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Saturday, September 03, 2011

.Nanny's Pavillon.

Few days ago, I was having some serious waffle craving. The moment I woke up, I already thought about hot waffle with some fruity sauce. Maybe Mango or Peach....hmm....So we went to Central Park for this unfinished business. The place was packed with people, maybe because it's a holiday week.
I was tempted between peach and apricot waffle, but in the end, I opted for the peach one, 39K .They were running out of vanilla, so I had the chocolate one. The waitress said they could serve the waffle and ice cream separately, which I'd love to. But when it came, they did not even put any cutlery or anything on our table. The ice cream was served on top of the waffle, and by the time they gave me a spoon (which kinda took a long time), it was already soggy. And then we waited a while for the maple sauce. The waffle was ordinary, the peach was..well what can I say, it's canned peach. The chocolate ice cream also ordinary. I think the timing wasn't right, so I did not enjoy this dish right.
As for Mr Chubby, he was hungry so he chose the Mom's Green Spaghetti, 39K. Basically, it's spaghetti with pesto sauce and smoked beef. Tasted good, although he was complaining about the small portion, boys heh?
Mr A was opting for Spaghetti Bolognaise, 37K. It tasted good, but more sauce would not hurt.
We also chose to share Dad's Favorite Fries, 29K. It's fries, with some bolognaise sauce and mozzarella cheese. Personally, it's the most enjoyable food from that afternoon. Although another timing mistake happen, we asked for some chili sauce, but the bottle mysteriously never arrived on our table.
For drinks, we had a Patty's Passion Fruit Sangria, 40K. Tasted too ordinary, more like ABC bottled syrup with some fruit chops, but too watery. For that price, I think at least put more syrup till it's too sweet and we ended up ordering a bottle of pricey mineral water. Ha! My kind of fail business logic :P But seriously, more syrup.

To be honest, although I'm okay with some timing issue (which never happened when we asking for our bill, but happen again when we waited for our change) and some unwelcoming service, I found this place had cute interior and concept. And the price was slightly lower than Pancious. But back to the main factor, the food, I think the Pancious did better. Put some peach slices on top of waffle didn't mean it's a peach waffle. Yeah it's sort of right, but at least Pancious created some sauce (or bottled sauce, I don't know) to go with the fruit.

I am gonna have this craving fixed one day :P


Indri said...

Haaiii Amee...remember me?? Girl from FK :D now a mom...just follow this blog...the spaghetti looks delicious :)

Fellexandro Ruby said...

I've heard so much praise about Nanny's but they are all about its atmosphere, none came from the food. I guess its proven then, they don't deserve a visit.

Anw, for waffle I'd go for Gelare or Prince waffle in Gading. =)

SeorangPrempuan said...

@indri : masa gue lupa elo sihhhh.... nga lahh :) iye gue liat d fb tuh...lucu anak lo hehehe...thanks follownya ya.. :D

@ruby : nga pernah coba gelare, tp setuju ama prince waffle , murah and enak! :D

irene said...

the photos are great!
maybe they put more focus into the place's atmosphere instead of the food, eh? :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

@irene : thank you :) setuju, kalok punya duit untuk alokasi interior, mending di focusin ke food dlu deh. secara jualannya makanan bukan mebel :P