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Sunday, June 03, 2012

.Snacking : 20120603.

Just a quick update on my snacking list lately :D
Got a pack of this delicious pork chips...makes my head kinda spinning but totally worth it! :P
Another pack of Peanut M & M's at office..yay for chocolate! :D
Closing the lunch break with some milk tea from Calais and durian..yumm..
A light snack, toasted bread with milk :P
Triple M Spicy Seaweed lately became my favorite snack ... :D
Ordered few packs of Cassava chips named Lumba-Lumba from Surabaya. It's sweet and salty :D
Tried this giant pudding yesterday...the mango flavor was artificial -__-
Hmm pretzel and milk tea for Saturday afternoon...
Breakfast :D
btw, look at this cute Oreo truck , me want it! :D
Indomie for lunch...
Tried this Milk Chocolate Pudding from Rainbow Pudding at Ambassador, quite milky ;)
I love Street Vendor's Burger! It's very margarine-y and a dollop of "special" sauce, that what makes it special...;P
And..I got a box of mochi from HK yesterday. Too bad my mom put it in the fridge, it's gotten weird :(

What's your fav snack for this week? :D

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