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Friday, August 29, 2014

.Japan Trip - Khaosan World Asakusa Tokyo.

After our first night at Haneda, we went to our hotel to drop our baggage before wandering around Tokyo. We were staying at Asakusa, area since it's already known as cheaper and budget traveler area. We chose Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel for 4 nights, before went to Kyoto afterwards. What I love about Khaosan is, they provide detailed directions from nearest station to the hostel, even with pictures!
We took the Keikyu Airport Express ( you must be use it if you want to use subway from airport), transferred at Sengakuji and stop at Asakusa Station.Do remember that Asakusa area has 2 station, the one we took was Asakusa (TOBU/SUBWAY) which used by tobu subway. There's another Asakusa Station (TSUKUBA) that used by JR railway / Tsukuba Express railway. It's quite far (for Indonesian I think, because we're lazy :P)  from Asakusa Station (TOBU/SUBWAY), and as the exit is on a big intersection, it's quite hard to find our hostel for the first time. I'll recommend to use ASAKUSA(TSUKUBA), although it means more transit in the subway station, but it's super easy afterwards.
left : lobby , right : cute open area on laundry room
We arrived early, I think it's around 8 AM. The receptionist kindly ushered us to the kitchen and common room. I loovvee the kitchen, it's fully equipped with electric stove, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and toaster! And they also provide free coffee and tea. 
Amazing machine

There's also a food vending machine, i am super amazed by this point. Japan is crazyyy hahhaa.. On one night, we managed to try the fried rice from the machine, it only takes around 10 minutes and taadaa! Dinner is served! The rice still fluffy, and taste good...Amazing ^^
fried rice from machine? wow
Beside the common room, they also had casual bar (happy hour!), massage room (free!), comic room (free!), and coin laundry dryer room. As it's the first time I'm staying at hostel, it never thought it's going to be this cool! :P

As for the room, I pick the love hotel theme, because we can't book any love hotel from Indonesia :( well, I think it's quite gloomy for my taste, a bit horror actually with the green dimmed light haha.. sorry for the messy pictures, I forgot to take a proper one when we enter the room hehe.. The bed is semi double bed, it's good enough for 2 persons. Mr Chubby is "grande" size and i'm "tall" size (but wider T^T) so it fits us. But I think for foreigners it might me uncomfortable. They provide the sheet, but we have to make our own bed. No cleaning service guys so if you're happen to stay at hostel, keep your room clean!
sink on the right side of the bed (weird?)
Thank God the toilet is modern! Japanese usualy separate the shower and toilet room. I love bidet, it has warming feature (it's not okay to put your a** on cold toilet in the middle of the night) which i loved and of course the flowing-river-sound button to disguise the sound of your business :P
Wifi was good and stable. Amenities were only shampoo, soap and conditioner. They do not provide towels, but you can rent/buy it on the receptionist area. Overall I think it's a good place to stay, although personally the price for private ensuite room wasn't so much differ with the business hotel, but it's a nice place to start exploring the town because you can interact with many people and the information you can get on your first day, will be helping you during the trip :)

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