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Thursday, June 30, 2011

.Sand's Restaurant.

My friends are in the mood for dimsum lately, so we went to Sand's Restaurant for an all-you-can-eat dimsum. We were arrived early but the place already packed with lots of people. We waited for our name being called and placed on our seats, thank God our table were not so far from the kitchen hoho....

I already heard about the late service and I was gladly to know that the dimsum was not made by order but it would be filled to a cart, and we just take all we want from the cart. I think almost all of the carts that swing over our table, left with empty cabinet haha..As soon as we seated, we start with some peanuts..

And since the cart not ready yet, we start the feast with porridge and soup and noodle..

I did not take many pictures since i was too busy munching and speaking, actually most of all i did was munching :p

I think i ate 3 plates of the beef alone... I love it..

This one is Steamed Chicken Skin in Thai Sauce. It really good as an appetizer, so does the Sweet-Sour Seaweed, which unfortunately i forgot to take the picture heheh..

Chicken Feet..hmmm I didnt eat this..

Cheung Fan, the sauce was not really good. Tasted average.

I just realized that most of the pictures are all from the dessert time. I guess that means i start to slower the munching due to the stuffed stomach hehe..so enjoy..

Nice crispy Tan Tart although the custard a lil bit bland for my taste.

The Chicken Pie was sweet and tasty!

The Mantau might be tiny, but who cares since it was all-you-can-eat? Tasted really good! Just dip it in condensed milk and you are in heaven!

The Pandan Pau.. Nice and fluffy with Srikaya filling yumm..

Some fruit jellies..i did not try this, forgot why...

and end the feast with Melon Sago..refreshing..

Some of the dish maybe average but most of all i was amazed by how good it was, and for 40k, I think it is a really good bargain!
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