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Sunday, December 14, 2014

.Japan Trip - Day 4 - Kawasaki + Yokohama.

Back to our japan trip! We went to Kawasaki to visit Fujiko F Fujio museum. I've been dreaming about this place for God knows how long, and it's such a surreal experience to finally visit this place! Do remember that this place do not provide on-the-spot admission ticket, you have to book your ticket before at Lawson. We choose the earliest entrance time, that is 10:00. 

The museum is located in Kawasaki city, about 50 minutes from Tokyo. The easiest access to the museum is using the shuttle bus provided from NOBORITO station for 210 Yen. The bus is very cute! It was filled with Fujimoto's sensei artwork! We got p-man bus that day :)

It was a rainy day, so they provide this umbrella locking machine (?) I don't know how to call it because I never saw it before but each umbrella got a slot and lock code. Cool! :D #suckerforcoolmachine
Left : Super cool wall! Right : Kiteretsu Daihyakka figure (miss this manga!)

I forgot where this villain character came from...
I remember I've read manga about this one...
Dorami and mini-dora the mechanics :)

We were given audio guide machine. You just need to enter the number on each artwork, and the audio guide will be giving explanation about it. Super helpful!
Feel free to read manga :)
Left : Reading Room ; Right : cute water fountain
we got to watch short movie! 
Limited edition doraemon figure

Cool artwork!

Left : Phone booth in Doraemon Adventure into the Underworld ; Right : Photo booth

Nobita's room composition
The museum was amazing! As it was Fujiko F Fujio museum (not Doraemon museum), it shows many artworks from Fujimoto sensei, although most of it are doraemon. I love the presentation, especially the manuscript and design from sensei! After the exhibition, it was already noon and we were quite a bit hungry, so the cafe we went :)
Dorayaki Chiffon Cake (set with latte = 1150 yen)
cute latte art!
The cake was super good! I was expecting cute-looking-but-average-taste of food, but the cake surprised me, it was fluffy, sweet enough and the matcha ice cream yum yum! The latte was quite good, it's not so strong but fulfill us for that rainy day :) We were about to order some food, but because of our next stop, I don't think it's wise to fuel up this early ;P
P-man characters
I cried when Piisuke has to moved to the lake T^T *sob*

They also had outdoor area with several statue of manga characters on it. I was amazed with Piisuke statue, it was so cute! If you happen never read Doraemon Adventure of Nobita's Dinosaur, do read them. It was the first doraemon adventure published in Indonesia so it touched my heart :)
Hello from Mr Chubby!
Last stop, the souvenir shop! They sell many cute things :p
Memory bread, Nobita eat this to pass the exam :D
Btw, this memory bread also appears on "Doraemon Perkalian dan Pembagian" (Indonesia version). I think I might be learning calculation from this series haha!
Dorami Sugar Cookies
The also sold the replicate of Fujimoto's sensei artwork, almost buying this -__-
Bought this one, of course!
Want to buy all the figures! It's so freaking cheap (compared in Indonesia), and the Giant's CD!
Overall, I think it's a must visit, especially If you're a fan of fujimoto's sensei works! I personally love "21 Emon" beside the Doraemon, and to see the original manuscript...it was beyond belief. 
Got the doraemon bus on the way back to the station yayyy
After Kawasaki, we went further to the Yokohama (SHIN-YOKOHAMA), to visit ramen museum ^^
First time seeing comic vending machine
It was such a gloomy day, the rain was pouring hard, and we lost a bit in the city. Thank God, after asking for some directions we found the place, Shin-Yokohama Raumen museum. By the time we arrived, we were soaking wet and I just want to slurp a bowl of hot ramen soup. My oh my, I'm glad we did :)
old town replica
The ramen museum (admission ticket 300 yen) consisted of 3 floors and on the lowest floor, there's old town Tokyo (Shitamachi area) replica.  You can find 9 ramen shops with different styles across the Japan. 

I chose the Ganja ramen just because the "thick" word on it :P I am not a fan of ramen actually but Hakata Ikkousha changed my mind about ramen, especially if the broth's super thick, count me in! (please don't count my arteries in this decision)
Mr Chubby ordered the tsukemen (original) half portion. The noodle was cold, and the broth was pipping hot, and we were supposed to dip the ramen to the soup and slurp it! Do remember slurping your noodle are acceptable in Japan, it's even taken as compliment to the chef, because it means you enjoy it :) The noodle are cooked al dente and the soup was super rich. I think I went to the food coma after slurping this one. 
Tsukemen (half portion)
But it's not only that. My order was spicy tsukemen with chasiu (half portion). OMG, I think it's the best ramen I ever had in my life. The soup is even better than the previous, it's a bit spicy and the egg...words can't describe it. And the chasiu....man it was so thick and melted in your mouth. Definitely having a food coma afterwards!
Spicy Tsukemen with Chasiu (half portion)
I'm glad we ordered the half portion because I don't think I could finished a full portion especially with the thick broth like that. 

We were supposed to visit the Chinatown after that (the biggest chinatown in Japan!) but the rain keeps pouring :( We went back to the city and wondering around Akihabara (again! :P). See you soon yokohama!

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