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Thursday, February 05, 2009

.Flowery Thing.

So, i'm tempted to switch my fragrance right now. I was shocked that The Body Shop didnt produce The moon flower anymore :( I love flowery scent :(

Well anyway after that, i switched into Oceanus, The White Musk, Aqua Lily, etc. Oceanus and The White Musk have been classical choice for me, and i am getting really bored with that smells. And finally i found Ananya.
Well, good thing doesnt always last -__- The Body Shop stop producing Ananya EDT, and they only sell the perfume oil. Crap. And the perfume oil, smells like candle :( So, my last bottle of Ananya EDT has been stored in the back of my drawer, and i could only use it for special occation :(

After that, i switched again to another products from The Body Shop. Well, i have been a fans of Body Shop since i was at juniour high school, so I cant leave it no? After that, The Body Shop presented its last fragrance, Gardenia Rose.
And i love it. But it's a limited edition, and as you know, the limited thing always more expensive than the ordinary one. At that time, with a thought about all that perfume bottles in my room, i think i cant take it, and i'll wait till the ordinary one. Unfortunately, Body Shop dont sell it anymore [again! -__- ]

Gosh, i started to switch with another label. And i found the one that i really love.
Cherry Blossom by L'occitane. But i really cant afford it. Well, i can but i wont, my God 700K for only a fragrance? I think it's not a good choice for using the money i got by working really hard every day -__- I dreamt about this fragrance for 3-4 days, and i keep thinking to buy it or not, but in the end, i say no.

Later on, at last i found the best choice, and it's still from the Body Shop, The Morrocan Rose. AND GOSH I LOVEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTT.

But it's my sister's property -__- I definetely need to buy it for myself! :P

Well, it's just another random post from me :)


Tephy said...

Gyaaa selera bau-bauan kita mirip!

Gw udh ngidam banget tuh sama L'Occitane cherry blossom itu tapi mahalnya ya ampun alamakjan! Akhirnya karena gak tahan gw beli solid perfume-nya aja. Dan hanya dipake kalo lagi mau deket-deket sama "target" hahaha.

Anyway, Bodyshop itu baunya agak "provokatif." Bener, banyak saksinya (termasuk mantan gw hahaha).

Another favorite of mine is Bath&Body Works Velvet Tuberose (tapi bodyspray-nya cepet banget hilang baunya, payah! dan body-creamnya bikin kulit gw merah-merah dan gatel2 parah! ckk!) atau Bodycology's White Gardenia.

Tapi tetep ya, L'Occitane itu gak ada yg ngalahin... huhuhu

SeorangPrempuan said...

provokatif gimana teph? :P

hhuhuhu kemaren gue melewati counter L'Occitane lagi..kembali ngiler huhu