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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.23 September 2009.

This week, i ate a lot. really a lot.
Before trying Domino[which turned out to be average] and totally tempted by my friend's photo on fb, me and mr G went to K's Bakery. Unfortunately, most of the meaty-things were sold out :( I didnt remember what I took on my tray, I only remembered all of them were sweet. The sponge cake was good. If I had a chance, I'll go there again! :P

And my sister made me a pancake.
Actually, me and my sister didnt have any experience in making pancake, so after few trials, at last we had a real pancake :
Mixed with raisins, and then topped with honey. Well the honey itself was really good, my sister said it's fresh from Sumbawa, gosh it smelled totally divine! *droll* I had my pancake with a cup of coffee as breakfast, it's really a good starter for that day!

For lunch, my sister made me [I think she had a goal for today : making me more fat :( ] hotdog.
I never thought that scrambled eggs will be a perfect combination with honey, you should tried it!

Anyway, I bought a bottle of Snapple the day before.
Having an afternoon with myself and accompanied by cold drinks is really a good way to relax.

PS. Sorry for the photo quality, me too lazy to use my real cam! :P
PSS. from now on, I think I'll put the watermark on my photos, already seeing my photos used by others! :(

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