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Sunday, December 14, 2014

.Japan Trip - Day 5 - Ueno + Shibuya.

Breakfast part 1 : Mister Donut
The morning was windy and cold, we were planning to visit the Ueno Park in the morning, but we couldn't resist to have our morning coffee intake! The doughnut especially cruller was a bit hard to chew, not my kind of pastry :( Btw, I think I didn't found any Dunkin Donuts in Japan?

Well anyway after that we proceed to Ueno but it's still early and I don't know why we ended up having another breakfast haha!
It's just a random small stall around the station. They have standing area for customers who want to have a quick meal. I still don't get if standing will make any difference in total time needed in eating. 
Fried stuff aaaa~ me want!
Order placed using vending machine (as always). This morning we chose the udon theme, Curry Udon for me and Kakiage Udon (udon with vegetable fritters) for Mr Chubby. Eating hot soup from the bowl + windy day = Bliss! ^^
Kakiage udon 400 yen and Curry udon 400 yen
After breakfast, we start entering the park. Inside the park there are 4 temples, 5 museums and 1 zoo, so you can imagined how big the park is! The entrace fee is free except for some museums and the zoo. 

We're wandering around the park which is very beautiful, even when there's no cherry blossoms blooming. 

But on our way to Shinobazu pond, we found this!
Sunny + Sakura = perfect!

Shinobazu Pond

The pond were filled with lotus, but all of them were dry at that time :( The area itself was very calming. I don't know if it's the spirit in the air or anything, but seeing this calm pond with city background was really relaxing. There's only few people there, some were feeding the bird, and the rest were like us, sitting and wandering around our mind. I want to have this kind of afternoon when I'm old :)
the birds (why the sparrow isn't fear of human, unlike in Indonesia?)
feeding the bird
After that, we dragged ourselves to the other area of the parks. Anddd we found this again, they were blooming by the vending machine ^^ After captured this beauty, there're few people in queue, also want to capture this beauty! :)
see the coca cola vending machine logo? :P 
I feel lucky to finally see sakura this close :)
another picture

Now I understand why this is one of the most popular cherry blossom spots, the cherry blossom tree are so many! I wonder how beautiful it is when all of them are blooming... :)

Around the park, there's Ameyoko market, which is our next destination. 
Charging station in front of Ueno's Yodobashi
Cleansing glasses station in front of an optic shop, free to use! :D
The market was big and it's so far the cheapest market I ever visited during our trip! It feels like visiting Pasar Baru in Jakarta ;)
Above : fresh seafood; Below : Japanese Snow Crab woooww *drooling*
Left : Ama-ebi ; Right : Octopus
Most of them are selling fresh seafood *drooling* Stopped a bit for some pan-fried xiao long bao.
Pan-fried Xiao Long Bao
The bao was juicy, very juicy to be exact, as the juice burst out to our camera and to my coat huaaaa T^T Ended up buying new coat (excuse excuse) but thank God we managed to save the coat , all hail to laundrette :P Lesson learned that day : be careful when eating this kind of bao!
Inari Sushi
Green Tea Mochi
I think it was the cheapest mochi I ever seen in Japan! 1 box of mochi only for 300 yen? wow! If only Mr Chubby likes mochi... 1 box is too much for a girl :(
Aoyama Flower Market, too beautiful!! ^^
Next stop, Shibuya! We don't do much in Shibuya actually other than shopping hehe...but we managed to visit the Hachiko statue!

Late lunch was at Yoshinoya, just for the sake of their pork bowl. Chikara Meshi is definitely the winner!

If you are visiting Shibuya, do visit the Don Quijote if you found it! It sells anything, from groceries, electronic, to clothing. You can find anything! I never though I'll found this kind of costume.

need to look like a shaolin old man?
OMG almost buy it haha
Radishes costume
Cabaret "ladies"
Okay I don't know what it is -__-
Japanese marketing is surely crazy haha!
Btw, found this thing. It was by the cashier, I though it was for tips / charity. But it's the opposite, you can take the money if you need it! (Maximum 4 yen) Wow nice service! 

So that's it for Tokyo, will be posting about other cities on the next post,so stay tuned! :)

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