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Sunday, August 28, 2011

.Sand's : Revisited.

I just browsed to my photo archive, and I realized I visited this place few weeks ago. I just want to share the pictures :) Sorry for some blurry images or false WB........too busy munching :P
Started with some snack...
And of course, the mushroom and egg soup. A bowl was perfect for warming up your appetite!
As for the boys, they should filled up for some carbs. The fried rice with egg and chicken..
Mr Chubby chose fried noodle. I like their fried noodle, not too oily and tasted good.
One of my favorite from Sand's. Steamed Chicken Skin in Thai Sauce. It's sour, spicy and sweet at the same time :)
The seaweed with sesame and spicy sauce was one of my favorite too... it's refreshing, light and tempting my taste bud :P
Phi Tan egg....hmm not my kind of food :P
Chicken's Feet in preserved sauce............ I did not eat this.
But this, I totally snacked at least 3 plates of this. It's my no 1 on what-to-eat list at Sands' now :P I was prepared myself for at least 4 plates, but our seat was kinda not strategic for attacking the dim sum stall :(
Chicken with Cucumber and Carrots and Sesame in some spicy sauce. I ate sweet and spicy dish a lot yeah...
Cold Tofu with chili sauce. Most of my friends did not like it, I happily finished it off the plate :)
Siu May! I love their version, it's plump and juicy, plus they put some tobiko (Thank God it's not crab roe) on top of it, not just some carrot chops :)
This one was Yam filled Dumpling, I guess. It's Mr Chubby favorite and he ate all this 3 pieces, and felt extremely full afterward.
Chicken Meatballs with sauce. I like it, but I forgot what's the sauce, I think Black Pepper sauce?
Fried Tofu with sweet and spicy sauce. Forgot how it tasted.
Chicken in Mango Sauce. I like the sauce better than the chicken.
What is Yum Cha without some Ha Kau and Bak Pau? The Bak Pau tasted average but the Ha Kau was good, the skin was thin and there were three big plump juicy prawn in each of it!
And Man Tau! You can not had Yum Cha without dipping this onto condensed milk!
The Pandan Pau was another favorite of crowd, the kaya was not overly sweet and the bun was fluffy. There's another version of sweet pau that I would like to try, but again, the seat was not strategic :(The Sesame-coated Glutinous ball with black paste filling was also had their crowd moment. I did not taste it, forgot why :(
My Ice Tea..............
What could be better for finishing off the Yum Cha than a Tan Tart?
or Jelly?
or Mixed Jelly with Fruits? :)
Although I think we scored much more on the previous visit, but it still a fun experience :) The Dim Sum cart was far away from our table, but the prepared staff already managed to put each PIC staff on that kind of table so we still can order many menu :)

Btw, I am thinking for adding a new camera in my collection, preferably light-weighted and fast-focusing lens. The problem with pocket camera is the shutter speed........I am thinking about Olympus Pen technology right now. Well, we'll see :)


I have been reading good reviews about this restaurant. But since i was not really fond of deep-fried food (exceptionally KFC), plus the expensive price was keeping me away from this place. So last Friday, on our happy long lunch at GI, my friend suggested us this place for lunch. Tempted with 50% discount from a credit card, we all agreed with him.

We were given a bowl of sesame seeds and we were supposed to crushed the seeds and mixed it with their special sauce. There's also 2 types of salad dressings provided. The sweet sour and salty sauce.

There were 4 of us, we chose 2 sets to share among us. Chicken Cutlet Nabe-set, 160K. All the set was consisting of cutlet, soup (miso / pork), rice, salad and pickles. The chicken was tender, and the egg was nice.

Silly me, I ordered two nabe-set, I should ordered more deep-fried proven dish! This one was Pork Cutlet Nabe-set, 185K. To be honest it's kinda remind me of my mom's steamed pork with egg. Except my mom's better :P

We also had Chawan Mushi, 25K to share. It was smooth but a bit bland.

We also ordered Agedashi Tofu, 25K. Tasted okay.

The only thing that mocking my mind was we found the service was unfriendly and slightly slow. Plus we find a bug on our pickles.

To be honest, despite my wrong order, I still haven't changed my mind about cutlets. And for that kind of price (35K for 2 bowl of rice?) and the result tasted, I'd prefer to spend the money for another worth tummy experience.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The most not worth omelette I ever had.

It cost me 31K. And tasted like? Blueband. Put some butter or milk please at least for that kind of price.
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I have to admit I have been eating food that not in my comfort zone lately. Like this one. Pancake has never been my favorite, I found they are tasteless, and weird to be eaten with ice cream. So does the waffle. What's the point of ordering a hot crunchy waffle when we placed a scope of ice cream on top of it? The waffle will soaked from the melted ice cream, and it will lost the crunchiness eventually. Plus they are overpriced. I'd prefer had a bowl of good ice cream for the price.

But that day, I was having a bad day at work, so I treated myself for something sweet. Sweetness bring me a smile you know? :p I did not know what in the world that bring me to Pancious, but well we managed to have a seat.

Mr Chubby prefer pancake, and I prefer waffle. So we asked can we had it both? And gladly, the waitress said yes. I did not want any chocolate or rich topping, so we chose the simple vanilla ice cream with mango sauce, topped with mango cubes, 34K.

