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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.The Spaghetti House, Pasific Place.

Last weekend, me and the girls decided to have a meeting at Pasific Place. We planned to have dinner at The Spaghetti House, turned out it was the wrong choice -__-

We ordered Beef Spaghetti HK Style 39.2 K, Bacon Sausage Spaghetti 39.2K, Neapolitan Spaghetti 39.6K, Lasagna 39.2K, Spicy Potato Au Gratin 21.5K, and Super Deluxe Pizza 34.5K for share. I would say...I was not impressed by the spaghetti. I even could not finished my HK Style Spaghetti, tasted really weird. The sauce was tasteless, but I think the most dissapointing was the spaghetti itself, the texture was too hard to chew, and also kinda smell weird. The Lasagna was also dissapointing, the sauce was too watery for my taste [even Secret Recipe's Lasagna better than this one!]

But the good thing is the Potato Gratin was good, even the Deluxe Pizza was excellent! Okay maybe we'll be back for another menu -__-

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