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Monday, August 03, 2009

.03 August 2009.

Lately, eating a [big] bowl of edamame on weekend has been my habit. And sometimes, my sin :( Sometimes [ most of times to be exact ], I combined it with a pack of pringles / lays / any chips you want, with a small plate of chili sauce and mayo :( and of course, accompanied with a glass of syrup [ at least a little change, from soda as usual :P ]. Nonetheless, watching TV with family and accompanied with all this stuffs are the best things to do on weekend :)

Anyway, I think most of my friends are not in the best condition, most of them got flu, cough, etc. I think the best way to cure flu are only 2 thing : sleep well and vitamin C.

No need to mention how I loved fruits. Have a nice week guys! :)

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