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Friday, July 31, 2009

.31 July 2009.

I am using my phone cam a lot lately haha me too lazy ass for using my pocket cam or slr -__-

2 days ago, my mom was trying a new recipe she got from her friend. She doesnt know this recipe's name. I googled it, it turns out that this is Gangan Ikan Patin [if i'm not mistaken]. That day, when i woke up, I think I smelled sayur asem, well appearently, the herbs and spices used are almost the same. It smelled great, but when I tasted it, I assumed it would be a lil bit sour and hot, well it didnt. I think it's because my mom's using rippen [almost rotten I think :P] pineapple, so it tasted really really sweet. The rest was okay, well I am a fish lover :)

Anyway about my mom, she likes to cook in the morning for my family, although I already said to her it's not necessary since everyone's in a rush in the morning, so I think if we eat something's easy and simple like sandwich, It would be more easy for her. But she wont, she insists everyone to eat breakfast, bring some for lunch, and ended it with a cup of chinese tea. And she thinks cooking noodle is more easier than preparing toast. I dont know, maybe me and her have different standarization of 'simple cooking' :D

Anyway, yesterday she made us this one. I dont know what's the name, my mom called it "Ke'a" [Hokkian]. Ke'a is sort of kwetiao, but it has thicker texture, a really thick one actually. This one is kinda simple [refers to mom's simple standard], boil Ke'a with Bean Sprout and Tau Hue for a while, and add some soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, salt and pepper. Served with fried taro, and of course my mom's secret chili sauce signature :P

And yes, it is vegetarian.

And yes again, it tasted damn good.

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