The pancake was okay, a bit soggy as expected. But the waffle was yumm... I should ask they separated the ice cream next time!

As for the drink, I thought to pass my favorite mojito ice tea, and ordered Fruit Punch, 35K. This was everyone's favorite. I think it was quite good, not overly loaded with sugar and few fruit chops gave it nice colors as well.

Overall, Pancious always remind me of their signature blueberry sauce waffle, but I think they were more than that!
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.Do - An.

Vietnamese cuisine always has a place in my heart. I did not experience it so much, but so far I always found myself slurping a bowl of pho once in a while, or munching their vegetable rolls. Maybe it's because their cuisine was simple. The broth usually light and clear, but it has a pack of flavor that punch your taste bud! The vegetables, the vietnamese people ate that a lot. And they put it anywhere. In a roll, in the bread, in the noodle soup, you named it, they put it.

Do An was one of the place which served vietnamese cuisine, and I have been meaning to visit this place since a long time ago. Few weeks ago, I saw this restaurant at Artha Gading Mall, but they run out of the bread. Hiks too bad... So we hold our order.

But last week, I was at Kelapa Gading Mall, to my surprise there's also their branch at there. Me and Mr Chubby quickly got us seated in no time.

It was not a dinner time yet, and it's kinda pricey so we chose to order lightly. I was craving for a Banh Mi. I chose the beef, forgot the dish name. I think it cost me about 38K.

The baguette was warm, it was filled with grilled beef, cucumber and carrot chops, and some vinegar. Simple, yet very refreshing. The grilled beef was tender and not chewy. And no fat at all. The vegetable was fresh, but the vinegarwas my favorite. It was slightly spicy, and really good. But silly me, forgot to take another angle to show you the filling. Sorry :p

As for Mr Chubby, he was a beginner in vietnamese cuisine (like I don't ha!), and I was in the mood for pho, so I ordered him a bowl of pho, the meat was shabu2 sliced beef and it also came with few meat balls. The broth was sukiyaki. As usual, I forgot the dish name. It cost me about 42K.

The broth was good, it did not have too much MSG, and tasted meat-y...yummm.. The meat ball was slightly chewy, and the meat was good. The broth was really a winner. My only comment was if only they put more cilantro or lime. Plus, can i have more bean sprouts pleaseee...:p

The funny thing was our drink order. We ordered Lemon and Mint Squash. It came out like this.

Seeing the lychee and lemon grass I thought this was wrong. And I was right. It was Lychee with Lemon Grass Squash. Our waitress then replaced it with this.

Seeing the passion fruit seeds, it's weird for a lemon squash right? Cause it wasn't. It was a Passion Fruit Squash. We asked for another change.

Finally, my Lemon and Mint Squash! Tasted so-so btw.

Overall, I should be back especially for their banh mi! And please, do tell me if you happen to know a good vietnamese restaurant at Jakarta!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

.Meat Bar.

Last week was really filled with meat eating activity. It was friday, which mean the happy long lunch hour. The team and me were at Pasific Place and wandering around for a lunch. The lunch package was tempted us to try. 55K for a sirloin steak with pasta or potato and a glass of drink. Good bargain.

Look at the pillow on our chair! Cute heh?

The place was not big, but they decorated it quite well. The wall was filled with charcoal blocks. And they hang few wine bottles on the roof. Quite good. I start the lunch with a glass of ice tea. You can choose between soda or lemon tea or just ordinary tea like I had.

The salmon was smelled really fishy. I could even smell it from across the table. We had to ask for a wedge of lemon to turn it down. Big portion though. Tasted so-so. But the fries was good.

The mashed potato was bland.

This was my order. Sirloin Steak with Bolognaise pasta, cooked medium rare. And it came slightly undercooked. The center was cooked in perfect pink, although I wish they cut the fat on my steak after the grilling process. Those big white chewy thing on your steak could ruin your appetite!

The barbeque sauce was ordinary, but the bolognaise pasta was good. Cooked al dente, with lots of chunky beef, it's really loaded your stomach with carbs and protein party! :p
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.Let's Meat.

So, last week i was in carnivore mode ON. Something i was not usually doing.

I had a bad day at work, so I asked Mr Chubby for a quick dinner date. So we hunted around Kelapa Gading area, until we saw this restaurant. I remembered they had a promotion on some website, using a voucher of course. Although I was not having their voucher, I thought why not gave it a shot.

The place was kinda small but they tried to decorate it with some vintage posters. They also put a chalk board written with their menu for the sake of art-sy feeling? Well anyway, the TV really distracting for me. But i came here for the food, so that's the point.

I ordered Half Beef Ribs with Barbeque Sauce, 39K. Something I never ordered whole my life. The bbq sauce was really good. The meat was okay, it was not wrapped in too much fat, and cooked medium rare.

Mr Chubby had Local Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom sauce, 36K. The sauce was different than the photo, which was brown and darker. This was more like Carbonara sauce. Tasted too rich for my liking. The meat was okay too, a little bit chewy but it's okay since we ordered tenderloin. The portion was big, I surely could not finish this one if it was my order!

Finish all down with a glass of mint ice tea, 3K.

Overall, the food was okay. But the service was the plus thing, they asked for some feedback and the waitress also understand their menu very well. I should be coming back when I'm craving for some cheap steak! :p
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