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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hello! How are you guys ? :D Sorry for my late post, I've been busy lately with work stuff as always. Anyway, I just got back from my 3 days trip to Singapore :D

Day 1
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We were departed in the morning, but first, a quick stop at the airport's lounge. Ahh the bliss of Platinum cards (or having a friend who owned it, in my case) hehe..I was staying at Lucky Plaza, so after arriving, we dropped our baggage at the apartment and headed to ION for lunch. My first meal at Singapore was Sergeant Chicken Hainam Rice ($4.5) at Food Republic, ION. The rice was quite good, slightly too oily but the chicken was tender and fragrant. Mr Chubby had the Minced Pork with Fish Ball Noodle ($4.5), tasted average despite the very promising look.

After that, we browsed through the city, in conclusion, we walked from City Hall MRT to Marina Bay Sands and continue our journey to Boat Quay. That seriously a hard work! -__-The magic card. I really wish Indonesia's public transportation would be like this one day. To be honest, MRT is the only thing I'm missing from Singapore.Nice art installation in Esplanade.The great Marina Bay Sands.What's better than sitting on the bay waiting for the night with a bag of Garrett popcorn? :PGot a Chicago Mix (Cheese + Caramel) for $8 (I think). The cheese was super delicious!

Day 2
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------USS Day! woohoo! but first, it's breakfast time :) The only toast I had in Singapore, at the basement of Lucky Plaza. Tasted not too good plus the coffee wasn't too strong :( But USS day! woohoo! :PI think the best section in USS is sci-fi section. We got to try the Battlestar Galactica, I choose Human of course, too scared for being a Cyclone! We also tried the Transformer 3D, which totally awesome! We even managed to try it for 2 times.And of course, the yellow camaro must be there right? :)One of my favorite was carousel hehe..I'm still a child inside :PCute :P

The Mummy roller coaster in Egypt section also good! We also tried it for 2 times. The bliss of visiting USS in weekday hehe...Lunch was at Loui's Pizza in the USS New York area. We got a Family Combo ($55), 2 soup of the day, a 42" pizza and 4 drinks. The soup of the day was Mushroom Soup, smelled earthy, tasted good, although a bit too milky for others. The pizza was HUGE, we could not even finished it, whew! We chose the Chicken Tandoori flavor, which I loved because it's topped with chicken, onions, cucumber, and the lovely Indian mint sauce :)

Visiting the Candilicious afterwards...Pucker Powder, would love to try this one day :PWoo heaven!

The benefit of visiting USS in weekday was we already finished tried all their games in noon. So we went back to the city, and stopped by Vivo City..I super LOVE this place! Anyone who designed this place is a genius! They had big park at the roof top with a playground and we can watch the children played while soaking our feet in water...... bliss!

Next stop, China Town!yummy display..healthy afternoon snack, rojak ($5). They surely had many sauce and toppings -__-stopped by this Koi's cafe for their bubble tea. Chatime wins lah...Mom's told me to try the Roasted Chestnut in China Town ($5 for 1/2 kilo), I would say I'm glad go with her choice. The chestnut was great, it's sweet and tasty! It's like yam and sweet potato mixed together. My friend said I should try the one in China, it's crunchier. Yum! One of my trip highlights was this, the wheat grass juice, $1! woohoo! It's not too sweet and very refreshing!Dinner was Char Kwei Tiau at China Town. Again, despite the very promising look, I still find the taste was wasn't that right, my Indonesian tongue needs more kick hehe..

Day 3
Ikea Time! :) I'm always a fan of Index (now Informa) store, so I was really thrilled to visit the Ikea. We visited the Tampines store, it's 2 level store and filled with many indulgences hhehehe..

But first, breakfast time again :D This time in Ikea restaurant :)We were using trolley to pick up our food, nice...Poached Salmon with Vegetables (around $8,I forgot hehe) was nice, the fish was good although the sauce didn't make any difference.Swedish Meatball with Pasta ($8.6) was the reason I visited this place. The meatball was good on itself. Chicken Mushroom Pie (forgot the price), was personally my favorite. It's tasty and the filling was generous, the herbs used was generous, exactly like what we had in Indonesia hehehe...Hot Tea for $0.5 and it's Dilmah! woohoo!

After Ikea, we headed back to Orchard for packing our bags and lunch. We had lunch at Lucky Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza. Half Steamed Chicken, a Vegetable, 5 rice for $33, good value! The chicken was good, but the rice was the winner, each grain was separated and covered with delicious chicken stock. Lovely!

Here's some of what I got to try in Singapore.The $1 Ice Cream. My friend was a committed lover and ate at least one each day... I only had it for once, I didn't remember why. I think it's good, it's kinda different than the ordinary Ice Cream. it's not too heavy and it's airy but still creamy. The wafer was the best companion btw.And Chocolate, of course.I usually bought the Crisp Choco at Food Hall, but it's the ordinary Milk Chocolate. But when I found in Takashimaya there's Coffee and Caramel Almond flavor (yellow box, not pictured), I quickly grabbed a box ($3). The coffee was very fragrant, it's bitter than the others but it's still good. Caramel Almond flavor was good too, but I think my favorite still the Milk Chocolate heheh! :DWhen I saw this Nama Chocolate from Royce at Takashimaya, I already i'm gonna take it. I don't know it's existed in Jakarta, until I googled it yesterday hehe..

The chocolate packaging was really complicated, I only took 2 pictures of them but there's more than that. It's said you have to keep in certain temperature for keeping the texture and taste, so I think it's difficult to take it to Indonesia and I decided to eat a whole box hehhee.. for $15, I think it's really worth with the price! The chocolate was rich and it's a soft chocolate so the texture wasn't like a chocolate block but melted chocolate. It's hard to explain but you should try this one if you are a chocolate lover!Chocolate come to me~I also had some stroopwafel, biscuits, candy, and other sweet treats hehhe.. Also got few pounds of dried Chestnut..And Taiyaki! Takashimaya's Food Hall is seriously a dangerous place to go hehehe..

Overall, I think it's a nice trip. Too bad I don't each quite much, I think I should visited Singapore more often hehe..


irene said...

OMG what a trip! would really really love to go there and try ur culinary spots! :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

yuk ke SG yuk..:D masi kepengen kesana lagi taon ini..

anakjajan said...

garret popcorn g suka, g jg beli yg mix, sayangnya yg cheese ga segaring yg caramel

SeorangPrempuan said...

cheesenya itu enak banget yaaaaaaaaaaaa :P jd kpengen lagi,..