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Sunday, March 07, 2010

.Belitung, 2010.

it's one of the best trip i ever had...thank you guys.

my bed, love the curtain :)

some shells i found on the rock

a man on the first beach we visited.

found this on the first beach we visited that day.

another thing that i found.


another branch.
coconut tree :)

i found little flower!

i climbed this giant rock!

1 vs 4

starfish :)

the view in front out cottages.




Wid said...

good to see you posting photos again me, good ones even! love the branches and the dead trunk.

Dani Subagja said...

yeah! ame!

Muhammad Mishbah said...

love it! :)

billitone said...

...you know, when I was a kid, all I cared was to find and play with things and stuff by the shore...thank you for bringing back those memories from my homeland.

...and now this is another way of seeing Belitung, no punchy colors added!