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Saturday, November 28, 2009

.28 November 2009.

Been abandoned this blog again for a month :( I had too many things in my head right now, so I'll make it quick. As always, although it's been a hectic month, I always been blessed by all the friends and colleagues. Got lotttsss of things as present :) especially chocolate! Even in this past 2 days, I already got Famous Amos cookies, soft cake, and brownies. I also got 2 packs of soft chocolate cake, sausages, etc from Germany. And I had to count few packs of Guylian chocolate on my fridge -__-" And i cant remember the other things in my fridge, some of them already gone anyway :P [of course we know where did it go right?]

And for the next week, my sister already noted that she would bought me a pack of Juhi from Bee Cheng Hiang [tasty!] and few fancy glasses from Ikea :) Anyway about glasses, my little sister bought a set of fancy glasses for me! yay! They know how I love glasses! :)

Ah me so blessed by all this people right? :)

Anyway it's been raining a lot lately, so I ate a lot of warm soup lately. Like this one.
Prawn soup from the seafood soup stall near my office :)
Beef Rib's Soup at Perintis, Mega Kuningan :)
Last month, me and mr O went to have a long lunch at Cafe Gulali, City Plaza. I kinda like the place atmosphere, it's cozy and they have lots of tea varieties to try! Me already tried 5 of them, one that really impressing was Lavender. I've been a Lavender lover since I was a little, but for this one, I would say I'm not into it at all -__-" Maybe I should stick with the ordinary Jasmine or Chamomile :)

Anyway, last month I got an office thing at Simatupang area, which was really far from my home area. I felt like it's an adventure :P On the lunch that day, I decided to give this one a try, Bakmi Hijau. The green color came from Spinach, well the odd thing was not the color. But the mushy things on the top. At first I thought it was cheedar cheese, but I was wrong. I still didnt know what it was, it tasted nothing I guessed. So I kept on ate and ate [it did not taste good, just so-so] until I realized, the mushy thing was chicken chops! or should I said, blended chicken meat? Yeakh totally turned my mood OFF. It felt like you're eating ampas for your lunch.
Seriously, it's really not interesting and amusing for putting some blended tasteless chicken on the top of noodle!

Well anyway I think that's for now, I havent manage time to shoot the rest of chocolates, later I think :)

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