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Monday, March 23, 2009

.The Next Resolution.

So, i think i really need to re-arrange my daily life.

Last week, being so killed by the sore throat thing, i went to see a doctor. That doctor said my BP was 160. what? well fyi, the normal rate is 80/120. and mine was 110/160. Gosh.

Later on after i finished all the antibiotic medications, i went to see another specialist doctor. and my BP was 140. Still in the hypertension range, but i am still happy. The doctor said my health condition was fine, he thought this thing happen from my stressing work life. Well anyway after that, I started to change. I enjoyed my work life again, I did pass my deadline with smile, eat well, etc.

But last weekend, i went to century. and they got a machine to check your BP, for free of course. and guess what? 155 -___-

I need a new stress management :|

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Karolus Naga said...

olah naga eh raga ...

aku bisa nemenin lari, trust me aku pelari handal... sudah terbukti. sering lari dari kenyataan hidup soalnya :P