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Sunday, November 29, 2009

.Domba Africa, Tanah Abang.

One trendy food at Jakarta : Domba Africa.

So, the team and me went to visit this one, I forgot where's the exact location, I only remembered it was at Tanah Abang. Forgive my stupidity in geography -__-"

Well anyway the seller was really an african [ I dont get his picture :P ] They only served grilledlamb, with 2 choices, servedwith rice or grilled banana. The second option sounds really weird, so I gave it a try. Well, let's say..... Of all the dishes I ate that time, The most interesting thing for me was the banana. It tasted really really really good. The banana was ripped at the right time, grilled with charcoal and served with some rojak sauce. The sauce was really good too! I was drolling at this time .... T^T I've never been a fan of satay, or any other stack of meat. so let's say I have no comment for this one :) Anyway about the price, well yeah it's kinda expensive if you compared it with satay or else. For a portion of the meat, it costs 35K and for each portion of the banana, I think about 10 or 14K.

Huks I want go back here again for the banana T^T

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