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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

.Aroma's Cafe, Legian.

Actually that day after we went to the Gateway of India, we rent a motor bike. So there were we, 2 little girls who know nothing about any road in Bali, rent a bike; sounds cool huh.

After the unknown-destination-ride, we went to Aroma’s Café , a local café located near our hotel. We already entered this café yesterday, but it was closed. But that night, we’re lucky it hasn’t closed yet. But it’s close to the last order time, so we pick our order quickly. I ordered mango cheese cake and a pot of jasmine tea. My sister ordered cafe latte, I’m glad she didn’t order another portion of fried rice :P

The mango cheese cake quite good, they added some ginger in the crust, but I cant really taste the mango in the cake. The cappuccino was ok. Well, overall I think the ambience of the café is the reason that made people come by.


Karolus Naga said...

where it's the exact location >>>

i spent my sleepless nights at Double D cafe, legian. its a dang cool place actually. a sport type cafe, with clasic rock on the speaker (that nite they played AC/DC's albums ... and yeah it shook me all nite long) ...
i like the food, specialy Shrimp Nasi Goreng with a bintang. there used to be backpackers, photographers and some football freak with the same issue on their head as i am, insom***

SeorangPrempuan said...

@karolus naga : deket maxi hotel..deket tempat bom bali 1 bo...pokoknya kudu d sisir sepanjang jalan itu deh bo...maklumin ya, kecerdasan geografis gue agak rendah hehehe