti say no to BB. bukan karena nga doyan, tp nga mampu hehehe.

So far, gue suka yang simple and nga macem2 kaya Soner K750i [gue berpikir tipe inipun karena kakak gue pake ini -__-], tp ude nga produksi lagi sih ye. Maybe gue cari yang mirip2 deh...

Btw, sejujurnya, hape gue yang skrg ini tetep pake settingan default sejak baru dibeli. ya Tuhan gue terlalu pemalas untuk mengutik2 benda yang bernama hape ini -__- Kenapa pula ya manusia harus memakai hp.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

.15 December 2008.

This is one of the best chiffon cake I ever had. And luckily, this wasnt from some fancy bakery out there, I got this cake from my auntie, she bought it on a fresh market near her house, around Dwi Warna, Mangga Besar.

I.Definitely. Love. This. Cake.
Well, aside from that cake, my aunt also bring me few more cakes [yay!] I only take a picture of one of them, the rest was memorized with my tongue and stomach hehehe...
Anyway, another rant, my sister got this waffel present from her customer, Brussel's Waffel. Does Brussel has any counter in any mall? I think i've tasted their waffel before, but I forgot when or where. Well anyway, the waffel was good, not great but still a nice snack for a tea time! Yeah, I got my tea time back. Horay! :P

.City of Light.

So, last weekend i had a photoshoot with few friends from FKM :)
that was fun guys! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

.Choi Pan.

Lately, This is my favourite dish for breakfast. It's Choi Pan [or Chai Pau in Hokkian].

Sekilas, mirip seperti pangsit. Tapi isian dan kulit luarnya berbeda. Kulitnya terbuat dari ubi dan tepung terigu, di dalamnya berisi cacahan sayur mayur seperti wortel, lobak, buncis, dll. Di atasnya ditaburi daun bawang ama bawang goreng. Sama seperti pangsit, Chai Pau ini bisa di goreng ataupun direbus. Gue sih suka dalam bentuk apapun hahahha...

Point penting dr Chai Pau, menurut gue adalah saus cabenya. Makanan Hokkian itu saus cabenya rasanya segar, nga pedes, tp agak asam dan agak manis, dan agak encer. Tapi rasanya nga se asam rasa cabe di masakan szechuan. Dan biasanya memakai jeruk nipis, atau jeruk kiat, atau jenis jeruk lainnya. Dan semua masakan hokkian rata2 pake jenis saus cabe yang sama.

Thanks God, My lovely mom adalah seorang koki yang luar biasa dalam memasak. Jadi bersyukurlah gue sedari kecil bisa makan makanan yang enak2 sampe "sehat" dan "menggemaskan" seperti ini :P

.13 December 2008.

Actually, although I am being sick for a while, still there's lot of things i want to post it here, like usual. Here's some movie i recently watched.
So, Twilight. After being totally promoted by few friends of mine, i've watched it. Actually, when this movie is in premiere, I already got the ticket, too bad for me, I cant make it :( There's some work stuff to be done, so bye bye Twilight's premiere :(

I missed lots of premiere lately, few tickets had been worthless in my hand huhuhu..my work time is totally insane, sometimes I really hate when I had put my make up on [oh yeah i do make up my face!], checking up my outfit, and ready to go, but a call from a boss can cancel everything. :| Gosh I wish I am a boss.

Well enuff with the works stuff, let's talk about Twilight. I think I dont mind lose my premiere ticket. This movie is totally another movie with great campaign aka promotion, they releasing this movie on the day Harry Potter should be released [btw, HP will be released next June if i am not mistaken]. And of course, since it's based on the book by Stephanie Meyer [which is btw being called as American JK Rowling] which has been a best-seller novel, people are filled with euphoria that this movie will be great.

But it didnt. Or maybe only for me.

I dont read the book, so I dont have any imagination or visualization in my mind, but believe me, I dont feel anything really important from this movie. If I can use analogy [sorry I always using food analogy], maybe i can say it's like apple pie. Okay it's sweet, tasty, cool presentation, but that's it. It's only some piece of apple inside it, not gold or else, no?

Btw, there's one thing [or only one thing] i like from this movie. No, it wasnt the boy [btw, I cant stop calling him Cedric rather than Edward], it wasnt the girl [does anyone remember she's Jodie Foster's kid in Panic Room?], the soundtrack. I like few songs from this movie, maybe I'll downloaded it later :)

And last night, after passing few rush and flood on Pluit, I got premiere ticket for The Day The Earth Stood Still.
I've been wanting to watch this movie from so long, and I know it'll be showing us the environment issue, and I am right. This movie still telling us about global warming bla bla bla, but It's a good thing to see Keanu Reeves's act again. After the death of his girlfriend (2001) and baby (1999), I think he's really having a bad time, he only played in Matrix trilogy during that time But he's back now. And he's an alien now. But he's still cute though :P Yes Keanu you can take me to your planet or else, pleaseeee :P

Watching this movie, is like having a nice smoked beef sandwich [Yeah, i use food analogy a lot]. It's tasty, filling your mouth with every layer of it,the mayo is nice, the onion is totally amazing, but the salad a lil bit not fresh anymore. It's a good choice of food, but that's it. It's just a smoked beef sandwich, the ordinary filling. I hope u get what I mean by now :P

Well, that's it for this week. Bubye! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

.12 December 2008.

Okay, what happened lastnight is :
After being USG-ed for the first time, i found a new information.
I had..........................

a baby?
Oops, sorry that must be the wrong script.
The doctor said perut gue banyak angin sangat :|

means that,
I DONT HAVE ANY MAAG [what is Maag in English?].

I still can eat indomie keriting rasa ayam panggang.
I still can eat nasi padang and ayam balado.
I still can eat cabe botol cap tjempol.

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks God!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

.11 December 2008.

One thing i miss the most when i'm sick right now,
is a cup of milk tea.
Gosh even I can not have my afternoon tea because of my stupid stomach that always in vibrate mode on since few days ago! :(

*curhatan seorangprempuan yang nanti malam kudu berkunjung ke internis

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, i am 23 now.

Nothing's really much changing lately, except for my health condition. Appearantly, I got muntaber. my stomach and throat are killing me. but aside from that, everything's alright :)

Being older means that i should set more goals in my life, I havent adding anything in my goal list since last year, maybe later.

Well, good thing about Bday, as always, are friends and fams. I love you guys :*

Anyway, few days ago i've been doing some self-potraits. I did this type of shoot only in 2 conditions, if I think i am prettier than usual [which is sooooo rarely :P] or if I think i'm ugly at that time. I think i'm building my self-esteem with doing self-portrait. Well, here's some of them, wasnt that good, still I love them, lumayan lah buat foto friendster hehehe :)

Well, have a nice day everyone! :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

.06 December 2008.

I did...

smile when he's online.
talk alot when we're chat on the messenger.
silent when he's sit beside me.

Gosh been so long since my experience with the last dag-dig-duer things in my heart!
Okay i will be ABeGeh for the next few days hihihihi...

Anyhow, it's a long weekend now. I've decided for a trip to Bandung this day, too bad i had to canceled it. I think i need a rest,some time to relax, I havent being me for a while though :)

Have a nice loooonggg weekend everyone :)


Friday, December 05, 2008

.WooW Seafood, WTC.

So, here's some photos of that lovely day :)

And what is kumpul2 without anything to eat?

Love you guys XOXOX