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Friday, March 23, 2012


Citraland always reminded me of college life. Eventhough it's kinda far from my uni, I visited this mall frequently since it filled with many interesting shops, especially sport store. So few weeks ago, me and Mr Chubby were wondering around Citraland for some sport items shopping, and we stumbled upon this stall.

I remembered Irene's review about them. We were hoping for a quick snack before dinner, so we only ordered one of their combo, but sorry I forgot the exact price and items in it :( The onigiri was bland, despite the very promising cute look :(Their takoyaki was not bad, but I still prefer Takoichi's version. The ball was glorious as I hoped but the sauce need more sweetness I think. And more katsuobushi please... :P

Overall, it's a nice change from my usual Takoichi, plus it's almost half of Takoichi's price! :D

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irene said...

thanks for linking! :)
gue juga ga gt suka onigirinya..