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Thursday, February 05, 2009

.Hachi Hachi, TA.

I never tried a really authentic japanese food, and i think i am not gonna like the authentic one a lot. But now I am totally in the mood for japanese food, last month i ate sushi for...err 6-7 times? crap i am broke now huhuhu...
One of the restaurant i visited during my japanese food mood, is Hachi hachi. it's located on Taman Anggrek, the place is always crowded, but it's having nice ambience, quite good food, and of course, kinda cheap for my wallet :P

On my first visit, we [me, my sister and ms L] ordered Crunch Roll [34K] , Dragon Roll [34K], Triangle Roll [30K], Chicken Katsu Parmesan [30k], and May-Tai [17K]. My favourite of course, unagi as always, so i love the Dragon Roll so much :) Overall, it's a nice dinner with great people and good food and of course, good price hehehe...

Few days later, on ms C bday, we [me, ms C and her bf] visited this restaurant again :)
This time we ordered Bistro Rice[37K], Chicken Donburi [30K], Unakyu Roll [30K], Crunchy Roll [34K], and Rainbow Roll [37K] :) Well, the Rainbow Roll was super :) love it till the last chew.

One thing that i realized, the waitress always ask to take chili pepper from our table. I dont know why, my sister said they always do things like that :P

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