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Thursday, February 05, 2009

.Duren Harum, Jakarta Barat.

After the Ming episode, on the evening of that day, my sister asked us to go for hunting some durians :P we went to Resto Duren Harum, it's located on Jl Panjang No. 29. The place was a lil bit mess, but what the heck, the durian smells made me couldnt think about any mess at all. That place served several types of durian, from malaysian durian, durian monthong, durian medan, etc.

My personal favourite is durian medan. it's creamy and i cant stand the smell, even when i type this blog, i'm drolling a bit hehehe...

Anyway, beside fresh durian, they also sell thailand coconut [each 10K], durian ice cream [didnt tasted any damn good after you tasted the fresh durian of course], lots of traditional snacks [they are expensive! -__- i'd rather go to pancoran and get my self some snacks], and in front of the restaurant, there are few food counters which sell pempek, bakso, etc. And for the price of the durian, you dont have to scream, it's really cheap! :)

I'll visit this restaurant later after my diet succeed -__-

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