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Friday, May 28, 2010

.For A Friend.

i know you are happy with your new some-what friends.
i know you always want to go anywhere whenever it's possible.
i know you love to laugh till it's drop for no reason.

but please,
i hate that i have to make a reservation for meeting you, for God's sake we are at the same place.
i hate that each time we are hanging around, you're too busy giggling with your new toy.
i hate that you don't even talk much with me, like you used to do.

we are good friends, or we were?
i always thought that i have rights to meet you, to share our feeling towards each other, to remind each of us for our mistaken, i guess i lost it all for no reason.

people changed, but i always thought you dont.
but you do.

i miss the old you.
i really do.


deVina said...

wow. foto2 bromo nya bagus :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

@devina : makacih ya mau mampir :)

mimi said...

keren Me .. Bromonya yang ada kuda unique ..