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Saturday, January 17, 2009

.Ratu Restaurant, Kuta.

Ratu Restaurant
Legian Street 56 Kuta, Poppies Line II No. 2X
Ph. (0361) 765661

I ordered my tour guide for not planning anything for my dinner, I want to have something’s new and not planned for my dinner at Bali. Too bad, the first day was really exhausted for me, and I had few drinks at Poppies Cafe [which btw that place is really cool! And expensive of course :( ] so I think I’ll choose the nearest restaurant from my hotel. I want to eat Japanese food that time, but we entered the wrong restaurant :D [the Japanese resto is on the second floor of the building]. So, there we were, a restaurant called Ratu Restaurant. Although we were at Bali, my sister kept on ordering fried rice , and she did it too for her breakfast, lunch, and dinner until the last day, I don’t know what happened with her brain hahaha.

Well, we ordered Fried Rice [she don’t know it costs 20K, blame her for this one :P], Beef Stroganoff 35K and Crab Meat Cocktail 15,5K. They all are tasted fine, except for the cocktail, my gosh it still had lots [ I said lots, not few] of crab shell in it -__- when you eat this, it will sounded like ‘crrakkk crakkkk’, luckily my teeth still fine after this dish :P

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