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Monday, September 07, 2009

.Fish & Co, Taman Anggrek.

Before our visit to Nan Xiang [which was kinda disaster], actually we had our lunch at Fish and Co, still at Taman Anggrek. This was the first time I tried Fish and Co, since I'm limited myself for fried food.

Anyway we're lucky, they had promo for XL users [me using XL! :P] free soup and a drink for each main course. So we only ordered Fish and Chips [forgot the price, I think 50K?] , Baquettes with Cheese 10K, and 1 drink. And we got Mushroom Soup and 1 drink for free! yay! :P

The fish and chips was okay, but the Mushroom Soup was really divine. Definetely divine. Gosh I'm even drolling when I post this blog ;) The Baquette was okay [I wish it's more crispy], but the cheese served, waw totally good. I love it! And guess what, it's only cost me 10K for that Baquette and Cheese... :D

Definetely will be back for their Mushroom Soup and Baquette with Cheese!

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