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Sunday, June 19, 2011

.Warung Ubud vs Naughty Nuri's.

I like meat, I do. But i get some urge to say 'yuck' each time i see a big plate of steak, especially if it using the hot-plate. I don't know why but i enjoy my meat in sliced pieces. I love patty in my burger. I love bacon bits in my salad. I love minced beef in my pasta. But still each time i sit in western restaurant, i skip the steak and ribs section.

So, one day I found a thing named grilled pork ribs, and let me say i added an exception for this on my dislike meat-y thing list! So i googled for few good ribs in Jakarta and it came out that this two kinda happening for their ribs and reasonable price.

.Warung Ubud, 75K with fries / rice.

.Naughty Nuri's, 80K.

For the ribs, i think Ubud better than Nuri, but Nuri has better chili. For the price, I found Warung Ubud is wayyy much better in price, although the ribs is smalller but it includes with fries. But for the fries, Nuri is the winner. For the service, i prefer the Ubud. Nuri's waitress has been making my eyes rolled out for some reason, he thinks ice tea and es teh are different. Not that i mocking him for his lack of English skill (i'm the one who should be mocked for this skill haha!) but please, come on? Well anyway the other waitresses seem kind of having ling lung problem in taking orders and product knowledge. Well anyway i prefer the Ubud overall.

Plus, they had this wonderful sausage for 34K only! Nyam nyam.

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