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Sunday, June 19, 2011

.Mee Factory.

One of my favourite destination for lunch. There is only one reason to come.

.Chicken Wing Terasi.

Let me describe, a bunch of chicken wing soaked in their special sauce, deep-fried till golden, then it came out straight from the kitchen, still pimpin' hot, and served with their special chili. You can REALLY tasted terasi in the chicken, so the dish name could not be wrong. And for all this, it only costs you approx. 12K. Irresistible huh?

Well maybe another reason. I love their nasi goreng sapi tomat. If you like mushy-but-not-oily type of fried rice, this is the right choice. It has lots of beef in it, and you definitely can tasted the sourness of tomato. Their nasi goreng yang chou is worth to try too!

.Mee Factory, City Plaza.
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