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Monday, October 11, 2010

.Breakfast To Dinner.

bread has been my favourite option for breakfast lately :)
my favourite bread from Bread Talk [beside meet-the-cheese, of course] :)

mom's pork and prawn siomay :)
another dinner, salmon steak from Joni Steak's. I think it's worth with the price.

and snacking in between.
cute heh? :P


Asrida Saskia Novarida said...

all of pic in this page , make so hungry ! :D
I really want to eat them !! ><
hahaha..btw , where the food is from ? (:

you can visit my blog :

thank you ^^

SeorangPrempuan said...

thank you for stopping by saskia :)

the bread? the bread was from the bread talk, i think you can find this fancy bakery in many malls at Jakarta :)

VICKYFF said...

These pictures really beautiful, in which station to collect it?Oh darling,what happy images. loved them.
Scarves Scarves

Asrida Saskia Novarida said...

hahhaa :D Indonesian ? ^ ^ me too :p sorry, I guess you are not from Indonesia :D