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Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, last week we held our closing ceremony on Syailendra. I never had a chance to try their buffet since you know, the price wasn't cheap. Thank God there's this event hehe..We were visit this place at Friday night so the price could be more expensive, I only remembered the price was about 300K++ /pax.
The place was big, with many stations from Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Western, and Italian. They also have separated Pork station so if you can't eat pork you can check the sign. It's friday night so it's lobster time! :D
I'm not a big fan of lobster, so I only ate 1 piece from Mr Chubby's plate. They only lightly grilled the lobster so you can taste the real flesh. I think I got a not-so-fresh piece (it smelled fishy) :(
My first plate, consisted of bacon, green mussel, salmon gravlax, kimchi and california roll. All of them was very fresh and good! Love the cured salmon very much! Kimchi had a very strong flavor, nyam!
My second plate, consisted of repeated item from first plate. California roll, maguro(tuna) , salmon gravlax, bacon, ham, green mussel, pepperoni pizza, seafood salad, and jellyfish. I would say all of them was very fresh, I especially loved the cured ham and salmon. Only one thing was a bit miss on this plate, the jelly fish was very bland and wet.
My third plate, I went to Indian station. I got saffron rice, beef curry, prawn curry, spicy lentil, naan, canaipapadum, and spicy sour squid (this one from the Chinese station hehe). Love the Indian station so much, they put so much condiments, from the mint sauce, yoghurt, onion, and other sauces I can't identify but tasted good, gosh I'm drooling for the papadum right now....The rice was also very good, usually I don't put any carbs in my plate since it easily fulfilling my stomach, I don't regret it. When it paired with the prawn curry...It was one of the best curry I ever had! 
 My fourth late, consisted of peking duck, pasta, fennel salad, bacon, salmon gravlax, papadum (since it was too good) and some salad I don't remember hehe... The duck was moist, it was paired with hoisin and pineapple sauce. Pasta was a bit bland.
My fifth plate, I think I had reached my limit here haha.. Green mussel, and fresh salmon! They were sweet, yumm..
We also had dimsum shared on our table..I didn't remember taste this :P
Miss F's plate, Carbonara pasta :D
We had 4 choices of drink at that night, roseberry punch, ice tea, kiwi, and some fruit punch I don't remember.
Time for dessert! Their dessert bar was quite amazing, separated between sections; ice cream (new zealand or baskin robbins, I forgot), chocolate fondue (and condiments of course), cake, biscuits, fruits, jelly, ais campur, diabetic section, and candy. My first plate consisted of egg roll (not good -__-"), lemon meringue (love the meringue, hate the lemon filling, too sweet), cheese cake (very similar with harvest cheese cake!), raspberry panna cotta (too sweet for me), and of course since I was still a child inside, a strawberry satay covered in chocolate :P
 Another plate as a result of playing with fondue...marshmallow yumm
And of course an ice cream cone is a must! :D
Mr Chubby happily finished his ais campur..
And I finished it up with a plate of sorbet and longan! :P

I can't say I was walking home but more of rolling...with a very full belly of course :P

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Mouthwatering. I suddenly feel hungry.

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